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1933-34 V288 Hamilton Gum Hockey Cards

1933-34 V288 Hamilton Gum Hockey Cards

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Among several new releases to emerge in the early 1930s, 1933-34 V288 Hamilton Gum Hockey is a relatively small set. However, it contains many different cards for advanced set collectors to chase. On one hand, it represents one of the more easily-obtainable sets of its era. But, for completists, it can be a pain to collect.

1933-34 V288 Hamilton Gum Hockey card fronts feature a black-and-white player picture superimposed against a solid-colored background. Backgrounds come in four different colors: blue, orange, green or beige. The player's name appears at the bottom of the photo, and a white border surrounds the card. Backs begin with a card number and player's name, followed by his position and team. Biographies in English and French follow, along with an advertisement for Puck Gum. A line for Hamilton Chewing Gum runs along the bottom.

There are 21 cards in the complete 1933-34 V288 Hamilton Gum Hockey set, but they are skip-numbered through 49. Each card can be found with the four tints, which makes collecting a master set an exercise in itself. Key players in the set include Howie Morenz, Aurel Joliat, King Clancy and Charlie Conacher.

Key 1933-34 V288 Hamilton Gum Hockey Cards:

1933-34 V288 Hamilton Gum Hockey Cards 1

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Set Checklist

1933-34 V288 Hamilton Gum Hockey Cards Set Checklist

21 cards. Set is skip-numbered. Each card is available in four tints.

1 Nick Wasnie
2 Joe Primeau
3 Marty Burke
7 Bill Thoms
8 Howie Morenz
9 Andy Blair
11 Ace Bailey
14 Wildor Larochelle
17 King Clancy
18 Sylvio Mantha
21 Red Horner
23 Pit Lepine
27 Aurel Joliat
29 Harvey (Busher) Jackson
30 Lorne Chabot
33 Clarence (Hap) Day
36 Alex Levinsky
39 Harold Cotton
42 Ebbie Goodfellow
44 Larry Aurie
49 Charlie Conacher
1933-34 V288 Hamilton Gum Hockey Cards 2

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