Topps Garbage Pail Kids, Mars Attacks 2014 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives

Topps Garbage Pail Kids, Mars Attacks 2014 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives

Card collectors might not care too much about Ben Affleck in his Batman gear or the latest Avengers tease. With that in mind, Topps is bringing several Garbage Pail Kids and Mars Attacks exclusives to the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con. From promo cards to prints to T-shirts to toys that poke fun at the President, there are plenty of options.

This marks the first time Topps has had an official presence in San Diego in five years. They'll be stationed at booth 4120 where they're hosted by Atomic Toybox Entertainment.

Garbage Pail Kids

Promo Card

A big part of Topps' Comic-Con presence is a new character, appropriately named Comic Conner. He's featured on an exclusive promo card that will be handed out as supplies (they're limited) last.


Comic Conner is joined by five pop-culture-inspired GPK characters for a series of six prints. Each measures 11 x 14 inches. The cost is $10 each or a full set of six for $40. Besides Comic Conner, other characters are He-Manny, Calvin America, Pacific Jim, Gamey Jamie, and Alien Ian.

2014 SDCC Garbage Pail Kids Prints Image


Comic Conner gets his swag on once again with an exclusive limited edition T-shirt. Available only at the show, it comes with a $20 price tag.

2014 SDCC Garbage Pail Kids T Shirt Comic Conner Image

Mars Attacks

Promo Cards

Collectors can find not just one but nine different Mars Attacks promo cards at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con. Each features art by Chad McCown. They fit together to form a massive puzzle. The first card is available at the Topps booth. The back of each promo card prompts collectors to go to another booth to get the next card and so forth. A full list of all nine booths will also be posted on the Mars Attacks Facebook page.

2014 SDCC Mars Attacks Promo Cards Image

Mars Attacks vs. Presidential Monsters Figures Two-Pack

Who would win in a death match between a Mars Attacks Martian Soldier and Baracula? Whoever you want with a Presidential Monsters two-pack of figures. Sold at the Heroes in Action booth (3450), they're exclusive to the show.

2014 SDCC Martian Soldier vs Baracula Image

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SDCC 2014 Mars Attacks 9 card promo set - Topps
1213936537934040 1 Image
SDCC 2014 Topps Garbage Pail kids promo card P1 Comic Conner
2911997320784040 1 Image
SDCC 2014 Exclusive GARBAGE PAIL KIDS Jumbo SET 11 x 14 Card Stock TOPPS! RARE!
2615349607424040 1 Image
SDCC 2014 Comic Con Mars Attacks puzzle cards Topps
2511464067604040 1 Image
Mars Attacks #1 SDCC Cover Previews Exclusive Comic NM!
1513632950024040 1 Image
2014 Mars Attacks SDCC Exclusive Rare Scavenger Hunt Promo Set 1-9 NM
2215034056944040 1 Image
2014 San Diego Comic Con Toxic Timmy by Retroband - Garbage Pail Kids - 50 made
1213885925024040 1 Image
MARS ATTACKS #1 SDCC 2012 Exclusive M IDW
3214719172694040 1 Image
SDCC 2014 Exclusive Topps Mars Attacks Promo Card Lot Set Of 9 Puzzle Cards
3214719239534040 1 Image
2014 SDCC Comic Con TOPPS Garbage Pail Kids COMIC CONNER P1 Promo Card
1814689033454040 1 Image
SDCC 2014 Mars Attacks 9 card promo set - Topps Treasure Hunt
2515987068134040 1 Image
Two Garbage Pail Kids promo cards P1 Comic Conner - SDCC 2014 Topps Exclusive
2710326391914040 1 Image
Mars Attacks SDCC Exclusive PVC Glow In The Dark Costume Mask *New*
3505863199774040 1 Image
SDCC 2012 Exclusive Mars Attacks Comic *New*
1613735592094040 1 Image
3312693822694040 1 Image
SDCC 2014 Exclusive TOXIC TIMMY DKE Toys Retroband Garbage Pail Kids - IN HAND
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