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1923 V128-1 Paulin's Candy Hockey Cards

1923 V128-1 Paulin’s Candy Hockey Cards

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1923 V128-1 Paulin's Candy Hockey documents stars of the Western Canada Hockey League (WCHL).

The WCHL was a regional competitor to the NHL during the 1920s. Similar to baseball's Pacific Coast League, it functioned as another "major league" in the West because the officially recognized league was too far away. The main difference was that it competed with the NHL and another league for the Stanley Cup championship.

During the league's existence, Winnipeg-based chocolatier Paulin's offered cards of WCHL players via 1923 V128-1 Paulin's Candy Hockey in its own packages as part of a redemption offer.

A second set came in 1928 via the V128-2 release, but the follow-up product only highlights amateur players.

1923 V128-1 Paulin's Candy Hockey Set Details

1923 V128-1 Paulin's Candy Hockey card fronts feature a black-and-white player photo. A thin black line surrounds the picture and a white border appears around the card. The player's name is listed in the border area underneath the picture.

1923 V128-1 Paulin's Candy Hockey Cards 1

The backs have a card number and identify the name of the candy with full details on the redemption offer. A complete set of 70 cards could be sent to the company in exchange for a hockey stick. The following paragraph addresses female collectors and offers a box of chocolates instead for anybody who isn't interested in getting a stick.

1923 V128-1 Paulin's Candy Hockey Cards 2

While many hobby references refer to the set as a 1923-24 issue, there is evidence to suggest these cards were released through 1926. Cards that were redeemed were canceled and returned with the gift. As a result, cards that haven't been punched through or stamped carry a premium over those that were. Cards that are free of wear are very scarce and valuable.

The top cards in the set include George Hainsworth and Newsy LaLonde, with collectors also seeking out the cards of "Red" Dutton, Bill Cook and Joe Simpson

Key 1923 V128-1 Paulin's Candy Hockey Cards:


Set Checklist

1923 V128-1 Paulin's Candy Hockey Checklist

Base Set Checklist

70 cards.
1923 V128-1 Paulin's Candy Hockey Cards 3

1 Bill Borland - Selkirk Fishermen
2 Pete Speirs - Selkirk Fishermen
3 Jack Hughes - Selkirk Fishermen
4 Errol Gillis - Selkirk Fishermen
5 Cecil Browne - Selkirk Fishermen
6 William Roberts - Selkirk Fishermen
7 Howard Brandow - Selkirk Fishermen
8 Fred Comfort - Selkirk Fishermen
9 Cliff O'Meara - Selkirk Fishermen
10 Leo Benard - Selkirk Fishermen
11 Lloyd Harvey - Port Arthur Bearcats
12 Bobby Connors - Port Arthur Bearcats
13 Daddy Dalman - Port Arthur Bearcats
14 Dub Mackie - Port Arthur Bearcats
15 Lorne Chabot - Port Arthur Bearcats
16 Phat Wilson - Port Arthur Bearcats
17 Wilf L'Heureux - Port Arthur Bearcats
18 Danny Cox - Port Arthur Bearcats
19 Bill Brydge - Port Arthur Bearcats
20 Alex Gray - Port Arthur Bearcats
21 Albert Pudas - Port Arthur Bearcats
22 Dick Irvin - Regina Capitals
23 Puss Traub - Regina Capitals
24 Red McCusker - Regina Capitals
25 Jack Asseltine - Regina Capitals
26 Duke Dutkowski - Regina Capitals
27 Charlie McVeigh - Regina Capitals
28 George Hay - Regina Capitals
29 Amby Moran - Regina Capitals
30 Barney Stanley - Regina Capitals
31 Art Gagne - Regina Capitals
32 Louis Berlinquette - Saskatoon Sheiks
33 P. C. Stevens - Saskatoon Sheiks
34 W. D. Elmer - Saskatoon Sheiks
35 Bill Cook - Saskatoon Sheiks
36 Leo Reise - Saskatoon Sheiks
37 Curly Headley - Saskatoon Sheiks
38 Newsy Lalonde - Saskatoon Sheiks
39 George Hainsworth - Saskatoon Sheiks
40 Laurie Scott - Saskatoon Sheiks
41 Joe Simpson - Edmonton Eskimos
42 Bob Trapp - Edmonton Eskimos
43 Joe McCormick - Edmonton Eskimos
44 Ty Arbour - Edmonton Eskimos
45 Duke Keats - Edmonton Eskimos
46 Hal Winkler - Edmonton Eskimos
47 Johnny Sheppard - Edmonton Eskimos
48 Crutchy Morrison - Edmonton Eskimos
49 Spunk Sparrow - Edmonton Eskimos
50 Percy McGregor - Fort William Forts
51 Harry Tuckwell - Fort William Forts
52 Chubby Scott - Fort William Forts
53 Scotty Fraser - Fort William Forts
54 Bob Davis - Fort William Forts
55 Clucker Whyte - Fort William Forts
56 Bob Armstrong - Fort William Forts
57 Doc Langtry - Fort William Forts
58 Darb Sommers - Fort William Forts
59 Frank Hacquoil - Fort William Forts
60 Stan Evans - Fort William Forts
61 Eddie Oatman - Calgary Tigers
62 Red Dutton - Calgary Tigers
63 Herb Gardiner - Calgary Tigers
64 Bernie Morris - Calgary Tigers
65 Bobbie Benson - Calgary Tigers
66 Ernie Anderson - Calgary Tigers
67 Cully Wilson - Calgary Tigers
68 Charlie Reid - Calgary Tigers
69 Harry Oliver - Calgary Tigers
70 Rusty Crawford - Calgary Tigers


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