2014 Topps Dynasty Baseball Cards

2014 Topps Dynasty Baseball Cards

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2014 Topps Dynasty Baseball is, to date, the priciest product the company has ever produced with five-card boxes carrying an initial price tag of more than $1,000. As one might expect from a product that averages out to more than $200 per card, Dynasty aims to tap into an ultra high-end marketplace. Every card has an autograph and is numbered to 10 or less. Topps is also pledging to have an exceptional checklist of current superstars and retired greats.

Autographed Patches are all signed on-card. Patch pieces are also over-sized. Basic versions are numbered to 10 while there is also a one-of-one parallel.

Autographed Dual Relics (#/5) all feature baseball legends. Cards are signed on-card and come with a pair of memorabilia pieces.

Fifty Cut Signatures are all one-of-ones. The list of players includes all-time greats like Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Roberto Clemente and Ty Cobb.

Finally, there are ten Cut Signature Dual Relics. Each of these pair two pieces of memorabilia with an autograph from the likes of Ruth, Clemente, Robinson and Ted Williams. Like basic Cut Signatures, each of these are a one-of-one.

Boxes are packed as five single-card mini boxes. Every card in 2014 Topps Dynasty Baseball comes encased to keep it protected.

Estimated Release Date: 11/19/14
Product Configuration: 5 packs per box, 1 card per pack
Price Point: Ultra High-End Baseball Card
Target Audience: Hit Seekers, Autograph Collectors, Memorabilia Card Collectors

2014 Topps Dynasty Baseball Box Break

  • 5 Total Autographed Memorabilia or Cut Signature Cards
  • 5 Total Cards

Card Gallery:

2014 Topps Dynasty Baseball Factory Sealed Hobby Box PRESELL (11 21) $318.71 buy it now1 Image
RARE HIGH END 2014 TOPPS DYNASTY BASEBALL HOBBY box fresh from case PRESELL! $324.99 buy it now1 Image

Set Checklist

2014 Topps Dynasty Baseball Set Checklist

Autographed Patches Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/10
PARALLEL CARDS: Parallel 1/1


Autographed Dual Relic Greats Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/5


Cut Signatures Set Checklist

Serial Numbered 1/1


Cut Signatures Dual Relic Legends Set Checklist

Serial Numbered 1/1


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User Reviews

  1. Topps has a history of bad high end. The design looks great but I have a feeling that plenty of these cards are going to be going for under $40 on the secondary market.

  2. Cool looking cards but $1000 + for 5 cards that are black and most black cards have a lot of chipping and if all cards are #ed to 10 or less there has to be a lot of not so good players in this product! Which makes it not worth the money at all

  3. I’ll write another comment next year when I’ve stopped laughing. I bet there are many people who can’t wait to open their boxes filled with 5 redemptions!! LOL

  4. No one asked for this.

  5. Sounds like an absolute nightmare…

  6. Great, another Rivera card I won’t be able to add to my collection. We need some competition in this industry, and I don’t mean unlicensed product.

  7. Go big or go home.

  8. …or go Broke (as 1syndicate) forgot to add

  9. Extremely excited to pay 299 for an Allen Webster or Jake Odorozzi auto redemption.

  10. Is this the product that Topps is going to have actual players hand prints on some of the cards?

  11. Isaac » Those have been used in several products. None have been announced for this set as of yet though.

  12. Case Results:
    Box 1: David Wright AU/10
    Box 2: Tony Gwynn JSY/AU/10
    Box 3: Robinson Cano AU/10
    Box 4: Will Clark AU/10
    Final Box: Kris Bryant Bowman Chrome Refractor AU


  13. At the risk of garnering some public (forum) ridicule, I must admit to just clicking “submit” to complete my purchase of a case of these–and my hands are still shaking a bit (um, I don’t usually buy products on this side of the Mendoza line). Man, I have a feeling I’m going to regret this–and then need to find a place to sleep for a couple of weeks.

    They will look nice, the hits will be spectacular, and the resell value will be off the charts. I expect nothing less from Topps. No room for disappointment on a product like this–they wouldn’t do that.

    To paraphrase a quote from a recent “western”-genre movie, “Topps, why can’t I quit you!!!”

  14. I can’t wait. I’m getting my case for $1,600. I don’t care where the initial resale value sits, it will be nice to score some low numbered autos of legendary players. I can see this as a set I eBay search for when I’m looking to add another nice card to my collection.

  15. I’m officially quitting Topps high end products. I’ve been screwed over on Redemption cards waaaay too many times. Screw me over once same on Topps, screw me over 100x shame on me.

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