1951 Berk Ross Baseball Cards

1951 Berk Ross Baseball Cards

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Berk Ross issued a set of 72 cards in 1951 from a number of different sports, with 40 of those cards featuring baseball players. The rest are a mix of football and basketball players, boxers, golfers, figure skaters and Olympic athletes.

The cards look a lot like subdued 1950 Bowman. They are the same size, have a similar uncluttered design and sometimes use the same player pictures that were used in that Bowman set. Back feature a few vital measurements and a single line of 1950 statistics.

The official designation in the American Card Catalog is W-532-1 and is nicknamed Hit Parade of Champions, as the subject matter is champions in several sports. With the Phillies and Yankees having won their respective pennants the previous year, the baseball portion of the checklist is dominated by players from those teams. The cards were issued as two-card panels and four separate series. The cards are numbered by their series, so 1-1 through 1-18 are the first series, 2-1 through 2-18 make up the second series and so on. The first ten cards in each series are the baseball players. A set can be considered complete at 40 cards, but a truly complete set will feature all 72 subjects. A perforation was made between the two cards in each panel, so few are found intact today.

Boxed sets of 1951 Berk Ross were available in the hobby through a single dealer by the name of Bruce Yeko. He was one of the original full-time vintage dealers and had exclusive rights to the distribution of the boxes which were originally available through his catalog for $19.95. While it is not sure exactly how many sets were originally produced, the educated guess is that it was a few hundred. In 2012 a complete set in their original boxes sold at auction for over $1,400.

1951 Berk Ross Boxes 260x162 Image

Interesting to note, Joe DiMaggio, who never appeared on a Bowman card and had largely been excluded from sets since 1948-'49 Leaf , is the key card to the set. A rookie card of Whitey Ford appears as well. Aside from a mix of stars and Hall of Fame players, examples of  other athletes included in the set are; Olympic legend Jesse Owens, Raging Bull subject Jake LaMotta, golfer Ben Hogan, boxer Sugar Ray Robinson and skater Dick Button have cards in the set as well.

Key Cards

Key 1951 Berk Ross Baseball Cards:

Joe DiMaggio #2-5

1951 Berk Ross Joe DiMaggio Image

Stan Musial #2-1

1951 Berk Ross Stan Musial1 260x213 Image

Yogi Berra #2-4

1951 Berk Ross Yogi Berra 250x300 Image

Whitey Ford #4-5

1951 Berk Ross Whitey Ford 246x300 Image

Phil Rizzuto #1-3

1951 Berk Ross Phil Rizzuto 249x300 Image


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3111767793964040 1 Image
Willie Jones Third Base Philadelphia Phillies Berk Ross 1951 Card 2-8
3111767823944040 1 Image
Sam Jethro Outfield Boston Braves Berk Ross 1951 Card 4-10
3111767985084040 1 Image
Hall of Famer Warren Spahn Boston Braves Berk Ross 1951 Card 2-2
1313514591984040 1 Image
Hall of Famer Whitey Ford Pitcher New York Yankees Berk Ross 1951 Card 4-5
1313514628114040 1 Image
Hall of Famer Johnny Mize First Base New York Yankees Berk Ross 1951 Card 1-7
2307166274934040 1 Image
1951 Berk Ross Dick Sisler Philadelphia Phillies
3111769593284040 1 Image
Scarce Jerry Coleman New York Yankees Second Base 1951 Berk Ross Card No. 1-6
1113957477554040 1 Image
3606508266594040 1 Image
1951 Berk Ross Doubles 3-8 Dick Sisler 3-6 Eddie Lopat NM Condition
3606508266654040 1 Image
1951 Berk Ross Doubles 3-7 Andy Seminick 3-5 Joe Page NM-MT Condition
3708102344304040 1 Image
1951 Berk Ross Doubles 2-18 Melvin Patton 2-17 Dick Button NM-MT Condition
3708102344334040 1 Image
1951 Berk Ross Doubles Russ Meyer 4-7 & Jim Konstanty 4-6 NM Condition
3708102344424040 1 Image
1951 Berk Ross Doubles Sherman White 2-11 & Stanley Lopata 2-9 NM Condition
3806367991954040 1 Image
1951 Berk Ross Doubles Melvin Patton 2-18 & Dick Button 2-17 NM-MT Condition
3606508266744040 1 Image
1951 Berk Ross Doubles 4-18 Harrison Dillard 4-17 Gregory Rice NM-MT Condition
3606508266834040 1 Image
1951 Berk Ross Doubles 3-15 Rodney Franz 3-13 Ike Williams NM Condition
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Set Checklist

1951 Berk Ross Baseball Set Checklist

Base Set Checklist

Featuring 72 cards

1-1 Al Rosen
1-2 Bob Lemon
1-3 Phil Rizzuto
1-4 Hank Bauer
1-5 Billy Johnson
1-6 Jerry Coleman
1-7 Johnny Mize
1-8 Dom DiMaggio
1-9 Richie Ashburn
1-10 Del Ennis
1-11 Bob Cousy
1-12 Dick Schnittker
1-13 Ezzard Charles
1-14 Leon Hart
1-15 James Martin
1-16 Ben Hogan
1-17 Bill Durnan
1-18 Bill Quackenbush
2-1 Stan Musial
2-2 Warren Spahn
2-3 Tommy Henrich
2-4 Larry "Yogi" Berra
2-5 Joe DiMaggio
2-6 Bobby Brown
2-7 Granville Hamner
2-8 Willie Jones
2-9 Stanley Lopata
2-10 Mike Goliat
2-11 Sherman White
2-12 Joe Maxim
2-13 Ray Robinson
2-14 Doak Walker
2-15 Emil Sitko
2-16 Jack Stewart
2-17 Dick Button
2-18 Melvin Patton
3-1 Ralph Kiner
3-2 Billy Goodman
3-3 Allie Reynolds
3-4 Vic Raschi
3-5 Joe Page
3-6 Eddie Lopat
3-7 Andy Seminick
3-8 Dick Sisler
3-9 Eddie Waitkus
3-10 Ken Heintzelman
3-11 Paul Unruh
3-12 Jake LaMotta
3-13 Ike Williams
3-14 Wade Walker
3-15 Rodney Franz
3-16 Sid Abel
3-17 Yvonne Sherman
3-18 Jesse Owens
4-1 Gene Woodling
4-2 Cliff Mapes
4-3 Fred Sanford
4-4 Tommy Byrne
4-5 Eddie (Whitey) Ford
4-6 Jim Konstanty
4-7 Russ Meyer
4-8 Robin Roberts
4-9 Curt Simmons
4-10 Sam Jethroe
4-11 Bill Sharman
4-12 Sandy Sandler
4-13 M Osborne DuPont
4-14 Arnold Galiffa
4-15 Charles Justice
4-16 Glen Cunningham
4-17 Gregory Rice
4-18 Harrison Dillard

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