Nolan Ryan Cards, Rookie Cards and Autographed Memorabilia Guide

Nolan Ryan

Date of Birth: 1/31/1947
Rookie Card Year: 1968
Investment Rating: 7.0


Pitchers are largely overlooked in the hobby. Nolan Ryan cards and memorabilia are a big exception. His longevity in the game, record-breaking stats and hard-nosed style of play have earned him near universal respect from collectors.

Lynn Nolan Ryan Jr., AKA "The Ryan Express," was one of the most intimidating pitchers to ever play the game. With a 100mph fastball and movement to match, Ryan retired in 1993 as the game's all-time strikeout king and dished up a record setting seven no-hitters. Elected into the Hall of Fame in 1999, Ryan is the only player to have his number retired by three different teams for which he played.

Drafted in the 12th round of the Major League Baseball Draft by the New York Mets, no one could have conceived that the scrawny kid from Alvin, Texas would end up being one of the most accomplished pitchers of all-time. The eight-time All-Star selection achieved a record of 324-292, with an ERA of 3.12 on route to 5,714 K's. A member of the Miracle Mets of 1969, the eventual World Series Champions, Ryan would spend the rest of his career pursuing another title, which never came. Interesting to note is that despite his seven no-hitters, he never pitched a perfect game and was never named the league's Cy Young winner.

Nolan Ryan Rookie Cards

1968 O-Pee-Chee Nolan Ryan RC #177

Visually, the 1968 O-Pee-Chee Nolan Ryan rookie card looks almost identical to the more common Topps version. However, this one is a lot tougher to find. The easiest way to identify the OPC card is the copyright on the back of the card. It reads, "PTD. IN CANADA."

1968 O-Pee-Chee Baseball Nolan Ryan RC

1968 Topps Nolan Ryan RC #177

Unfortunately for collectors, Noaln Ryan shares his iconic rookie card with Jerry Koosman. The patterned design makes any centering issues, which occur frequently, visibly noticeable. For this reason, a strong centering sub grade is the key to look for when purchasing this card either raw or in graded condition. It is a must-have for any rookie card collector.

Top eBay Listings

*Rare* 1993 Studio Silhouettes #10 Nolan Ryan *Hard to Find*

1980 Topps Nolan Ryan #580

2013 Pinnacle Team Pinnacle #13A Nolan Ryan Stephen Strasburg

1975 Topps BB #500 Nolan Ryan Angels EX EX+

1992 Classic best #14 Nolan Ryan PSA 10 GEM MT 84240B OC2

1992 Classic best #14 Nolan Ryan PSA 10 GEM MT 84241B OC2

1992 Classic best #14 Nolan Ryan PSA 10 GEM MT 84242B OC2

1992 Classic best #14 Nolan Ryan PSA 10 GEM MT 84243B OC2

2004 Donruss diamond kings #174 Nolan Ryan PSA 10 GEM MT POP 4 83185B OC2

Nolan Ryan Tribute Sheet Spectrum 14k Gold Signature No. 741

1992 Classic best #14 Nolan Ryan PSA 10 GEM MT 83284B OC2

1992 Classic best #14 Nolan Ryan PSA 10 GEM MT 83243B OC2

(4) 1990 Mother's Cookies NOLAN RYAN #2....never opened

1993 Pinnacle Highland Mint Bronze Nolan Ryan Card

1993 Pacific nolan ryan 27th season prism #9 Nolan Ryan PSA 10 GEM MT 82972B OC2

1993 Pacific nolan ryan 27th season prism #9 Nolan Ryan PSA 10 GEM MT 82973B OC2
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Autograph Guide

Nolan Ryan Autographed Memorabilia Buying Guide

Below you will find an example of what Nolan Ryan's authentic signature looks like. This can be used as a first point of reference for determining the legitimacy of autograph memorabilia, but is not a substitute for having your items authenticated by a well-respected professional autograph authentication company. Some of the trusted sources within the sports memorabilia market include the following companies: PSA, JSA, Steiner, and Tristar. Click on any of the images below to view full size photos.

Nolan Ryan Cut Signature Exemplar

Nolan Ryan Key Signature Attributes: An authentic Nolan Ryan signature autograph will exhibit several distinguishing characteristics. Regardless of  the type of item or when it was signed, look for the following signature features:

  1. Signature is written on a relatively even plane, with a slight incline on the "Ryan."
  2. The autograph is written in cursive.
  3. The letter "N" is defined by an - up, down, up pen stroke, that resembles a letter "L."
  4. The letter "o" is open and flows into a wide looped letter "l."
  5. The letters "a" and "n" are legible with the "a" being open.
  6. The letter "R" is written in a manner where the bottom right down stroke forms a near circle as part of the "y."
  7. The letters "a" and "n" are discernible with the letter "a", again being open at the top.
  8. He often includes one of many inscriptions including his career strikeout total, number of wins, or his Hall of Fame induction year as pictured here.

Nolan Ryan Signed Baseball

Active Listings for Nolan Ryan Signed Baseballs

Nolan Ryan Signed Baseball 1

Nolan Ryan Signed Jersey

Active Listings for Nolan Ryan Signed Jerseys

Nolan Ryan Signed Jersey

Nolan Ryan Signed Photograph

Active Listings for Nolan Ryan Signed Photographs

Nolan Ryan Signed Photo

Top eBay Listings

Nolan Ryan Signed Auto 16X20 Photo Rangers Bloody Lip Bo Jackson Framed PSA DNA

Nolan Ryan Signed Autographed 5th No Hitter Plate PSA DNA Z22253 Houston Astros

Nolan Ryan Signed Sports Illustrated No Label PSA DNA

Nolan Ryan Signed Autograph 5000 Strikeout Aug 22,1989 8x10 Photo Card Jsa Coa

1976 Topps #330 Nolan Ryan HOF Signed AUTO California Angels PSA DNA


Nolan Ryan Jerry Koosman 1968 Topps signed auto PSA DNA RC #177 autographed

1979 Topps #115 Nolan Ryan Auto Signed PSA DNA Certified

Nolan Ryan “HOF 99” Signed Autographed 1981 All Star Baseball JSA Cert #P17552

1980’s Nolan Ryan Signed Autographed OAL Baseball JSA Certified #P00047



NOLAN RYAN Don't Mess with Texas signed auto ROBIN VENTURA fight Steiner 16x20

Nolan Ryan Framed 16x20 Photo Signed JSA COA Autographed Texas Rangers

Nolan Ryan signed Houston Astros 1988 Topps Record Breakers baseball card Psa

Nolan Ryan signed Houston Astros 1988 Topps baseball card Psa
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More Info

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User Comments

  1. I have the 1989 Upper Deck BASEBALL HEROs `CARD #15 of 18 of Nolans! It is in EXCELLENT condition and been VERY protected…just saying! Lisa

  2. I have about 12 Pacific baseball cards with, Nolan Ryan on a cutting horse, Nolan with Dan Smith, Ryan with Frank Tanana, one that says no hitter #2, one with Ryan in a mets uniform says Future Hall of Famer, one with the Ryan Family, one with him in a rangers uniform about to throw a football and a few others. How much could they be worth? I would like to Know. They are in mint condition.

  3. I have a signed nolan Ryan (ryans routine between starts) 1991 by pacific trading cards does it have any value. Thanks for your time. it is in mint condition.

  4. My favorite Nolan Ryan card is basically all of them, but it’s a couple that stood out to me and they are the 1990 Topps cards that have the number 5000 written several times in the back ground. The 5k represents his achievement of 5k strikeouts during his career. Each card has a different team he played for through out his career like the Mets, Astros, etc., but all cards have the 5k printed several times in the back ground. These are the most beautiful and energetic Ryan cards I have ever seen and I was very lucky to purchase them on EBay for 0.01 cent. Congrats Mr. Nolan Ryan on a unbelievable and most competitive career.

  5. i have Nolan ryan cards from pacific 1991 cards # 16 tru 110 are worth anything my husband is deceased i don’t know anything about baseball cards thanks

  6. kim » Unfortunately, those cards, like most from that time frame, aren’t really worth much.

  7. I have Nolan Ryan Pogos, I also HAD a procline cope of his rookie card until some a**hole took it… I have sent Nolan birthday cards when i was younger and he sent back from black and white picture 5×8″ in size with blue autographs. i look for anything and all things Nolan Ryan

  8. L have three Nolan Ryan 23 it. minor league cards. Marion Mets Greenville Mets and Jacksonville Suns in mint condition and in cased in acrytic sealing. Can you give me a price. Thanks for time/effort.

  9. have a signed photo and coin with background of baseballs and coin has above it 1966 & below it 1993.
    Words below that are:
    Most Care strikeouts
    Most Career No Hitters

  10. I have the Nolan Ryan Astros Topps #757 pitcher record card in mint condition, and the Nolan Ryan Greatest Champion’s 23 Kt gold card with Time Strikeout King .5,714 on the front and the Ryan EXPRESS with career statistics and much more on the back, and Certificate of Authenticity. can you give me a price on these two. Thanks

  11. I have a bunch of Nolan Ryan card for sale from a 24k diamond cut to porcelain card also baseballs and a huge plaque looking to sell it all over 100 card not one is a double hite up through my email I live in VT

  12. I have the Nolan Ryan 1991 Rangers card. Very good shape.

  13. I have an autographed 1992 Donruss triple play Nolan Ryan. I cannot find anything on this card. I see 100’s of them with no signature but cannot find one with the signature.

  14. sean blassick » There were no signed cards in that set, so if it is authentic, it is likely that the original card owner obtained an in-person autograph.

  15. I came across some baseball cards that are glass .The Nolan Ryan collectors Edition from Hamilton collection card #1 is an exact replica of the original Topps card introduced in 1990 card number C2903 and also 1968 rookie stars Mets I really don’t know its worth? Ive asked a few folks but know no luck thank you very much

  16. Pick up 600 plus Nolan Ryan cards today 69-Mid 2000’s. Cant wait to see what I get. I already know that there is a 69, 70 and 71 Topps in the cards.

  17. I have all these need to know what there worth


  19. I have a 1967 rookie stars card of Seaver and Nolan Ryan – certificate says #24 of 10,000. Any value?

  20. Have following signed Nolan Ryan items:
    Baseball hat, signed ticket, Aug 3, 1993 game,signed Donruss Coca-Cola Mets card 1966 and K-Man Score 91 card.

    Value ?

    Thank you

  21. Nolan Ryan Topps 1993 finest all star buy back card autograph card only five in the world!!!!! I got one!!!!!!

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