eBay Offering FREE Sports Card and Memorabilia Listings

eBay Offering FREE Sports Card and Memorabilia Listings

If you're like a lot of collectors, you've probably got some extra cards taking up space. But sometimes eBay fees make it tough to justify listing low-end stuff. Through the end of the year, eBay is waiving listing fees on all items in the Sports Memorabilia, Card and Fan Shop category.

The promotion begins today and runs through December 31, 2012.

eBay's free listings apply to basic listing fees in both auction and Buy It Now formats. Listings also include up to 12 free photos. The promotion is only on eBay.com, eBay.ca and www.cafr.ebay.ca.

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Listing upgrades, such as ten-day listings, Gallery Plus, reserve prices, multiple categories and subtitles still apply. If an item sells, final value fees will also be applied.

There are limits on the number of free listings a seller can qualify for. Those without an eBay store can list up to 500 items per month. Basic store subscribers get 5,000 free listings. Premium and anchor stores get 10,000 free listings per month. Full details and the fine print can be found here.

For many collectors, this makes it easy to move some of their extra cards and memorabilia as there's no risk involved other than your time. It's a great time to list some low-end cards that weren't worth it once listing fees were considered. Also, the audience and reach of eBay is still the best on the Internet when it comes to moving most singles and lots.

5 Things to Consider Selling and Trying During eBay's Free Listing Promotion

Here are some options you may want to consider trying during eBay's free listing promotion for sports cards and memorabilia.

  • Sell low-end singles and inserts. Things that sell for only a dollar or two simply aren't worth it when you have to pay listing fees. With no up-front costs, the timing is perfect to move extra stuff and make some extra cash for the holidays. Just remember, there are going to be a ton of low-end things out there so try and find things there's not a lot of already.
  • List oddball cards. Player collectors are a dedicated bunch. If you have something that's different and not readily available outside of your region, there might be people looking for it. You never know, some players you think there's no demand for may have some followers. All it takes is two people to start a bidding war. Personally, I thought I'd be lucky to get $1 for a Chris Chambliss card I had a while back. I was shocked when it hit $20. This isn't always the case, but you've got nothing to lose.
  • Sell team, player or set lots. Card lots may not bring in a ton of money, but they're easy to list and they can clear out a lot of space all at once.
  • Experiment. With the free listings, there's no reason to start everything at $0.99. Try out different pricing structures. Offer promotions like free shipping. See what works and what doesn't.
  • Build your feedback. Maybe you've been reluctant to try selling cards on eBay. Over the next few months you can potentially make a lot of transactions and build an excellent feedback rating.

eBay doesn't bring deals like these around very often. Usually, they're only good for a day or two. Take advantage, clear out some clutter and get some cash.

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2009 Upper Deck UD USA Sonny Gray Autograph Patch RC 55 99 auto. Next cy winner


2009 Upper Deck UD USA Sonny Gray Autograph Patch RC 70 99 auto. Next cy winner

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