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Why You Need a Second eBay Account for Buying and Selling Sports Collectibles

The vast majority of people aren't aware of the fact that eBay allows you, as a user, to create multiple ebay accounts for any purpose you please. Don't believe me? See for yourself hereWhy You Need a Second eBay Account for Buying and Selling Sports Collectibles 1. There are only two qualifications to this rule. First each eBay account you create must have a unique username and email address. The other rule is that you cannot use more then one account in the same listings. So, for example, you cannot use one of your user accounts to bid on or purchase an item being sold through one of your other accounts (an act known as shill bidding which is very frowned upon and can get you penalized by eBay and possibly even banned).

Now that we have established that creating multiple accounts is totally within the bounds of eBay's rules and regulations, let's explore some of the reasons why it is beneficial for you to take advantage of this little known opportunity.

If you already realize the potential benefits of having multiple accounts, you can go ahead and register a new eBay account hereWhy You Need a Second eBay Account for Buying and Selling Sports Collectibles 1.

Don't Be An Easy Mark

Savvy eBay sports card buyers do their homework when deciding which lots of cards to purchase and who to purchase them from. Their number one target is the eBay seller who doesn't know the value of what them have. If you account's transaction history consists of mainly non-sports card transactions, you will likely be a target of one of these bid snipers who will take advantage of the lack of interest in your auction to get your items at an insanely low price at the last minute (typical collectors will stand clear of non collecting card sellers). So if you fall into this group, do yourself a favor and create a card-only selling account so that you convey a sense of authority whenever the need arises to sell sports collectibles.  This goes on in most every other hobby related eBay category as well so is an effective strategy for much more then just sports cards.

Damage Control

Regardless of how ethical you are and how hard you try you will eventually run into an eBay buyer who will leave you unjustified negative feedback on a sale. This is especially true when you are selling lots of cards or parts of a collection where there are too many cards to list individually. I have sold about 1,000 lots of cards through my main sports card dutch auction and during the course of time 3 people have tried to blackmail me into giving them free cards by threatening to leave negative feedback. So despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of those who have purchased my lots have been really happy with their purchases, this handful of idiots weigh my account down. The solution? A dedicated eBay account(s) dedicated to selling these lots and nothing else. That way if I run into one of these unethical or unreasonable buyers, their feedback will only damage my one account, and leave my other account(s) unscathed.

However for this to work effectively you have to make enough purchases through your extra accounts to build your positive feedback up to a reasonable enough number that people will buy from you.Typically it only takes a 100% feedback score with 25 transactions to build the trust required to start generating average or better sales prices.

There are many other benefits that I haven't covered, but this gives you a general idea of how you can leverage this for your advantage. To go ahead and create a new account, simply fill out this registration formWhy You Need a Second eBay Account for Buying and Selling Sports Collectibles 1 on the ebay website.