Get Your Collection Organized with Sports Card Software

Get Your Collection Organized with Sports Card Software

A number of sports card software solutions have been created to help collectors manage their cards with easy-to-use organizational and inventory tools. At their core, sports card software programs give collectors a simple way of managing something that can easily become overwhelming.

Basic features to look for in a sports card software program are:

  • A user-friendly interface.
  • Checklists that can be updated.
  • Seamless integration with scanners to quickly upload card images.
  • The ability to export, as well as, print reports.

Many of the newer software programs allow users to automatically update their collections with new sports card pricing information. Another helpful feature to look for is the ability to add checklists for new sets into the software's database.  Below is a list of several available programs along with what they offer.

It’s important to know exactly what you plan on using collecting software for. You might find that a Freeware or Shareware version, while not being as robust as paid, premium versions, fits your needs with little to no cost.

Sports Card Software Options

Sports Card Tracker

Cost: $19.95

Track all types of card collections, even entertainment and non-sport cards. Sports Card Tracker can: integrate scanned cards, organize them by variables like player, set, year and more. Collectors can also analyze each collection, chart their collection's status to completion, and make multiple types of charts and reports.

Sportscard Organizer

Cost: $29.95

Made for both beginning and advanced collectors, this sports card software can help organize any type of card collection.  It can also be used to catalog and inventory sports memorabilia. Reports can be printed and exported as HTML for use on the collector's personal website.


Cost: $19.95 (free trial available)

C2PRO was designed to give collectors a lot of control in documenting their trading card collections. Features include customizable databases and price tracking. Reports can be exported into several formats, such as HTML, PDF and Excel.

Sports Card Organizer Deluxe 3.1

Cost: $75

Sport Card Organizer is intuitive and easy-to-use for beginning collector. It also has a lot of rich and powerful tools for advanced user. Features include built-in databases and record management, customized card cataloging solutions, and an HTML report generator.

Sports Card Collection

Cost: Free

Sports Card Collection's simple-to-use interface gives collectors fast and productive results. Screens allow you to add, delete, edit, view and print collections. Card scans can be viewed with a built-in slideshow.

Sports Card Collector

Cost: Free

Sports Card Collector has a  fairly simple interface with most of the key features on the main screen. The main list makes it easy to browse through collections. Cards can be sorted several ways, including by brand, card name or category.

Pro-Sports 2012 Sports Card Software

Cost: $34.99 to $59.99

Pro-Sports 2012 has a pre-loaded database of baseball, football, basketball and hockey cards. Thousands of images and values are also included. The Live Auction tool gets current auction prices and analyze the value of their collection. The Internet Image Finder adds millions of card images. The "Needed to Complete" feature shows collectors what percentage of a set they have and generates a wantlist of needed cards.

Get Your Collection Organized with Sports Card Software 1

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User Comments

  1. Which program would be best suited for someone that’s just a beginning card collector. I have a few thousand cards, and want to just have an easy way to keep track of them. I don’t have anhy intention to show or sell these cards, just want to see what I have, and what some of them might be worth.
    Any help would be appreciated.


  2. Any info on where I can get values for baseball team yearbooks? I have a few that I think might be worth something.

  3. I am trying to find the software I have used in the past to track both my baseball card inventory and the market value of the cards. This software sounds familiar. Do you have a file system that keeps track of your current and former customers? Thanks

  4. I have a Mac. I am using Bento now to list my Baseball collection. Filemaker (the maker of Bento) will no longer support Bento. Do you know of a Collection program that I can use in it’s place. IIt would be great if it could host a front and back picture of EACH item. Thanking you in advance.
    S. Brian Fromm

  5. I need to know what the best software available to track & inventory my baseball card collection (50s-60s) which includes current market value for each card.

  6. I actually had this need and didn’t see much avail. I wanted an online solution… so I created my own. It’s free… you just register a free account at and you can add your card info, price paid, market value… I also included some links to online tools like Google Trends and links each card (by it’s title) to eBay for a quick look at recent sells of that card.

  7. I have a Mac. Can someone give a site wear I can purchase a software I can get to track my Basketball, football and baseball cards? I have cards from back in the 60’s. I’m a beginner so if the software handle all or most other work that would be great.


  8. I tried I and it didn’t send me registration link. What do I do?

  9. Joe You would need to contact the people who own the software.

  10. The website that gives info about the C2PRO has “hotlinks” that push malware unto your PC… I won’t be buying that one… plus it only has a 2 star rating from users.

  11. What is the ideal software for all sports. I have over 10000 items to add, boxes,packs, sets singles in 4-5 sports dating back to 70s.
    Is there a software that has populated data and I can just keep what I have?

  12. Is your program compatible with Windows10? Could the Card Collector inventory be easily uploaded to your program or will I have to start re-entering the thousands of cards I have?

  13. Can you recommend inventory software for Baseball, Basketball, Football & Hockey. I have singles, packs & boxes.

    I use to use Card Collector by Able Soft but do not see them advertised any longer.

    I am using my XP computer for hobbies. I have over 500,000 in a temperature controlled storage unit.

    Thanking you in advance,
    Kim Wilks

  14. Kronocard is a modern software for Windows.
    Main difference from others is that you must start with scans or import pictures. You cannot enter a quantity for a given card. However the scanning module is awesome.
    Cards can be but for sale on or eBay.
    Check it out at

  15. OK, so there has got to be a clear cut winner on the best database. I used to use collectionmonster back in the day.All that work to put in 400,000+ cards and when it went down, I was stuck with nothing.I need something for my graded cards only. I have 50’s-current, but only have several hundred. I would also like to catalog my unopened packs, boxes, cases. There has to be a clear cut winner that I can save and access on my PC in case they go out of business. An excel format makes sense. Any help?

  16. Is your program compatible with Windows10? Could the Card Collector inventory be easily uploaded to your program or will I have to start re-entering the thousands of cards I have?

  17. Can you recommend inventory software for Baseball, Basketball, Football & Hockey. I have singles, packs & boxes.

    I use to use Card Collector by Able Soft but do not see them advertised anymore.
    It must windows 10 compatible.


  18. The only viable solution on the market is most of the other program are now dead or are unable to manage millions of cards… :)

  19. Is there any others that allow you just to inventory that have a data base?

  20. Is anybody using the Beckett Organizer tool? Seems like that would be a logical place to start organizing my card inventory, but get the sense that it is no a popular choice? Havent seen any postings that are recent. Aside from paying for the service, what are the other issues to be aware of?

  21. I’m trying to get m card accumulation organized. I’m going over these reviews but they are like reading Greek. Is there a recommended software that is used more than another? I’d like to be able to scan card pictures if they’re not on the software and to have the card values automatically updated.

  22. I started collecting sportscards again and I’m looking for software that can organize my cards along with the prices…does your software do this?If so, which one?

  23. I have a semi large collection dating back to the 60’s…

    I looking for software to just to inventory my collection.

    I figured that it would take about a year to break everything down and itemized it…

  24. KIM

  25. I’ve been using the Beckett organizer and it is a good amount of work and I get frustrated when the value is “n/a.” There are rarely photos of the cards and some of my cards seem to not exist. However, I’ve put 700 or more on there and I would hate to start over.
    However, I’m intrigued by kronocard.

    I want to get my cards that are worth a decent amount graded and am interested in selling them.

    Anyone have any input as to the best way of doing this? I’d like to get decent value out of them.

  26. I’m looking for a program as extensive in pre done checklists and history as my original Paperback checklist book The American Premium Guide to Baseball Cards by Ron Erbe 1880 to 1981. If anyone is familiar with this book it was the ” choice” of collectors back in the 80’s. I need something like this in a program that I’m not going to have to change and redo all of my work when I get a new computer. That’s what happened with my last program about 10+ years ago. ANy suggestions from the community ? Thanks

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