Sports Card Box Breaking Dictionary

Sports Card Box Breaking Dictionary

Like most everything in life, the world of trading cards is filled with slang terminology. Below is an explanation of a handful of these slang terms using Cardboard Connection's favorite rip-aholic Cornelius and his most recent 2010 Topps Unrivaled Football break.

  • Box Break / Rip / Ripped / Ripping- To open a pack, box or case of trading cards. Example - "Unfortunately, Cornelius ripped his seventh case of 2010 Topps Unrivaled"
  • Sticker Drop(s)- An autographed sticker that is placed on a card instead of the much more desirable on-card/hard signed autograph. Example - "Cornelius was disappointed that Unrivaled featured only sticker drop autographs"
  • Pull / Pulls / Pulled- The term one uses to describe a card they received from a trading card product they opened. Example - "Cornelius was ashamed to tell a buddy about the sticker drop autographs he pulled from Unrivaled due to the fact this would mean his friend would know he ripped yet another case of Unrivaled."
  • Hit - Any autographed or memorabilia card. Example - "Cornelius was disappointed with the crappy hits he pulled from his case of Unrivaled".
  • Blaster Box- A small rectangular box purchased at a retail store such as Target or Wal-Mart that typically contains 8-12 retails packs and costs roughly $20. Example - "Fortunately, Cornelius finally learned his lesson and decided not to bid on a case of Topps Unrivaled blaster boxes he had been watching on eBay".
  • Hot Box- A box containing a substantially higher ratio of hits or other cards of value such as numbered parallels. Panini's Donruss Elite Extra Edition and Certified offerings are recent examples of products that have hot boxes. Example - "Cornelius might have gotten a hot box of Topps Unrivaled, but how is one to know when all the cards are terrible."
  • Case Break - The process of opening a sealed case of boxes with a group of people in which each collector pays for a spot. This spot entitles them to certain cards from the case. The most popular way of doing a case break is designating a team for each spot, meaning if Corenlius had the Bills in a 2010 Topps Unrivaled case break, he would receive every Bills card from the break.
  • Rack Pack - These are the retail packs that are hung in the trading card section of a retail store versus being part of a box of loose packs. These often come in multi-pack deals or packs that contain more cards than a standard retail pack. Many times the odds of pulling a quality hit are less than standard retail packs.
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