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2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings

2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings

While jerseys get the majority of attention when it comes to wearable sports apparel, you can't leave home without seeing someone wearing a New Era MLB hat in the world of the now (2011). Unlike the NFL and NHL, which also wear something over their heads, a baseball hat can be worn by anyone without looking crazy, drunk or drunk and crazy.

This got me to thinking, what are the best and worst hats in all of baseball? Below is one man's opinion of each team's official New Era on-field hats for the 2011 MLB season. There was no hidden formula that went into this list other than my thoughts, which tend to gravitate toward weird things.

After finishing the article, leave a comment with your Top 5 below or make a case for a hat to be moved up or down in a respectful manor and it will be taken into consideration, as I don't pretend to be as perfect as a fine wrist watch or Phil Jackson. At the bottom of the article are the hats that have seen some movement so far.

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2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 1
1. New York Yankees2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 2 - Love them or hate them, the Yankees hat is one of the most recognizable and iconic symbols of the modern sports world. It's simple, sticks to tradition and has names like Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle and Maris sewn into the fabric of each cap (figuratively).

2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 3

2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 42. Philadelphia Phillies2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 5- Simple in design, yet stands out in a crowd. The Phillies hat is corny in the best way possible thanks to the endless antics of the Philly Phanatic and the early 90's team that found a way to get pine tar and/or chew on everything they wore. It's also the oldest franchise in baseball.

2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 6

3. Minnesota Twins2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 7- The Twins have two unique hats that open two different chapters in franchise history. The first being the "TC" (Twin Cities) version from the days of Killebrew, Oliva and Carew. The second being the "M" version that conjures memories of Puckett, Hrbek and Jack Morris. The Twins hat is that of the anti-Yankee (small market).

2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 8

4. Baltimore Orioles2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 9- This hat defies all odds by making orange look cool. The hat(s) also strike the perfect balance between Brooks Robinson and Cal Ripken. The re-introduction of the "O's" version was a great choice.

2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 10

2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 115. Chicago White Sox2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 12 - Without a doubt the scariest and most intimidating hat in baseball, it instantly conjures memories of scary real life people like Skeletor from He-Man (Masters of the Universe) and Albert Belle.

2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 13

2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 146. Los Angeles Dodgers2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 15 - One of the most recognizable hats in the world and the term "Dodger blue" is often used to describe the color in other walks of life. It reminds me of three things - Tommy Lasorda, Fernando Valenzuela and the 80's movie "Born in East L.A.", each of which are decent memories.

2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 16

7. St. Louis Cardinals2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 17- From Stan Musial to Ozzie Smith to Albert Pujols, this hat (or similar variations) has stood the test of time and represents one of America's greatest baseball towns. The bird on the bat is the best one if you ask me.

2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 18

8. Oakland A's2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 19 - One of baseball's most distinguishable caps. It's stands out in a hat store. There are those who would say this hat "clashes" with clothing, to which I would explain that this isn't picking out drapes to match a davenport (sofa/couch), this is baseball.

2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 20

9. Boston Red Sox2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 21- It's not the design that makes the Red Sox cap respectable, it's the history stitched into each "B" that makes them one of baseball's most enduring lids. I say that we all agree to name the next expansion team the ____ Sox, it's high time the National League had a Sox team, though that would make 17 NL teams, but if 16 isn't a problem, why would 17 be?

2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 22

10. Pittsburgh Pirates2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 23- Though a far departure from their crazy caps of yesteryear, the "P" perfectly preserves Pirates history, at least the parts worth remembering like Clemente, Stargell, Leyland and who & what not.

2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 24

11. Kansas City Royals2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 25- Imagine how cool these would be if the Royals were as was good as their hats were? We might not have to wait long for that to happen, as Mike Moustakas, Wil Myers and Eric Hosmer could redefine the definition of Royals baseball in coming years.

2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 26

2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 2712. Atlanta Braves2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 28- From Hank Aaron to Greg Maddux to Jason Heyward, the Braves have had some of the coolest players in baseball history. A subtle refreshing to accompany what could be a dominant new dynasty led by J-Hey, Freddie Freeman, Tommy Hanson and Julio Teheran would be cool to see.

2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 29

13. San Francisco Giants2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 30- Several years ago I was not a fan of this hat thanks to Barry Bonds, but now that it represents Brian Wilson and Buster Posey, it's cool in my book.

2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 31

2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 3214. Cincinnati Reds2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 33- Crisp, clean and captures the essence of the Red Machine and Dibble v. Piniella. It would be awesome if they brought back the version featuring the guy with Baseball head (Mr. Red).

2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 34

15. Milwaukee Brewers2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 35 - One of the best combinations of old school and new school. What more can you ask for out of a two hat combo? The old school Brewers hat is worthy of induction into the Cooperstown of caps.

2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 36

16. Detroit Tigers2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 37 - Upon reflection and some decent points made by Tigers fans pertaining to the age of the Tigers, I decided to move the hat up. As it's history is undeniable and so is Magnum P.I. and Rob Deer.

2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 38

17. Colorado Rockies2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 39 - Not sure why I like these so much. In my opinion, they are the premier expansion hat of the last 20 years. The color scheme fits Colorado perfectly and I have no clue why, it just is what it is.

2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 40

18. Texas Rangers2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 41- Bright colors, bright future, cool caps for a franchise that until last year had struggled to find it's niche in the baseball world ever since moving to the massive state south of the state shaped like a pan handle in the early 70's.

2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 42

19. Washington Nationals2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 43- For a team that's been killed off several times now (Nationals/Senators), this cap pops and is one of the better redux hats in the game. The hat perfectly suites the R.Zimmerman-Strasburg-Harper administration. Be cautioned, at no point is this hat worth paying Jayson Werth money for (estimated $150-$200).

2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 44

20. Tampa Bay Rays2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 45- I've always liked the extremely tacky and corny flair of Rays-wear. The Rays most recent hat means business, unlike the lovable sting ray-ed version worn during the franchise's early years.

2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 46

2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 4721. Chicago Cubs2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 48 - One of the best selling baseball hats of all-time, it's also the only hat that comes with a built in excuse. Was it really worth destroying a promising young man's life (Steve Bartman) because of Moises Alou's urine hardened hands and Alex S. Gonzalez? Ironically the only thing hardened from Alou's urine was the hearts of Cubs fans. (For the record, Alou did admit to peeing on his hands to help improve his bat grip.)

2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 49

22. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 50 - It feels like the Angels mess with their hat every few years. The latest hat seems to capture a bit more Angels history than others in recent memory.

2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 51

23. Florida Marlins2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 52 - Solid symbol, solid hat, a new stadium should make this hat feel like it represents something that isn't going to throw an estate sale at any second.

2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 53

24. New York Mets2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 54 - Bad color combo, yet it would be an absolute travesty for them to ever change it. The last thing baseball needs is another navy blue/red combo. Though I don't like these hats, I do respect the hell out of them.

2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 55

25. Cleveland Indians2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 56- These hats are cool when the Indians are good or extremely bad, at least the ones without the pre-World War I logo. The "C' hats below are without a doubt the single ugliest hats in baseball, which is sort of good news for Padres fans.

2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 57

26. Seattle Mariners2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 58- The symbol worked well once upon a time, but has gone stale in recent years. Why not try some sort of sea captain on the hat (Mariner)? Or maybe use a dash of Seahawks neon green. The only thing exciting about these hats is what Milton Bradley might or might not do while wearing one.

2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 59
2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 6027. Toronto Blue Jays2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 61 - This hat is sort of cool, but not nearly as cool as the ones that captured back-to-back World Series titles in the early 90's. Franchises are constantly searching for an identity, the Jays had one until they started tinkering with their uniforms.

2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 62

28. Houston Astros2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 63- Who copied who between the Diamondbacks and 'Stros? It doesn't really matter, either way these hats are unbecoming of the Astros. I've never understood Houston, for instance why on earth did they go with Texans over Oilers when they got an NFL team again?! Also, what's the deal with the Rockets' jerseys? I get it, which is why I don't get it. These hats are far too passive aggressive for Texas.

2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 64

29. Arizona Diamondbacks2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 65- These hats don't remind me of the Big Unit, Curt Schilling or Luis Gonzalez at all! Go back to the purple, these hats are trying too hard to fit into an entry way.

2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 66

30. San Diego Padres2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 67- Even the great Tony Gwynn or not-great Sean Burroughs can save these hats from themselves. At the very least, go with the crazy hats that remind us that Ozzie Smith and Dave Winfield were indeed Padres once upon a time. This whole "experimental" fatigues stage is starting to get a little weird. At first I thought it was a sincere tribute to the armed forces, then it somehow found a spot in the permanent rotation. I'm assuming the middle cap is part of the Padres fatigues collection.

2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 68

2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 69

  • Best Tradition: New York Yankees
  • Best Post 90's Hat (Expansion/Relocation): Colorado Rockies
  • Hat of the Front Runner: New York Yankees
  • Hat of the Overachieving Underdog: Minnesota Twins
  • Hat of the Underachieving Underdog: Chicago Cubs
  • Best Old School/New School Combo: Milwaukee Brewers
  • Most Intimidating Hat: Chicago White Sox
  • Needs New Hat Badly: San Diego Padres

* = Hat ranking change due to reader(s) bringing up a good point or after sleeping on it. Hats that have been moved up or down so far.

  • Detroit Tigers From #29 to #16
  • Atlanta Braves From #23 to #12
  • San Francisco Giants From #21 to #13
  • Chicago White Sox From #10 to #5
  • Milwaukee Brewers From #5 to #15
  • Oakland A's From #13 to #9
  • Pittsburgh Pirates From #12 to #10
  • Colorado Rockies From #6 to #17
  • Boston Red Sox from #13 to #9
  • Cleveland Indians from #29 to #25
  • Kansas City Royals from #6 to #11
2011 MLB Baseball Hat Rankings 70Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission
Brett is a former contributor to The Cardboard Connection.

User Comments

Nicholas Arvidson
Nicholas Arvidson

I don’t see how anybody can argue with an opinion piece. There literally is no right and wrong. In terms of the Tigers hat that is getting all of the argument, I like it but don’t think it should be in the top 5 or even top 10.

Some people like classic hats, some people like certain color combos (I like the blue and orange Mets), some people like contemporary designs. It all depends on the person.

For what it’s worth:
1) A’s
2) Cardinals
3) Royals
4) Brewers
5) Mets

After taking reader comments into consideration and a change of heart on several hats, above is the final list. Thanks to all those who contributed to the article in a respectful manor.


Detroit “upgraded” to 16th from 29th?

How in the world do you rank them that low? No worse than top 5. Or is it you don’t like old English font?

Milwaukee, Baltimore, Minnesota, and Philly in the top half of the rankings? Save for Philly, the other 3 belong near the bottom. And Philly does not deserve a #2 rank.

Might need a lesson in “classical” caps and what they are all about.


Tigers 16th? You’re an ignorant idiot!


I agree about the Dodger uniforms; however, I prefer the Dodgers script on the jersey on their home and road uniforms.

Matt Gaffney
Matt Gaffney

The Dodgers should be no less than 2. it’s a timeless look that hasn’t changed since the move to LA. It’s even the same as Brooklyn other than the letters. Dodgers & Yankees are the only ones that vdidn’t give in to the crap worn in the 70’s & 80’s. the uniforms are timeless as well.


No bird hats please !! Also, the Rockies, Marlins, Rangers and Diamondbacks need a a hat that embraces the city and not the state.


1. Cardinals – bird on bat – CLASSIC
2 Indians – Chief Wahoo – timeless
3. St. Louis – traditional RED with StL logo
4. Pittsburgh – simple, distinguished
5.Yankees – as much as I dislike them – recognizable anywhere.

joe clarke
joe clarke

As an ardent Dodger fan, I would love to see the Dodgers use an on- field hat that has the incline Dodgers logo with the baseball on the ascent. Keep the LA logo as well and use it too.
The Braves hat with the tomahawk in the A is a very nice logo. I don’t like any hat with birds on them.

Where are the Diamondbacks fans? Will no one defend their honor in this epic hat fight? #27!?!!?!


Now if all these Detriot commentors can go make the cities economy turn around they did a good job with getting this list changed.


This cracks me up, its hats people. “His opinion” on these hats has people questioning his “ability to rank anything”?

Brett I expect more from you seeing as you did major in Hat Ranking in college.

Disagreeing is one thing even strongly disagreeing is one thing, but attacking Brett for his opinon considering he does this for your entertainment and it costs you nothing is a little insensitive and childish in my opinion. Oh crap i just gave my opinion, please don’t attack me……

Bill Seck
Bill Seck

Mr. Lewis, it would be better to consult a panel of people to rate hats. To rank the traditional Detroit “D” so low brings your ability to rank anything into question.

Gary Stewart
Gary Stewart

i’ve never commented on any site ever in my life. here i feel compelled. this is the worst list in the history of the world. old english D = #1.

Tim Van Alstine
Tim Van Alstine

Detroit Tigers….The English D hands down!!! : )


The Blue Jays have two other hats you don’t recognize. They have a terrible one with a cursive T as the logo, as well as a throwback blueone with the blue jay inside the baseball.

The bluejay on the baseball is worthy of a promotion, while the “T” is probably the worst hat in all of baseball. They probably cancel eachother out and leave them near the bottom, but thought it was worth mentioning.


The Detroit Tigers deserve to be in the top 5. This is a horrible list and makes for a slow news day. When you originally had Detroit at 29 shows that you know nothing of baseball and it’s great history. Anyone commenting deserves your job at this point.

@Wilson: It’s a good thing I’m commenting then…

Jeff Dykhuis
Jeff Dykhuis

Magnum P.I. would not be the same without the big D.

@Jeff Dykhuis: very true


I agree with a lot of your picks, but the Rockies, Brewers and Tampa Bay need to be moved down. Way down. The Giants, Detroit and Cleveland need to be moved up.

The Giants have one of the most recognizable caps in all sports – They were founded a good 30 years before the Yankees and rarely change their logo up.

@Jeff: Good point on the Giants.


Honestly, I’m a Tigers fan so I’m going to tell you it’s the best in MLB. But strip away my bias and you still have a classic olde english D.

This is indeed your list, though. Which convinces me that you’ve got an aesthetics gene missing somewhere. The Rockies? For real? What’s more hilarious is that you boosted Detroit 13 spots because you’ve gotten lambasted by Tigers fans. So what does that mean for your other selections?

@Philip: It’s not so much due to the fact that I got lambasted as it was the points brought up. The whole purpose of the article was to show each teams 2011 on-field hats in an interesting way. If someone makes a comment that changes my mind, than so be it. It’s just hats.


While I’m upset that the Braves hat is ranked that low, considering the long and rich tradition that is the Braves as well, I’m gonna let it go because kicking everybody’s butt this year while wearing our ugly hats is going to be extremely satisfying.

Ben Barron
Ben Barron

My top five
1. Reds (great tradition, promising future intimidating color scheme)
2. A’s (just plain cool and it was the first hat from any team that I ever owned. honestly who didn’t want to be canseco or mcgwire at some point for those of us who grew up during the 80’s/90’s)
3. Braves (oldest team in baseball. not much more needs to be said)
4. W. Sox (because they are better than the cubs)
5. Dodgers (Iconic and its a better looking hat than the yankees)

Most intimidating – reds/white sox
best overall – cardinals with the bird
most likely to be worn by tools – Yankees
worst overall – phillies (what most people don’t know is that the “p” really stands for puke)
personal favorite – A’s green/yellow/white
Needs New Hat Badly – cub’s at this point they need a tampa bay devil rays to TB rays makeover anything to change their luck

How could the braves possibly be so low on this list. I mean did you really just rank the nationals rip off of the braves hat scheme over them? How many championship banners are hanging up in their stadium? There are 3 teams on the list that are ranked higher than the Braves that have hats with similar color schemes and logos and the Braves franchise is the oldest in baseball. I wonder where those other teams got the ideas for their hats from…? Not to mention these sweet old school hats http://shop.mlb.com/product/index.jsp?productId=1869680&cp=1452343.1452600.1502554 I also must say that I think the reds could rival the white sox for most intimidating hat when you think back to the days of the big red machine. I mean their nick name was the big red machine doesn’t get much more intimidating than that if you ask me. I realize this is an opinion oriented list and everyone will not agree. I respect your opinion Brett but respectfully disagree on your ranking of the Reds and Braves hats along with a few others. Thanks for giving us sports junkies something to debate about.


The Orioles cartoon bird hat was the best ever.


Keep up the good work Brett! A good cap is based on someones opinon regardless of how long the team has been in MLB. I bought a Tigers hat in high school because I felt bad when they lost 119 games… the worst regular season record in the history of baseball. They were 47 games behind the division winning Twins.


The 3 that need to be moved up…

1> Mets – (Dodger) Blue & (Giants) Orange were used to reflect the history of national league ball in ny
2> Braves – You shouldn’t lose points for a classic look.
3> Red Sox – Ditto

The 3 that need to be moved down…
1> Phillies – There’s nothing exciting there.
2> Brewers – That M is hideous. Should have used the same reasoning as you applied to the Indians.
3> Royals – See Phillies.

Cleveland should be at the bottom for the racist logo cap, which your comments claim to semi-like. Also, I don’t think there is an “80’s movie “From East L.A.”
“. Did you mean “Born in East L.A.” with Cheech Marin?

I’m a Mets fan, so I can appreciate that you respect the cap even if you don’t love the colors (I do — the blue and orange, that is; the black in the Mets’ color scheme can bite me).

To me, the Blue Jays’ cap is easily the worst. Just an ugly representation of a Blue Jay. Plus, it’s not BLUE. The color is IN YOUR TEAM NAME! USE IT! I’d love for them to have a more realistic bird (like the O’s and Cards).

The Tigers is my #1, because nothing beats that old English D. Detroit had that D logo before the Yankees had the NY.


Ugh, I respectfully dislike your list, good sir.

Too High (should be in bottom 10)
Orioles (This version of the bird is gross)
Rockies (Purple is awful)
Tampa (Yes, 18 is 10 spots too high)

Too low (Should be top 5)
San Fran (Timeless)
Detroit (still too low at 16)

Stan Strach
Stan Strach

You need to re-evaluate your list again. Detroit’s hat at 29 was just crazy. No. 19 is still to low….Detroit should be number 1 or 2.


Obviously it’s just a subjective list. Some teams have one good cap and one bad cap. Again, all subjective. Brewers glove cap is great, the M cap is terrible. Red Sox socks cap is an abomination. Mets- Blue & Orange- great. Add black and it sucks. Orioles caps are both horrible. I like the Indians caps and the Padres main cap. My top 5: Yankees (totally biased), Tigers white D, Brewers glove, Dodgers, Nationals all red. See, I really like the Nationals cap but hate the Reds cap. all subjective to one’s taste in headwear.

I happen to like most baseball caps as they each reflect a certain personality the team is trying to exude. As long as they play properly with color schemes, there’s no excuse to have a bad cap.

With that said, I’m not a big fan of the curly W. It’s nice, but I happen to like when teams try to forge a new identity. I thought the ‘DC’ caps did that very well. it had the cleanliness of what teams like the Cubs, Rangers and Red exhibited with their outlined logos, but the gold trim on the red caps added a certain flair devoid with the rest of their uniforms. Wish they stuck with “DC’.


Heard you had the Tigers at 29? Moron.


Young fella brett, opinions are like rear-ends, and everybody has one.
I think after Tiger fans made you see the wrong of your original rankings with such a desultory ranking for the Tigers, you are still not giving an original 8 AL team enough props. Through the years, other blog sites as well as national media sites have had this type of ‘cap’ ranking and the Tigers have ranked Top 5 or Top 10.
You have to be unbiased, and objective, especially if your favorite team is another AL Central team.

@Ron: True, but I really like the Twins hat combo a great deal. I can’t stand the Wolves and Wild jerseys. I agree the Twins hats may have been a bit high, but this list was extremely hard to put together from a one man standpoint with no outside input until the comments. I was trying to go with a combination of aesthetics, history and popularity. I probably should have picked just one category to judge them on. Ha, thanks for the input that didn’t involve tearing me apart, much appreciated.


It’s getting some Detroit fan action because it’s posted on mlive.com/sports

Also, Detroit is no doubt top 5. The history and simplistic long lasting design says a lot. Also, it’s an old English D, not a Gothic D that is “better suited for a shadow box on the wall of an elderly relative’s house.”

I would put the Braves, Mets, Giants, and Red Sox higher than they currently are and give Baltimore and Milwaukee the boot.


i take that back. just EXTREMELY subjective

@cournelius: thanks man, I’ll take extremely subjective over crapping an article out any day.


when you wrote it? you mean when you crapped it out?

Ryan S.
Ryan S.

You’re missing the Jays hat with the just the T….something I’ve really grown fond of. Should also put them a rank above both Seattle and Arizona because of it, too.

@Ryan S.: I thought that hat was pretty cool too, but MLB.com doesn’t have it as an on-field hat for 2011.

Brett, thank you for adjusting your ranking of the old english D. While I still think it should be higher, I appreciate you respecting the history behind the logo. Your list is gaining credibility with every edit. What do we have to do to get the D switched with that hideous baltimore orioles hunting cap??

@B-Weezy: not sure, I am going to try to figure out how to add a poll to the article that would allow people to vote for each hat and create a seperate article with the results. Ha, I had no idea this article would get such a big response when I wrote it.


Olde English D should be in the top 3. The Yankee hat is more or less the same thing. Just different letters. Yankees SUCK!


Tigers not in the top 5 is just ridiculous.


Gotta support Kyle in his response – it makes absolutely no sense to dismiss the rich tradition and history of the Tigers hat and embrace the Yankee’s hat for the same reasons. Strange.

@Brent: Due to points made by you guys, I decided to move the hat up due to it’s history.

If you can make a case for a hat being higher on the list that I hadn’t considered in a respectful manor, I will consider moving that hat up.

I’ve decided to move up the Tigers hat due to solid points made regarding it’s history.


So you rank the Yankees hat #1, but the Tigers hat (which is literally the same exact thing) is a #29 because it’s boring? Horrible list.


I’m not even a Tigers fan, or from Michigan, but you rank the Tigers hat 29th? Really? It’s as clean and proper as any hat out there. That perfect dark shade of blue meshed with the old English ‘D’ is hard put down if you’re me. It’s simply a classic.

Alright, so maybe I was a bit too hard on the Tigers hat.

Terrible list. Guess what theoldest logo in baseball is?? The Detroit Tigers old english D. Timeless and classy. A top 5 without question. Baltimore Orioles at 4??? Are you kidding? That thing is FUGLY! Way too much bias in this list for it to have any merrit. Boston at 15?? Detroit 29?? I’d love to see New Era’s sales numbers which would more accurately reflect whatthislist should look like. I have a feeling Minnesota would be outside the top 10….


The Olde English D is one of the coolest logo’s in all of sports.

I agree with so much of what you have to say but the utter lack of respect shown to an absolutely classic logo is disgusting.


How could you possibly rate the Tigers hat so low? You have got to be kidding me. The home hat is old school and badass.


The Detroit hat is the best one… the Phillies hat is terrible. The Orioles hat is terrible. What are you thinking??? This list is pure crap.

Nice Hat
Nice Hat

nice hat in your picture Brett…but what’s even worse is your column bias….a little bitter about being a Minnesota sports fan that has to cheer for the cheapskate Twins, T-Wolves, North Stars…I mean Wild, and Vikes.

The twins hat conjures memories of Jack Morris (yeah so does a Tigers and Blue Jays hat)…

@Nice Hat: And therein lies the reason I say “this is one man’s opinion”, nice comment. If you can find Jack Morris, Joe Carter, Devon White, Alomar in the new Blue Jays hat, than so be it. As for the hat in my picture, it’s called a winter hat.

Going to have to disagree with you on some of these. While the old school Brewers hats may be the greatest baseball cap of all time, their new ones are just too boring for a team named after beer. At the same time, the Tigers hats and are a classic, you can’t change them.

Other than my own differing opinions, great post.


My All Time Top 5
1. A’s (first fitted hat I owned)
2. Mets (sorry blue and orange are a great combo)
3. Brewers (glove/ball just awesome)
4. Mariners (the Yellow/Blue 89 Griiffey version)
5. Detriot (Magnum PI need I say more?)

Love my Rangers Caps. Also like to wear Tampa and Washingtons caps because I collect Longo and Stras.

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