2011 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Entomology Short Prints

2011 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Entomology Short Prints

Upper Deck has announced the Entomology short prints for 2011 Goodwin Champions.

Although the exact print run for each card was not revealed, none of the cards are one-of-ones. Redemption cards are not specific to any card and will be distributed randomly.

Group A - 1:44 Redemption Cards

ENT-7 Toothed Warrior Beetle
ENT-11 Ruddy Daggerwing
ENT-20 Giant Water Bug

Group B - 1:28 Redemption Cards

ENT-9 Zebra Nymph Butterfly
ENT-18 Giraffe Stag Beetle
ENT-19 Giant African Emperor Scorpion

Group C - 1:13 Redemption Cards

ENT-12 Malachite
ENT-17 Fiesta Cicada
ENT-23 Sapphire Damselfly
ENT-27 Peanut Head Lanternfly
ENT-30 Flashing Walking Stick

Group D - 1:4 Redemption Cards

ENT-1 Frog-Legged Beetle
ENT-6 Rainbow Jewel Beetle
ENT-8 Blue Striped Weevil
ENT-14 Teueros Birdwing Butterfly
ENT-15 Red Winged Grasshopper
ENT-16 Luna Moth
ENT-26 Harlequin Beetle
ENT-28 Grand Owl Butterfly

Group E - 1:2 Redemption Cards

ENT-2 Fork Horned Rhino Beetle
ENT-3 Blue Violet Jungle Glories
ENT-4 Silky Owl Butterfly
ENT-5 Painted Jay
ENT-10 Umbrella Horned Rhino Beetle
ENT-13 Fantsy Click Beetle
ENT-21 Giant Rice Paper Butterfly
ENT-22 Rusty Lace Wing Butterfly
ENT-24 Dead Leaf Butterfly
ENT-25 Sunset Moth
ENT-29 Snakehead Silk Moth

ebaysmalllogo Image
1410663733234040 1 Image
2209046461764040 1 Image
2011 Goodwin Entomology Malachite Butterfly
3505052470404040 1 Image
3804605836704040 1 Image
2011 UD Goodwin Champions Entomology Bug Card Dead Leaf Butterfly #ENT24
3508945444844040 1 Image
2011 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions #ENT2 Fork Horned Rhino Beetle Entomology
3508945567594040 1 Image
2011 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions #ENT5 Painted Jay Entomology
2310701251504040 1 Image
2011 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions #ENT13 Fantsy Click Beetle Entomology
2310701337394040 1 Image
2011 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions #ENT27 Peanut Head Lanternfly Entomology
3508945813654040 1 Image
2011 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions #ENT7 Toothed Warrior Beetle Entomology
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