1941 Double Play Baseball Cards

1941 Double Play Baseball Cards

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Three companies issued national card sets in 1941 and each was unique. In the case of Double Play cards, they featured two players on every card. They were produced by a Massachusetts-based company called Gum Products, Inc., which was a different company from Philadelphia-based Gum, Inc. (which later took the name Bowman). This similarity in names has caused a little confusion among hobbyists over the years.

There are 150 player pictures spread out over 75 cards. Cards numbered 1-79 and 101-150 are arranged horizontally and feature portrait shots, while 80-100 are arranged vertically with full-body action shots. The fronts feature sepia-toned black-and-white photos of two players from the same team. There is a short biography below each picture as well as a card number. The cards are blank-backed.

Double Play was the largest set issued in 1941 in terms of the number of players, which gives collectors a nice chance to pick up players who didn't appear in earlier sets. Pee Wee Reese has a rookie card in the set and early cards of players like Phil Rizzuto, Enos Slaughter and Johnny Mize are included as well. Due to the two-player format, some cards feature a pair of Hall of Famers. However, the format also led kids to simply cut the cards apart, which destroys their overall value.

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1941 Double Play Mel Ott--Whitehead #89-90 New York Giants

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  1. Great collection of cards. I am also an avid sports collector. Thanks Mike

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