2010 Topps Sideline

2010 Topps Sideline

2010 Topps Sideline captures the Coaches who have shaped the game of "modern gladiators". With names like Lombardi, Walsh, Belichik, Sideline is the ultimate product for fans of the larger than life leader's of men who stroll the sideline every Sunday afternoon.

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Box Configuration: 18 Packs/6 Cards Per PackSSSSSSSS Image
Pack Price: $8
Box Price: $100
Product Type: NFL Coach Football Card Product
Geared Towards: Fans Of NFL Coaches, Fans of the Strategy of Football

What's In The Box?!?!

  • 1 Base Set 2010 NFL Rookie Head Coach Auto
  • 1 Additional Auto
  • 1 Memorabilia Card
  • 8 Short Prints

221 Card Base Set (40 Short Prints):

  • 32 2010 NFL Head Coaches  (Rookie Coaches Are All Auto's)
  • 64 Current Offensive & Defensive Coordinators
  • 100 Legendary Retired NFL Coaches
  • 25 College Football Coaches

10 Different Insert Sets:

  • 25 Classic Clashes - Legendary Coaching Rivalries
  • 25 Press Conference Memories - Denny Green "We Knew Who They Were" & other great press conference moments!
  • 25 Innovators Of The Game - Bill Walsh, Dick LeBeau, Vince Lombardi, & other coaches who forever changed the game of football!
  • 25 Upcoming & Coming Coordinators Insert - Current Coordinators that could soon become Head Coaches!
  • 50 Playbook Cuts– Actual Playbook Relics from Bill Walsh's West Coast Playbook, Dick LeBeau's 3-4 Defense, & more!
  • 50 Sideline Style Memorabilia Set – Tom Landry's Hat, Ditka's Vest, Bill Belichik's Hoody, & other trademark relics!
  • 100 Head Coach Signatures Auto Set - Belichik, Gruden, Noll, Ditka, Vermiel, Parcells, Tomlin, Shula, Ryan, Jimmy Johnson, and even Brad Childress!
  • 25 Cut Signatures Auto Set - Lombardi, Halas, Walsh, & more!
  • 50 Coach's Clipboard Inscriptions – Features hand drawn plays with coaches signature on card!
  • 10 "Coaching Staff" Triple Auto's - Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator, Defensive Coordinator From 10 Teams!
  • 10 "Coaching Tree" Quad Auto's – The "Walsh Tree", (Bill Walsh, Mike Holmgren, George Siefert, John Gruden), the "Parcell's Tree" (Bill Parcells, Bill Belichik, Tom Coughlin, Sean Payton) & other prominent "coaching tree" fold out book quad-auto's!

2010 Topps Sideline is the ultimate Football product for those who love the strategy of the game. Sideline captures the Coaches and Coordinators who have shaped the game of Football and the current & future coaches who hope to one day re-shape the game of modern gladiators. From Bill Walsh to Rex Ryan, Sideline captures the battle of chess on grass known as Football.

Card Gallery:
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*This is not a real product, it's a fictional product I wish existed.

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3708291690194040 1 Image
Bill Walsh Signed 5x8 Sheet Auto PSA DNA Certified Autograph San Francisco 49ers
3810640377944040 1 Image
Bill Walsh Pro Football NFL Hall Fame Bronze Bust Set Promo Card NON-AUTO
2811670683604040 1 Image
Pro Football Hall of Fame HOF Signed Logo White Football Bill Walsh 32 Autos NFL
1514672700604040 1 Image
Bill Walsh George Seifert 2013 Leaf Masterpiece Cut Signature auto 1 1 49ers PSA
1514672705164040 1 Image
Jerry Rice Bill Walsh 2013 Leaf Masterpiece Cut Signature signed auto 1 1 49ers
1614759048044040 1 Image
Joe Montana Bill Walsh 2013 Leaf Masterpiece Cut Signature signed auto 1 1 49ers
2911671848674040 1 Image
Bill Walsh "Go Niners" signed auto PSA DNA 49ers HOF coach autographed Stanford
3511926874094040 1 Image

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  1. Would you include a Denny Green “windbreaker” relic in the Sideline Style set?

  2. @steve hau: Most definitely, lets just say there might even be a drumstick relic from the intro of the “Denny Green Show”.

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