1934-36 Batter Up Baseball Cards

1934-36 Batter Up Baseball Cards

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Batter Up cards were issued over a three-year period by National Chicle and were designed with a die-cut area around the top half of the player that allowed the collector to fold it over and stand it up. As a result, many cards are found with the top portion worn or missing. They weren't the first cards to use die-cuts, but the concept has occasionally resurfaced among card sets over the years.

The set's design was basic. Along with the die-cut player action photo, there is a box in a bottom corner that contains the name, team, position and the words Batter Up. A card number also appears in a lower corner. The cards are blank-backed and include no other information. Cards are black-and-white, but are also found with a variety of tints: blue, green, red, sepia and purple. Though all 192 cards in the set are found with each tint, collectors generally collect a base set without regard for the front color.

There are two distinct series of Batter Up cards, and each measures differently. Cards 1-80 measure 3 1/4" by 2 3/8". Cards 81-192 add first names to the design, are 1/4 inch narrower and harder to find.

Three cards in the high series are multi-player cards. Wally Moses/Billy Webb, Minter Hayes/Ted Lyons and Ivy Andrews/Jim Bottomley appeared more than two decades before Topps began issuing multi-player cards.

Key 1934-36 Batter Up Baseball Cards:


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1934 Batter up baseball wrapper nm
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1934 Batter-Up #121 Wild Bill Hallahan PSA 6 (EX-MT) * P * St. Louis Cardinals *
1612290302794040 1 Image
1934-36 Batter-Up R318 #32 Joe Cronin SGC 20 Fair 1.5 Boston Red Sox
1212788218264040 1 Image
1934-36 Batter-Up R318 #33 Frankie Frisch SGC 20 Fair 1.5 St. Louis Cardinals
1612290303014040 1 Image
1934-36 Batter-Up R318 #35 Rogers Hornsby SGC A 0.5 St. Louis Browns
3711258923414040 1 Image
1934 Batter-Up Set # 167 John Babich High Number EX MT PSA 6
2613793228824040 1 Image
1934 Batter-Up #119 Ted Lyons HOF PSA 7 NM White Sox
2613793228934040 1 Image
1934 Batter-Up #14 Pie Traynor HOF PSA 7 NM Pirates

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