2013 Topps Baseball Spring Fever Checklist and Guide

2013 Topps Baseball Spring Fever Checklist and Guide

Looking for an excuse to head to your local hobby shop? Randomly inserted in Series 1 hobby boxes are 2013 Topps Spring Fever redemption cards. Take them to the closest participating shop and you get a free pack of exclusive cards. The catch: they're only supposed to be valid from February 20 to 27. That said, some are still showing up early.

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Every 2013 Topps Baseball Spring Fever pack has five cards. The foil-based design is extremely bright and colorful. The checklist has 50 cards, encompassing veterans, rookies, Hall of Famers and retired stars. The Josh Hamilton card is his first in an Angels uniform.

2013 Topps Baseball Spring Fever Josh Hamilton 216x300 Image 2013 Topps Baseball Spring Fever Josh Hamilton Back 211x300 Image

Randomly inserted in packs are autographed versions. The cards use sticker signatures and are numbered on the back. Numbering varies widely.

Below is a full 2013 Topps Baseball Spring Fever checklist. We've also got confirmed autographs and reported print runs. We'll add to this as more information becomes available.

2013 Topps Baseball Spring Fever Checklist

SF-1 Wally Joyner
SF-2 Dan Haren
SF-3 Mike Trout
SF-4 Tyler Skaggs
SF-5 Orlando Cepeda
SF-6 Tommy Hanson
SF-7 Jason Heyward
SF-8 Nick Markakis
SF-9 Manny Machado
SF-10 Cal Ripken Jr.
SF-11 Dustin Pedroia
SF-12 Will Middlebrooks
SF-13 Josh Vitters
SF-14 Anthony Rizzo
SF-15 Andre Dawson
SF-16 Jake Peavy
SF-17 Todd Frazier
SF-18 Devin Mesoraco
SF-19 Prince Fielder
SF-20 Miguel Cabrera
SF-21 Salvador Perez
SF-22 A.J. Ellis
SF-23 Adrian Gonzalez
SF-24 Nate Eovaldi
SF-25 Jean Segura
SF-26 David Wright
SF-27 Boone Logan
SF-28 Jeurys Familia
SF-29 Raul Ibanez
SF-30 Robinson Cano
SF-31 Don Mattingly
SF-32 Rickey Henderson
SF-33 Starling Marte
SF-34 Will Clark
SF-35 Ken Griffey Jr.
SF-36 Stan Musial
SF-37 Jeff Niemann
SF-38 Fernando Rodney
SF-39 Carlos Pena
SF-40 Evan Longoria
SF-41 Mike Olt
SF-42 Jurickson Profar
SF-43 Josh Hamilton
SF-44 Jose Bautista
SF-45 Bryce Harper
SF-46 Ted Williams
SF-47 Joey Votto
SF-48 Matt Kemp
SF-49 Ryan Braun
SF-50 Buster Posey

2013 Topps Baseball Spring Fever Autographs Checklist

This list shows confirmed autographs and reported print runs. We will continue to add to it as more cards pop up.

Adrian Gonzalez #/51
A.J. Ellis #/155
Andre Dawson #/51
Anthony Rizzo #/68
Boone Logan #/151
Carlos Pena #/138
Dan Haren #/15
Dustin Pedroia #101
Evan Longoria #/51
Fernando Rodney #/174
Jake Peavy #/51
Jason Heyward #/10
Jean Segura #/316
Jeff Niemann #/192
Jeurys Familia #/152
Jose Bautista #/101
Josh Hamilton #/51
Josh Vitters #/451
Manny Machado #/72
Mike Trout #/51
Nick Markakis #/345
Orlando Cepeda #/?
Raul Ibanez #/113
Rickey Henderson #/26
Robinson Cano #/58
Salvador Perez #/169
Starling Marte #/29
Stan Musial #/26
Tommy Hanson #/151
Tyler Skaggs #/110
Will Clark #/44
2013 Topps Baseball Spring Fever Autographs Jose Bautista Image

ebaysmalllogo Image
3909122930694040 1 Image
3708412986344040 1 Image
2013 Josh Hamilton Topps Spring Fever Autograph Auto 51
1813577469834040 1 Image
JEAN SEGURA AUTOGRAPH 2013 Topps Spring Fever #JS Milwaukee Brewers 183 316
3711270791904040 1 Image
2013 Anthony Rizzo Topps Spring Fever Autograph Auto 68
3711270795024040 1 Image
2013 Evan Longoria Topps Spring Fever Autograph Auto 51
3508833607534040 1 Image
JOSH VITTERS Cubs 2013 Topps Spring Fever Auto 451 Autograph Card
3215228466464040 1 Image
2013 Topps Spring Fever Autographs #JF Jeurys Familia 18 152 BGS 9.5 (GEM MINT)
3507533963804040 1 Image
2013 Topps Spring Fever JEFF NIEMANN AUTO 4 192 TAMPA BAY RAYS
1211500825504040 1 Image
Tommy Hanson 2013 Topps Spring Fever Baseball AUTOGRAPH Auto 024 151 E1045
2615941320184040 1 Image
2013 Topps Spring Fever DAN HAREN AUTO Autograph SP SSP 15 Nationals sfa-dh
2516460760194040 1 Image
2013 Topps Spring Fever TYLER SKAGGS Auto Autograph 110 HOT Arizona D'Backs WOW
2516233134684040 1 Image
BGS 9.5 2013 Topps Spring Fever Mike Trout 10 Centering!
2713058546784040 1 Image
2013 Topps #SF45 Spring Fever Bryce Harper OF Nats GMA GEM MT 10 #2747503
1114618511824040 1 Image
Bryce Harper - 2013 Topps - Spring Fever # SF 45 - GMA Gem Mint 10
3606662367464040 1 Image
2013 Topps Spring Fever Autograph Nick Markakis 16 345 Orioles Auto
3606662367804040 1 Image
2013 Topps Spring Fever Autograph Orlando Cepeda Giants 047 176
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  1. I exchanged a half-dozen redemption cards for packs yesterday, and even pulled a signed A.J. Ellis card, which is nice.

    But… I don’t care for these cards much at all. I find them gaudy and kind of ugly. The palm trees, despite the Spring Training locations in Florida and Arizona (palm trees in Arizona, does that make sense?), look ugly. The lack of authentic backgrounds, with goofy designs… The whole thing looks like something a High School kid would put together.

    Topps is a victim of their own success. The Series 1 base set and inserts (despite the fact there are WAY too many different insert possibilities) are so cool, it makes these cards look silly.

    Just an opinion, I am sure others will have a totally different response…

  2. i pulled a musial auto from my spring fever packs- print run is 26.

  3. kevin » Congrats and thanks for the heads up!

  4. You can add Orlando Cepeda to the autographs list, I pulled it yesterday!!

  5. Steve Douglas » Thanks and congrats! What’s it numbered to?

  6. Chris,
    I dont understand the palm tree comment… There are tons in Arizona as well as Florida. As for the all around card design I agree big time! Pretty silly! Hopefully the silver redemption packs will be nice, does anyone know when they will send those out? Is there an update on the availability?

  7. I pulled a Mike Trout *Auto *36/51. Honestly, I over looked the auto… wow. Now, I have to re-check all my Spring Fevers.

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