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1923 V145-1 Hockey Cards

1923 V145-1 Hockey Cards

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There are two hockey sets labeled V145, each with the same size and a similar look. Since they were issued anonymously, little is known about their manner of issue, but some collectors have speculated that the 1923 V145-1 Hockey cards came from a candy company called William Patterson, Ltd. In any case, they have been designated V-series cards due to their similarity to other caramel-issued card sets of the 1920s. A trained eye will know the difference, but many collectors need a checklist to tell them apart. The first set was issued in 1923-24.

1923 V145-1 Hockey card fronts feature a sepia-tinted player picture. A thin black line divides the photo from the white border area. Below the photo is a card number, along with the player's name, team and league designation. The backs are blank.

There are 40 cards in the 1923 V145-1 Hockey set representing four NHL teams. Players are grouped by team, with Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto and Hamilton making up the set. Many major stars of the era are included, such as Howie Morenz, Georges Vezina, Aurel Joliat and King Clancy. However, the key card in the set features Bert Corbeau. The card is widely assumed to have been short-printed.

1923 V145-1 hockey cards can be distinguished from V145-2 cards by their sepia tints. Fortunately, the only player whose number is the same in both sets is King Clancy, so a checklist can help determine the issue.

Key 1923 V145-1 Hockey Cards:

1923 V145-1 Hockey Cards 1

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Set Checklist

1923 V145-1 Hockey Cards Set Checklist

40 cards.

1 Eddie Gerard
2 Frank Nighbor
3 Frank Clancy
4 Jack Darragh
5 Harry Helman
6 George (Buck) Boucher
7 Clint Benedict
8 Lionel Hitchman
9 Harry Broadbent
10 Cy Denneny
11 Sprague Cleghorn
12 Sylvio Mantha
13 Joe Malone
14 Auriel Joliat
15 Howie Morenz
16 Billy Boucher
17 Billy Coutu
18 Odie Cleghorn
19 Georges Vezina
20 Amos Arbour
21 Lloyd Andrews
22 Red Stuart
23 Cecil (Babe) Dye
24 Jack Adams
25 Bert Corbeau
26 Reg Noble
27 Stan Jackson
28 John Ross Roach
29 Vernon Forbes
30 Shorty Green
31 Red Green
32 Goldie Prodgers
33 Leo Reise
34 Ken Randall
35 Billy Burch
36 Jesse Spring
37 Eddie Bouchard
38 Mickey Roach
39 Chas. Fraser
40 Corbett Denenny
1923 V145-1 Hockey Cards 4

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