2012 Topps Update Series Baseball Variations and Short Prints Guide

2012 Topps Update Series Baseball Variations and Short Prints Guide

A big part of 2012 Topps Update Series Baseball is capturing traded players in their new uniforms. But sometimes last-minute blockbusters prevent every trade from being included, at least in the regular base set.

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2012 saw a few major deals happen. So while these players don't appear in the regular set, they do have 2012 Topps Update Series variation short prints. Topps has confirmed seven 2012 Topps Update Baseball variation short prints, most of whom were a part of the blockbuster deal that saw Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford and Josh Beckett head to the Dodgers and James Loney to the Red Sox. These seven short print variations replace other players on the checklist.

Ichiro is an eighth variation. However he has two different cards showing him on the Yankees. The card of him swinging is the regular version while a "bowing" version is the short print variation.

The 2012 Topps Update Series short print variations don't stop there. The All Star Game has several as well. Many players are shown in casual clothes from the 2012 MLB All-Stars parade in Kansas City.

Bryce Harper (card US299) has two variations. One shows him in his casual clothes. The second is a horizontal card.

It appears as though the traded player variations are much rarer than the All-Star variations and are comparable to the Albert Pujols and Jose Reyes short prints from 2012 Topps Series 1 Baseball as far as rarity goes.

Reports indicate that 2012 Topps Update Series variations fall about three or four per case.

Below, we've compiled a list of confirmed short prints and variations. We've included descriptions and, wherever possible, images to help you easily identify these cards.

2012 Topps Update Series Baseball Short Prints and Variations Checklist

US1 Adrian Gonzalez - Los Angeles Dodgers

2012 Topps Updates 1 Adrian Gonzalez Variation 212x300 Image

US2 Carl Crawford - Los Angeles Dodgers

US3 Josh Beckett - Los Angeles Dodgers

2012 Topps Updates 3 Josh Beckett Variation1 260x182 Image

US4 Nick Punto - Los Angeles Dodgers

US5 James Loney - Boston Red Sox

US6 Kevin Youkilis - Chicago White Sox

2012 Topps Updates 6 Kevin Youkilis Variation 213x300 Image

US7 Jim Thome - Baltimore Orioles

US10 Mark Trumbo - Horizontal

2012 Topps Updates 10 Mark Trumbo Variation1 260x186 Image

US15 Justin Verlander - Horizontal

2012 Topps Updates 15 Justin Verlander Variation1 260x180 Image

US37 Billy Butler - Horizontal

2012 Topps Updates Billy Butler Variation1 260x185 Image

US37 George Brett

2012 Topps Updates 37 George Brett Variation 260x182 Image

US52 Clayton Kershaw - Horizontal

2012 Topps Updates 52 Clayton Kershaw Variation1 260x184 Image

US62 CC Sabathia - Horizontal

2012 Topps Updates 62 CC Sabathia1 260x187 Image

US87 Andrew McCutchen - Suit

2012 Topps Updates 87 Andrew McCutchen Variation 215x300 Image

US120 Robinson Cano - Suit

2012 Topps Updates 120 Robinson Cano Variation1 213x300 Image

US133 Matt Kemp - Suit

2012 Topps Updates 133 Matt Kemp Variation 215x300 Image

US137 Josh Hamilton - Horizontal

2012 Topps Updates 137 Josh Hamilton Variation 260x168 Image

US144 Mike Trout - Horizontal

2012 Topps Updates 144 Mike Trout Variation 260x185 Image

US162 Yu Darvish - Dress Shirt

2012 Topps Updates 162 Yu Darvish Variation 211x300 Image

US166 Chipper Jones - Horizontal

2012 Topps Updates 166 Chipper Jones Variation 260x183 Image

US241 Curtis Granderson - Suit

2012 Topps Updates 241 Curtis Granderson1 214x300 Image

US255 Joey Votto - Horizontal

2012 Topps Updates 255 Joey Votto Variation 260x174 Image

US259 Carlos Gonzalez - Horizontal, Parade

2012 Topps Updates 259 Carlos Gonzalez Variation 260x187 Image

US268 Craig Kimbrel - Horizontal

2012 Topps Updates 268 Craig Kimbrel1 260x183 Image

US271 Ryan Braun - Horizontal

2012 Topps Updates 271 Ryan Braun Variation thumb 85 260x185 Image

US272 Ichiro - Bowing

2012 Topps Updates 272 Ichiro Variation 214x300 Image

US280 David Wright - Horizontal

2012 Topps Updates 280 David Wright Variation 260x182 Image

US289 Prince Fielder - Suit Jacket

2012 Topps Updates 289 Prince Fielder Variation1 212x300 Image

US292 David Ortiz - Horizontal

2012 Topps Updates 292 David Ortiz1 260x187 Image

US299 Bryce Harper - Shirt and Jacket

2012 Topps Updates 299 Bryce Harper Variation 213x300 Image

US299 Bryce Harper - Horizontal

2012 Topps Updates 299 Bryce Harper Variation horizontal 260x186 Image

US327 Chris Sale - Horizontal

2012 Topps Updates 327 Chris Sale Variation1 260x183 Image

ebaysmalllogo Image
4007913098204040 1 Image
2012 Bryce Harper Topps Update SP Short Print Photo Variation Suit Nationals
3506160340314040 1 Image
2012 Topps Update Series PHOTO VARIATION RARE SHORT PRINT 144 Mike Trout
1613202488814040 1 Image
4007179241194040 1 Image
3605059350244040 1 Image
C C Sabathia 2012 Topps Update All Star Photo Variation SP #62 Yankees
3013600518904040 1 Image
Bryce Harper Topps 2012 Update #299 Variation SP
2907866977224040 1 Image
2012 Topps Update SP Variation #US137 Josh Hamilton All Star Texas Rangers
1514485897434040 1 Image
2012 Topps Update Series Yu Darvish SP Short Print US 162 Dress Shirt Variation
1414469864694040 1 Image
2012 Topps Update variant Mike Trout with team Angels (Rare)
1313292427134040 1 Image
2012 Topps Update variant w team Mike Trout Angels (Scarce)
3610085914274040 1 Image
134 - 2012 Topps Update Blue Wal-Mart Variation Baseball cards - FREE SHIPPING
3708906125374040 1 Image
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  1. I really hope the Ichiro SP isn’t part of the US1-US330 base set. If so, that has the potential to screw over those of us that have pre-sold sets.

  2. The card you show of Kevin youk is that the short print version ? I have that card but the price guide say after the number of the card there’s a b . So would the card number be us6b ?

  3. ayyjay718 ยป There is no “B” on the actual card. Some use A and B to differentiate variations in a database. In this instance, both the regular and variation are number US6.

  4. Hello. Anyone know how many 2012 US1 Adrian Gonzalez cards were printed. looks like one guy has 9 available on ebay and I am holding one.

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