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Jackie Robinson

Date of Birth: 1/31/1919
Rookie Card Year: 1949
Investment Rating: 10.0 (Exceptional)


No other player in the history Major League Baseball has made as significant a contribution to America's national pastime as Jackie Robinson. The first African-American player to play in the Majors, his resilient determination paved the way for numerous other Negro League players to cross the color barrier. It's not surprising that Jackie Robinson cards and memorabilia remain some of the most popular and respected in the hobby.

Hobbyists would be remiss in thinking that Robinson's contributions to the game were strictly sociological. A Hall of Famer in his own right, Robinson played in six World Series, including 1955 when his Brooklyn Dodgers won it all. A six-time All-Star, the 1947 Rookie of the Year and the National League's MVP in 1949 are just a few of his accomplishments. A gifted athlete who excelled at all aspects of the game, Robinson was a prototypical five-tool player long before the term was part of a baseball scout's official lexicon. Robinson was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1962 behind career numbers that included a .311 lifetime batting average, 1,518 hits, 734 runs and 197 stolen bases. So significant were Robinson's contributions that Major League Baseball universally retired his jersey number, 42, in 1997.

Jackie Robinson cards and memorabilia are highly sought after in almost any condition. Because of his importance to the game, many of his game-used items are housed in baseball's Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. Even his Negro League pieces from his days with the Kansas City Monarchs command top dollar on the rare occasions they reach the secondary market. Some of his most popular items are his rookie cards, team-signed baseballs from 1955 and single-signed baseballs. Additionally, despite debuting in 1947, there were no mainstream cards printed that year. A regional food release from the Bond Bread Company did include Robinson in their 13-card set. Because of their rarity, these cards are highly collectible despite not being officially recognized as rookie cards.

Jackie Robinson Rookie Cards

1948 Leaf Jackie Robinson RC #79

Featuring a full head shot against a yellow background, the color contrast of the Dodger blue and the regal yellow makes for a very striking card. Robinson is pictured with his laid back, signature smile. The 1948 Leaf Baseball Jackie Robinson rookie card rarely, if ever, sells for under four figures, no matter the condition. There is some debate over whether to call this a 1948 or 1949 card due to its release date. However, this card is widely recognized as being Robinson's most iconic card and seen by most as his rookie card.

1949 Leaf Jackie Robinson Image

1949 Bowman Jackie Robinson #50

Similar in size to the Leaf card, at 2-1/16" x 2-1/2" the Bowman card uses a contrast of red and blue that displays well but much less so than Robinson's other rookie card. Slightly more affordable, the 1949 Bowman is still a collector favorite. Because of the debate surrounding his 1948 Leaf card, this card's status as an official rookie card is debatable.

1949 Bowman Jackie Robinson Rookie Card Image

ebaysmalllogo Image
3313948639254040 1 Image
1956 Topps #30 - Jackie Robinson - SGC 80 - (white back) - HoF (mikedenero)
1412445097664040 1 Image
2013 Topps Museum Collection Blue #9 Jackie Robinson 99 - NM-MT
3014051843804040 1 Image
1954 Topps Jackie Robinson
2616711403254040 1 Image
Vintage Topps-1954-Jackie Robinson-Brooklyn Dodgers-#10
1914184135304040 1 Image
2215900468044040 1 Image
1953 Topps Baseball #1 Jackie Robinson
4007975563154040 1 Image
Jackie Robinson 2002 Upper Deck World Series Heroes Match-Ups Jersey MU53 j41134
2314031534384040 1 Image
1953 Topps #1 - Jackie Robinson - PSA 6 -- Brooklyn Dodgers HoF (mikedenero)
3313949477054040 1 Image
1956 Topps #30 - Jackie Robinson - BVG 6.5 - (white back) - HoF (mikedenero)
3313949477084040 1 Image
1953 Topps #1 - Jackie Robinson - PSA 4 -- Brooklyn Dodgers HoF (mikedenero)
2815104093444040 1 Image
1956 Topps #30 - Jackie Robinson - PSA 6 - (white back) - HoF (mikedenero)
1614956591634040 1 Image
1955 Topps Jackie Robinson #50, BVG-3.5
3611243929244040 1 Image
KRIS MEDLEN 2014 Panini Prizm Jackie Robinson Blue Prizms #'d 42 Braves
2314031549894040 1 Image
1955 Topps Doubleheaders #25 26 - Jackie Robinson - PSA 6 -- HoF (mikedenero)
2314031549974040 1 Image
1956 Topps #30 - Jackie Robinson - SGC 80 -- (white back) - HoF (mikedenero)
3313949492074040 1 Image
1953 Topps #1 - Jackie Robinson - SGC 50 -- Brooklyn Dodgers HoF (mikedenero)
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Autograph Guide

Jackie Robinson Autographed Memorabilia Buying Guide

Below you will find an example of what an authentic Jackie Robinson signature looks like. This can be used as a first point of reference for determining the legitimacy of autograph memorabilia, but is not a substitute for having your items authenticated by a well-respected professional autograph authentication company. Some of the trusted sources within the sports memorabilia market for authentic Jackie Robinson autographs are PSA and JSA.

Jackie Robinson Cut Signature Exemplar:

Jackie Robinson Cut Signature Exemplar Image

Jackie Robinson Key Signature Attributes: An authentic Jackie Robinson signature autograph will exhibit several distinguishing characteristics. Regardless of  the type of item or when it was signed, look for the following signature features:

  1. The signature is written on an even horizontal plane.
  2. Written in cursive, each letter is legible.
  3. The letter "J" is over-sized compared to the others; both loops are closed with the bottom more narrow then the top.
  4. The pen does not lift except for between names and their are no visible starts, stops or hesitations.
  5. The letters "a-c-k" are easily read with the "a" not always being closed and the "k" showing a small loop.
  6. The letter "i" in both the first name are dotted but haphazardly (not always above the letter).
  7. The letter "R" contains a closed loop as do the letters "o" and "b."
  8. The remaining letters are legible with the second "o" being closed similar to the first.
  9. Often times the second letter "n" is slightly wider than the first.

Other Jackie Robinson Signature Analysis Notes:

  1. When examining any, alleged, Jackie Robinson signed item, it is important to remember that Robinson died relatively young so  keep in perspective the age of items.
  2. Is the ink ball point? It was the only type of pen available during his lifetime.
  3. Paper documents will, and should, show age and even yellowing and can be almost brittle.
  4. With regards to team signed items - Were the the other players on the item actually on the team?
  5. Jackie Robinson, rarely signed the sweet spot of a baseball.

Jackie Robinson Signed Memorabilia Pricing:

Active Listings for Jackie Robinson Signed Memorabilia

Jackie Robinson Autograph Gallery

Jackie Robinson Signed Baseball 260x262 Image  Jackie Robinson Signed Check 260x118 Image

SP Legendary Cuts Jackie Robinson 260x184 Image  SportKings Paper Cuts Jackie Robinson 260x185 Image

ebaysmalllogo Image
3213699371794040 1 Image
Eddie "Ed" Miksis Signed & Inscribed Baseball. Jackie Robinson 50th Ann PSA DNA
1409929989544040 1 Image
1715236850504040 1 Image
Jackie Robinson Autograph Signed 1952 French Casino Program JSA
3610988430454040 1 Image
Jackie Robinson 1949 Brooklyn Dodgers Letter Signed Autograph PSA DNA PSA 8
3711346549764040 1 Image
Johnny Vander Meer Signed 1982 Jackie Robinson FDC Cachet Cover Autographed PSA
3711346549774040 1 Image
Dave Winfield Signed 1982 Jackie Robinson FDC Cachet Cover Autographed PSA
3711346549814040 1 Image
Eddie Mathews B. Robinson Signed 1982 Jackie Robinson FDC Cachet Cover Auto PSA
3711346549824040 1 Image
Ewell Blackwell (d96) Signed 1982 Jackie Robinson FDC Cachet Cover Autograph PSA
3711346549864040 1 Image
Lonnie Harris Signed 1982 Jackie Robinson FDC Cachet Cover Autographed PSA
3711346549904040 1 Image
Bill Wambsganss Signed 1982 Jackie Robinson FDC Cachet Cover Autographed PSA
3711346549914040 1 Image
Rachel & David Robinson Signed 1982 Jackie Robinson FDC Cachet Cover Auto PSA
3711346549924040 1 Image
Gehringer Doerr Herman Signed 1982 Jackie Robinson FDC Cachet Cover Auto PSA
3711346549934040 1 Image
Max Patkin (d.1999) Signed 1982 Jackie Robinson FDC Cachet Cover Autographed PSA
3711346549954040 1 Image
Hank Bauer (d.2007) Signed 1982 Jackie Robinson FDC Cachet Cover Autograph PSA
3711346549974040 1 Image
Steve Howe Brock Monday Signed 1982 Jackie Robinson FDC Cachet Cover Auto PSA
3711346549984040 1 Image
Charlie Gehringer Signed 1982 Jackie Robinson FDC Cachet Cover Autographed PSA
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Figure Guide

Jackie Robinson Figure Guide

Jackie Robinson's heroic contributions to the game of baseball, coupled with his brilliant playing career have insured that he has had numerous 3D likenesses created through the years. Robinson has had figures produced by McFarlane, Starting Lineup, SGA and Danbury Mint, to name a few. Here is a look at some of his most popular pieces.

1994 Starting Lineup

Jackie Robinson 1994 Starting Lineup 260x272 Image

1999 Starting Lineup

Jackie Robinson 1999 Starting Lineup 260x288 Image

2006 McFarlane Cooperstown

Jackie Robinson McFarlane 260x257 Image

2005 SGA Stadium Giveaway

Jackie Robinson Dodger Stadium Giveaway 260x157 Image

1996 Starting Lineup

Jackie Robinson 1996 Starting Lineup 260x293 Image

1997 Starting Lineup 12"

Jackie Robinson 1997 Starting Lineup 12 inch 260x204 Image

2006 McFarlane Sepia Tone Variant

Jackie Robinson McFarlane Sepia Variant 260x227 Image

1999 Danbury Mint

Jackie Robinson Danbury Mint 200x300 Image

ebaysmalllogo Image
1614933202614040 1 Image
Jackie Robinson #42 Dodgers Limited Edition Collectible Sliding MLB Figure
2216132009614040 1 Image
Jackie Robinson 42 Movie DVD + Roy Campanella Don Newcombe Statue Figure SGA
3909832113014040 1 Image
3214234626574040 1 Image
Jackie Robinson Roy Campanella Don Newcombe Statue Figure LOCAL PICK UP ONLY
3810393424034040 1 Image
JACKIE ROBINSON Brooklyn Dodgers 1994 Series 1 SLU Cooperstown Figure
2216148469404040 1 Image
Jackie Robinson Los Angeles Dodgers 2005 PROMOTIONAL Statue Figure SGA BRAND NEW
3711146362804040 1 Image
JACKIE ROBINSON Baseball Action Figure COOPERSTOWN Starting Lineup 1996 NOC NRFC
3313905803504040 1 Image
Jackie Robinson 1996 Starting Lineup Figure Cooperstown Collection Unopened
1914254243544040 1 Image
1994 Jackie Robinson Brooklyn Dodgers Starting Lineup Figure
1414842213374040 1 Image
1214950461174040 1 Image
1997 Kenner Starting Lineup Classic Doubles Figure Hank Aaron Jackie Robinson
1612433468424040 1 Image
1214954176714040 1 Image
1950 MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL FACTS AND FIGURES' * Joe Paige Jackie Robinson, Ted
2815069086554040 1 Image
Starting Lineup Baseball 2000 All Century Team -Jackie Robinson -Figure Card MIB
2314033543534040 1 Image
Jackie Robinson Roy Campanella Don Newcombe Statue Figure Brooklyn Dodgers SGA
2616518058594040 1 Image
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