1924-25 C144 Champ's Cigarettes Hockey Cards

1924-25 C144 Champ’s Cigarettes Hockey Cards


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Issued relatively late for a tobacco set, C144 Champ's Cigarettes Hockey cards appeared during the 1924-25 NHL season.

Unlike earlier tobacco cards, these feature an ad back that allows collectors to know exactly where they originated. The C144 cards are also quite scarce.

1924-25 C144 Champ's Cigarettes Hockey Set Details

1924-25 C144 Champ's Cigarettes Hockey card fronts feature a sepia-toned player picture surrounded by a white border area. The player's name appears below his image.

1924-25 C144 Champ's Cigarettes Hockey Cards 1

Card backs begin with the cigarette brand name, a notation that it is one of 60 cards and the player's name. A short biography appears and is followed by a description of a hockey rule. An advertisement for the Tobacco Products Corp. of Canada is shown at the bottom.

1924-25 C144 Champ's Cigarettes Hockey Cards 2

Sixty unnumbered cards make up a complete 1924-25 C144 Champ's Cigarettes Hockey set. Among the cards are many of top NHL stars of the era, including Howie Morenz, Georges Vezina, King Clancy and Auriel Joliat.

Key 1924-25 C144 Champ's Cigarettes Cards:


Set Checklist

1924-25 C144 Champ's Cigarettes Hockey Checklist

Base Set Checklist

60 cards. The cards are listed in alphabetical order by the first name.
1924-25 C144 Champ's Cigarettes Hockey Cards 3

Albert McCaffrey - Toronto St. Patricks RC
Albert R. Holway - Toronto St. Patricks RC
Alex Connell - Ottawa Senators RC
Alfred Skinner - Boston Bruins RC
Aurel Joliat - Montreal Canadiens
Bert Corbeau - Toronto St. Patricks
Billy Boucher - Montreal Canadiens
Billy Burch - Hamilton Tigers
Bob Boucher - Ottawa Senators RC
C. A. Dye - Toronto St. Patricks
Carson Cooper - Boston Bruins RC
Charles A. Dinsmore - Montreal Maroons RC
Chris Speyers - Toronto St. Patricks RC
Clarence Day - Toronto St. Patricks RC
Clinton S. Benedict - Montreal Maroons
Cyril C. Denneny - Ottawa Senators
Duncan Munro - Montreal Maroons RC
Earl Campbell - Ottawa Senators RC
Edmond Bouchard - Hamilton Tigers
F. Curley Headley - Boston Bruins RC
F. King Clancy - Ottawa Senators
Frank Finnigan - Ottawa Senators RC
Frank J. Nighbor - Ottawa Senators
Fred Frock Lowrey - Montreal Maroons RC
Fred L. Hitchman - Ottawa Senators
Ganton Scott - Montreal Maroons RC
Geo Vezina - Montreal Canadiens
George E. Carroll - Montreal Maroons RC
George Redding - Boston Bruins RC
Gerald J. M. Munro - Montreal Maroons RC
Goldie Prodger - Hamilton Tigers
Harry Broadbent - Montreal Maroons
Herbert A. Mitchell - Boston Bruins RC
Hooley Smith - Ottawa Senators RC
Howard Morenz - Montreal Canadiens
J. F. Dutch Cain - Montreal Maroons RC
James Herberts - Boston Bruins RC
Jesse Spring - Hamilton Tigers
Jock Adams - Toronto St. Patricks
John R. Roach - Toronto St. Patricks
Ken Randall - Hamilton Tigers
L. B. Andrews - Toronto St. Patricks
Louis Berlinquette - Montreal Maroons RC
Louis C. Langlois - Hamilton Tigers RC
Mickey O'Leary - Toronto St. Patricks RC
Mickey Roach - Hamilton Tigers
Norman Fowler - Boston Bruins RC
Odie Cleghorn - Montreal Canadiens
Redvers Green - Hamilton Tigers
Reg Noble - Toronto St. Patricks
Robert A. McKinnon - Hamilton Tigers RC
Samuel Rothschild - Montreal Maroons RC
Shorty Green - Hamilton Tigers
Sprague Cleghorn - Montreal Canadiens
Stanton W. Jackson - Toronto St. Patricks RC
Sylvio Mantha - Montreal Canadiens
Vernon Forbes - Hamilton Tigers
Werner Schnarr - Boston Bruins RC
Wilfrid Coutu - Montreal Canadiens
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