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1933-34 V357 Ice Kings Hockey Cards

1933-34 V357 Ice Kings Hockey Cards

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World Wide Gum was one of several gum companies to make hockey sets for the 1933-34 season. Since they were closely associated with the U.S.-based Goudey company, 1933-34 V357 Ice Kings Hockey cards are widely sought by collectors. They are named after the brand of the gum that accompanied the cards.

1933-34 V357 Ice Kings Hockey card fronts feature a tinted player picture, with the background ice left intact. The player's name appears in a corner and a white border surrounds the card. Backs are printed in green ink and the layout is similar to what fans of many of Goudey's sets would recognize. A card number appears at the top, followed by the player's name, position and team. There are two back formats, as cards are found in English-only or in French and English. With the bilingual back, the French translation appears first. At the bottom is an ad for both Ice Kings Gum and for the World Wide Gum Co.

There are 72 cards in the 1933-34 V357 Ice Kings Hockey set. Two series were printed. The first 48 cards are more common. The last 24 are slightly harder to locate. That said, Howie Morenz, Charlie Conacher, Auriel Joliat and King Clancy are the set's key stars and all appear in the first series.

Key 1933-34 V357 Ice Kings Hockey Cards:

1933-34 V357 Ice Kings Hockey Cards 1

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Set Checklist

1933-34 V357 Ice Kings Hockey Cards Set Checklist

72 cards. The final 24 are short prints.

1 Aubrey "Dit" Clapper
2 Bill Brydge
3 Aurel Joliat
4 Andrew Blair
5 Earl Robinson
6 Paul Haynes
7 Ronnie Martin
8 Albert "Babe" Siebert
9 Archie Wilcox
10 Clarence "Happy" Day
11 Roy Worters
12 Nels Stewart
13 Francis "King" Clancy
14 Marty Burke
15 Cecil Dillon
16 Reginald "Red" Horner
17 Armand Mondou
18 Paul "Marcel" Raymond
19 Dave Kerr
20 Melville "Butch" Keeling
21 Johnny Gagnon
22 Irvine "Ace" Bailey
23 Harry Oliver
24 Gerald Carson
25 Mervyn "Red" Dutton
26 Georges Mantha
27 Marty Barry
28 Wildor Larochelle
29 Jack "Red" Beattie
30 Bill Cook
31 Reginald "Hooley" Smith
32 Art Chapman
33 Harold "Baldy" Cotton
34 Lionel Hitchman
35 George Patterson
36 Howie Morenz
37 Jimmy Ward
38 Charles "Rabbit" McVeigh
39 Glen Brydson
40 Joe Primeau
41 Joe Lamb
42 Sylvio Mantha
43 Marvin "Cyclone" Wentworth
44 Norman Himes
45 Doug Brennan
46 Alfred "Pit" Lepine
47 Alex Levinsky
48 Lawrence "Baldy" Northcott
49 Ken Doraty
50 Bill Thoms
51 Vernon Ayres
52 Lorne Duguid
53 Wally Kilrea
54 Vic Ripley
55 Leighton "Happy" Emms
56 Loudus "Duke" Dukowski
57 Cecil "Tiny" Thompson
58 Charlie Sands
59 Larry Aurie
60 Bill Beveridge
61 Bill MacKenzie
62 Earl Roche
63 Bob Gracie
64 Hec Kilrea
65 Ralph "Cooney" Weiland
66 Frederick "Bun" Cook
67 John Roach
68 Murray Murdoch
69 Danny Cox
70 Desse Roche
71 Lorne Chabot
72 Syd Howe
1933-34 V357 Ice Kings Hockey Cards 2

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