Brock Lesnar's 2004 Minnesota Vikings Rookie Cards Among Hobby's Hidden Gems

Brock Lesnar’s 2004 Minnesota Vikings Rookie Cards Among Hobby’s Hidden Gems

ALLEN ImageBefore Jared Allen, another larger than life personality wearing the number 69 lined up at Defensive End for the Minnesota Vikings. In 2004, following Wrestlemania XX, current UFC Heavy Weight Champion Brock Lesnar gave pro football a shot. Ever since his wrestling days at the University of Minnesota in the late 90's, Lesnar had dreamed of one day taking his "talents" to the National Football League.

During his brief stint as an NFL Defensive End, Lesnar's WWE "showmanship" was well received by the fans, but was viewed as a sign of disrespect by fellow NFL players. Lesnar's intensity led to several "in the heat of moment" fights.

During a scrimmage against the Kansas City Chiefs, Lesnar nearly caused an all out brawl after laying out Chiefs' QB Damon Huard. Interestingly, Jared Allen was a Rookie Defensive End on that very same Chiefs team, having been taken in the 4th Round out of Idaho State in 2004 Draft. Like Lesnar, Allen was also trying to prove he belonged in the NFL.

After briefly playing in the preseason, the 6'4" 290 pound Lesnar was cut by the Vikings, ending his NFL Career. He was later offered a chance to refine his skills in NFL Europe, but turned the opportunity down because it would take him too far away from home (Minnesota). Several years later, the decorated NCAA and WWE Wrestler would reappear in a sport known as Mixed Martial Arts, the rest is history.

Fortunately for Brock Lesnar fans, his days as a "would be" NFL pass rusher were captured on cardboard. Lesnar may not have survived the cut, but four of his Football Rookie Cards did, in the process creating four of the most unique hidden treasures in the world of sports cards.

2004 Leaf Rookies and Stars #155 Brock Lesnar RC ($10)
BrockLesnar 2004RookiesandStars Image

2004 Leaf Rookies and Stars Longevity #155 Brock Lesnar /999 RC ($12)
Lesnar RookieStars 2004 Longevity Image

2004 Playoff Honors #173 Brock Lesnar /425 RC ($30)
BrockLesnar Playoff Honors 2004 Image

2004 Sweet Spot #203 Brock Lesnar /999 RC ($25)
BrockLesnar 2004SweetSpot Image

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2004 Leaf Rookies & Stars Brock Lesnar #155 51 75
2814439401504040 1 Image
BROCK LESNAR 2004 Leaf Rookies & Stars Rookie #155 UFC WWE
1214387931714040 1 Image
2615991191034040 1 Image


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2313356295574040 1 Image
2004 Leaf Rookies & Stars Brock Lesnar #155 51 75
1414051911274040 1 Image
WWE Taboo Tuesday 2004 DVD Eddie Guerrero Brock Lesnar Triple H Shawn Michaels
1414051911294040 1 Image
WWE No Way Out 2004 DVD Eddie Guerrero Brock Lesnar Triple H Shawn Michaels Lita
1312943339764040 1 Image
WWE Survivor Series 2004 DVD Eddie Guerrero Brock Lesnar Triple H Shawn Michaels
3313186353444040 1 Image
WWE - No Way Out 2004 (DVD, 2004) Guerrero beats Lesnar!
2215486223944040 1 Image
Playboy Magazine - March 2004 - WWE - WWF - Torrie Wilson & Sable - Rena Lesnar
3214986256454040 1 Image
WWE - No Way Out 2004 DVD Brock Lesnar & John Cena RARE & OOP!!!
3711427306954040 1 Image
WWE Brock Lesnar 2004 Fleer Chaos Tuff Guys Event Worn Shirt Relic Card DWC

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  1. he’s not 6’4 dude haha

  2. @manmanman: Ha, I agree, his football cards were extremely generous. Come to think of it, I talked to him a couple times when I went to the U of M and he was about as tall as I was and I’m 5’11”. On a side note, he was one of the nicest athletes I’ve ever met unlike Joel Pryzbilla. Don’t get me started on Przybilla.

  3. Nice research, seriously.

    I want these cards now.

  4. He is proven to be 6’3″, guys. It checks out in measurements and in standing next to other people confirmed to be various heights.

  5. Cool research, I can tell I’m going to have to go through the boxes of old cards looking for him.

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