10 Strangest 2013 MLB Stadium Giveaways

10 Strangest 2013 MLB Stadium Giveaways

Baseball stadium giveaways, at their heart, are a way to get people into the ballpark. Instead of cheap beer, fireworks and gift shop discounts, these giveaways offer something to take home other than a hangover the next morning. Often when we think of stadium giveaways, bobbleheads and T-shirts come to mind. However there is so much more to be found at MLB ballparks this season. Sure, there are plenty of bobbleheads, hats and MLB Network drawstring bags, but somethings are truly bizarre. Count down ten of the most bizarre pieces of stadium swag being handed out at MLB ballparks in 2013.

10 Strangest 2013 MLB Stadium Giveaways

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10. Mr. Met Knitting Bobblehead - New York Mets, May 11

Bobbleheads unto themselves aren't exactly weird. But here we have a mascot bobblehead happily knitting. This particular bobblehead was a limited offering given out to those who bought tickets through the team's Stitch N' Pitch program. Just 1,000 of the strange bobbles were made. They're consistently selling for $40-$50 online.

Mr Met Knitting Bobblehead Image

9. Pirate Parrot Soap Dispenser - Pittsburgh Pirates, June 2

Lots of kids have a thing for not washing their hands. Perhaps if the soap dispenser were a little more fun, fewer kids would walk around with who knows what on their hands. Maybe these should get distributed to ballpark bathrooms too because far too many adults still haven't broken the habit.

Pirate Parrot Soap Dispenser 153x300 Image

8. Chest Protector Backpack - Chicago Cubs, September 8

Just in time for school, this is a dual-purpose stadium giveaway. Not only will it carry books, but it's a solid first line of defense against wannabe thugs who try to take your lunch money.

Chicago Cubs Chest Protector Backpack Image

7. Stan Musial Harmonica - St. Louis Cardinals, April 12

A harmonica by itself seems like a strange giveaway. It's definitely not something you'd usually expect to take home with you after a game. But Stan Musial was renowned for his play on the small instrument. He's even credited with a how-to book Image for it. So a harmonica was a fitting tribute to the Cardinals legend. Given out to all adults in attendance at the April game, it came in a display box complete with a note on how to play "Take Me Out to the Ball Game." The harmonicas themselves have an imprint of Musial's signature. They have proven to be extremely popular on the secondary market, selling on eBay for more than $40.

2013 St Louis Cardinals Stan Musial Harmonica 260x167 Image

6. Luchador Mask - Arizona Diamondback, July 27

There will be a lot of interesting visuals coming from Chase Field when people tune in to SportsCenter and see thousands of wanna be luchadores sitting in the stands. If the masks weren't strange enough, the Diamondbacks are following this stadium giveaway up with a luchador cape on September 15.

Arizona Diamondbacks Luchador Mask Image

5. Glen Perkins Fishing Lure - Minnesota Twins, April 25

For the Twins faithful, fishing lures for stadium giveaways is nothing new. The team has been doing it for years. Lots of players have their own commemorative fishing lure. But that doesn't make it that much less strange. In 2013, Glen Perkins became the latest member of the team to get the honor. While Perkins' face isn't on it, a facsimile autograph is.

Minnesota Twins Glen Perkins Fishing Lure 260x152 Image

4. Ben Zobrist Super Zo Utility Belt - Tampa Bay Rays, July 7

Every kid needs a special belt. It's just usually a toy tool belt or something Batman would drum up. In one of the team's many oddball 2013 stadium giveaways, Ben Zobrist, aka Super Zo, gets the utility belt treatment.

Super Zo Utility Belt 260x86 Image

3. DJ Kitty Snow Globe - Tampa Bay Rays, July 14

From utility belts to snow globes of mascot cats working the turntables, the Rays have it covered. That cat is fierce.

DJ Kitty Snow Globe Tampa Bay Rays Image

2. Moore Cowbell - Tampa Bay Rays, August 24

Have we mentioned Tampa Bay's promotions department are awesome. While they haven't shown us what the Matt Moor cowbell is going to look like it doesn't matter. They're taken one of the most beloved Saturday Night Live skits, used it as a pun and made it into one heck of a stadium giveaway.

1. Coco Crisp Cereal Bowl - Oakland Athletics, June 2

I'm sure Coco Crisp has had his share of people snickering at his name over the years. At least he has embraced it and let the Oakland Athletics turn it into something cute, funny and practical. A total of 5,000 kids received Coco Crisp cereal bowls when they were given away at the start of June. However strange, they've become hot collectibles, with many topping more than $100 on eBay.

Coco Crisp Cereal Bowl 260x286 Image

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