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1914 Cracker Jack Baseball Cards

1914 Cracker Jack Baseball Cards

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The 1914 and 1915 Cracker Jack sets are perhaps the most popular of the caramel candy issues released prior to 1920. They are also easily the most recognizable. Inserted individually inside boxes of the familiar caramel-coated popcorn and peanut confection, 1914 Cracker Jack Baseball is among the few sets that featured players from the Federal League, a third major league that played for only two seasons.

As one of the few E-card (caramel candy) sets that isn't referred to solely by its catalog number is a testament to the level of respect and appreciation collectors have for this storied set. In fact, it's possible that only hard-core collectors even remember the American Card Catalog's E145 designation given to Cracker Jack cards

Measuring 2-¼ inches by 3 inches, 1914 Cracker Jack Baseball cards are larger than most familiar tobacco and caramel card sets of the era. They are also are printed on thick paper rather than cardboard. A color drawing of a player appears on the front, below the words "Cracker Jack Ball Players." Set against a vivid red background, the player image provides a stark contrast allowing the image to seemingly pop off of the card. Adorning the front of the card is the player's name, city and league affiliation, which are all contained within the lower border of the card.

1914 Cracker Jack Baseball Cards 11914 Cracker Jack Baseball Cards 2

One unique feature the card stock provides is that it actually serves as the card's border. As a consequence, this allows the card image to bleed into the border. Cards that feature a different shade of white than the originals can easily be identified as fakes. The card backs feature the card number, biography of the player, and an advertisement stating that there are 144 cards in the complete set.

The players featured in the set are the biggest stars of the day. The set features an assortment of Hall of Famers including Honus Wagner (card #68), Shoeless Joe Jackson (card #103), Ty Cobb (card #30), Christy Mathewson (card #88), and Walter Johnson (card #57). The checklist also includes front office executives like club owners Charles Comiskey and Connie Mack, as well as team managers like Branch Rickey and John McGraw.

While there are not many variations to chase in 1914 Cracker Jack Baseball, the Roger Bresnahan card (#17) is also available without the card number on the back.

Since Cracker Jack cards were distributed inside boxes in 1914, they are prone to the obvious condition issue of staining. As a result, most of the ones found today contain stains from the candy that accompanied them. This makes high-grade examples scarce and expensive. Assembling a complete set in mid-to-high-grade will cost you well into seven figures.

A nostalgic set that documents some of of the greatest players and personalities of the dead-ball era, 1914 Cracker Jack Baseball pays a fitting tribute to the game of baseball. The candy confectionery treat has long been tied to our national pastime and this set serves as the cornerstone of that relationship.

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Key Cards

Key 1914 Cracker Jack Baseball Cards

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Joe Jackson #103

1914 Cracker Jack Baseball Cards 7

Ty Cobb #30

1914 Cracker Jack Baseball Cards 8

Christy Mathewson #88

1914 Cracker Jack Baseball Cards 9

Honus Wagner #68

1914 Cracker Jack Baseball Cards 10

Walter Johnson #57

1914 Cracker Jack Baseball Cards 11

1914 Cracker Jack Baseball Cards 12

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Set Checklist

1914 Cracker Jack Baseball Set Checklist

Base Set Checklist

1 Otto Knabe
2 Frank Baker
3 Joe Tinker
4 Larry Doyle
5 Ward Miller
6 Eddie Plank
7 Eddie Collins
8 Rube Oldring
9 Artie Hoffman
10 Stuffy McInnis
11 George Stovall
12 Connie Mack
13 Art Wilson
14 Sam Crawford
15 Reb Russell
16 Howie Camnitz
17 Roger Bresnahan
18 Johnny Evers
19 Chief Bender
20 Cy Falkenberg
21 Heinie Zimmerman
22 Joe Wood
23 Charles Comiskey
24 George Mullen
25 Michael Simon
26 Jim Scott
27 Bill Carrigan
28 Jack Barry
29 Vean Gregg
30 Ty Cobb
31 Heinie Wagner
32 Mordecai Brown
33 Amos Strunk
34 Ira Thomas
35 Harry Hooper
36 Ed Walsh
37 Grover Cleveland Alexander
38 Red Dooin
39 Chick Gandil
40 Jimmy Austin
41 Tommy Leach
42 Al Bridwell
43 Rube Marquard
44 Charles Tesreau
45 Fred Luderus
46 Bob Groom
47 Josh Devore
48 Harry Lord
49 John Miller
50 John Hummel
51 Nap Rucker
52 Zack Wheat
53 Otto Miller
54 Marty O'Toole
55 Dick Hoblitzell
56 Clyde Milan
57 Walter Johnson
58 Wally Schang
59 Harry Gessler
60 Rollie Zeider
61 Ray Schalk
62 Jay Cashion
63 Babe Adams
64 Jimmy Archer
65 Tris Speaker
66 Nap Lajoie
67 Otis Crandall
68 Honus Wagner
69 John McGraw
70 Fred Clarke
71 Chief Meyers
72 John Boehling
73 Max Carey
74 Frank Owens
75 Miller Huggins
76 Claude Hendrix
77 Hughie Jennings
78 Fred Merkle
79 Ping Bodie
80 Ed Ruelbach
81 Jim Delehanty
82 Gavvy Cravath
83 Russ Ford
84 Elmer E. Knetzer
85 Buck Herzog
86 Burt Shotton
87 Hick Cady
88 Christy Mathewson
89 Lawrence Cheney
90 Frank Smith
91 Roger Peckinpaugh
92 Al Demaree
93 Del Pratt
94 Eddie Cicotte
95 Ray Keating
96 Beals Becker
97 Rube Benton
98 Frank LaPorte
99 Frank Chance
100 Thomas Seaton
101 Frank Schulte
102 Ray Fisher
103 Shoeless Joe Jackson
104 Vic Saier
105 Jimmy Lavender
106 Joe Birmingham
107 Tom Downey
108 Sherry Magee
109 Fred Blanding
110 Bob Bescher
111 Jim Callahan
112 Ed Sweeney
113 George Suggs
114 George Moriarty
115 Addison Brennan
116 Rollie Zeider
117 Ted Easterly
118 Ed Konetchy
119 George Perring
120 Mickey Doolan
121 Hub Perdue
122 Owen Bush
123 Slim Sallee
124 Earl Moore
125 Bert Niehoff
126 Walter Blair
127 Butch Schmidt
128 Steve Evans
129 Ray Caldwell
130 Ivey Wingo
131 George Baumgardner
132 Les Nunamaker
133 Branch Rickey
134 Armando Marsans
135 Bill Killefer
136 Rabbit Maranville
137 William Rariden
138 Hank Gowdy
139 Rebel Oakes
140 Danny Murphy
141 Cy Barger
142 Eugene Packard
143 Jake Daubert
144 James C. Walsh
1914 Cracker Jack Baseball Cards 16

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