2010 Topps Allen and Ginter Baseball Cards

2010 Topps Allen and Ginter Baseball

Hobby Box Price: $67-$75
Release Date: Week of 6/21/10

User Rating:

2010 Topps Allen and Ginter Baseball features a plethora of new inserts, including Scribes and Seafarers, Gods and Monsters, and Cabinet cards that feature full-sized complete relic swatches. Back again this year is also the popular Ginter Code contest which promises to be the trickiest one yet.

Box Configuration: 24 Packs Per Box
Pack Price: $3-$5
Product Type: Mid-End Baseball Card
Geared Toward: Allen & Ginter addicts, Old school collectors, Fans of vintage card design, Set builders, Mini card collectors, Autograph and Relic collectors, Rip card ragers

What's In the Box:

  • 3 Hits
  • 1 Box Topper

Card Gallery

Product Breakdown

• Baseball Veterans
• Baseball Rookies
• Historic Figures
• World Champions

• Allen and Ginter Wood Hobby Exclusive!
• Allen and Ginter Framed Cloth Hobby Exclusive!
• Bazooka Back
• Allen and Ginter No Number
• Allen and Ginter Black
• Allen and Ginter Back
• Allen and Ginter Mini

10 subjects
• Each is a ONE OF ONE!

10 subjects , Each is a ONE OF ONE!

Decipher the Code for a chance to win!

• NEW! Lords of Olympus
• NEW! Monsters of the Mesozoic
• NEW! World's Greatest Wordsmiths
• NEW! National Animals
• NEW! Sailors of the Seven Seas
• NEW! This Day In History
• NEW! Baseball Highlight Sketch Cards

• Collectible Rip Card Exteriors
• Rip Card Interiors

  • Allen and Ginter Red Autographs
  • Allen and Ginter Mini Exclusives
  • Allen and Ginter Mini Wood Exclusives
  • Allen and Ginter Originals

• NEW! Monsters of the Mesozoic Relics
• Allen and Ginter DNA Relics
• Allen and Ginter Autographs
• Allen and Ginter Relics
• Allen and Ginter Mini Parallel Printing Plates
• Allen and Ginter Mini Exclusives Printing Plates

• Allen and Ginter N43
• Allen and Ginter N43 Relics
• Allen and Ginter N43 Autographs
• Allen and Ginter N43 Autograph Relic
• 2010 Cabinet Box Loader
• 2010 Cabinet Relic Box Loader NEW!

MLB Logo Man Manufactured Patch Cards
• 5 subjects.
• Serial Numbered to 50.

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User Reviews

    Now let me tell you why….
    Today, me and my brother spent a hard earned $1100 on a case of A&G. Despite three promised hits per box, in the 3rd box, there were ZERO hits! Also, in the 5th box, there were ZERO hits! In two other boxes along the way, Topps fell short of their promise through under-delivering with 2 hit boxes. In the end, what was supposed to be a 36 hit case, turned into a measly 29 hit case. But wait…. It gets worse.
    Of all 29 hits, only two were the highly sought after “non-baseball players”. Both the exact same, worthless, Glenn Singleman Base-Jumping Relic. In these boxes, there were 3 Mat Latos Jerseys, 2 Glenn Singleman, & 2 Jeff Samardzija jerseys. Thats 1/4 of the hits right there!
    In addition to this, a silk card falling supposedly one per case, was missing. A case hit was missing after already missing 7 hits.
    This is not even the worst part. Immediately after rummaging through after last card of our pathetic $1100 case, we called Topps. Multiple Representatives weakly apologized, and reckoned we send in every… “Wrapper, UPC Code, and receipt.” 288 Wrappers, 12 UPC codes, and a receipt not even given with my purchase, which will now be there excuse as to why all 7 of the hits I will receive are going to be “Random” crap base jerseys. Sadly, They’re best offer were some “Complimentary Packs” of 2008 A&G.
    In the future, dont buy topps anything.

  2. This was sweet all across the board. Just finished breaking a box and when I get home from work I have another waiting for me. Probably the best A&G set since 07. Highly recommend.

  3. Look I’m a allen & ginter junkie so I am biased but this was a really awesome set. Even pulled a strasburg mini rc but without that would have still given this a 4 of 5.

  4. I would give this product a 4/5 because of how enjoyable it is to bust.

  5. Just picked up a box of 2010 Allen&Ginter cards, and I am sold! Love the small t206 style cards and the variety in each pack.

  6. I bought a box a few days ago and was pretty impressed by the design and different kinds of cards you can get, however, I feel like there isn’t a whole lot of value to the cards unless hit the case hit. I would give it a 3/5.

  7. only reason to buy it is the Strasburg. The design is nice as usual but the non baseball player cards are mostly worthless. Today I pulled a card of a “pogo stick record holder,” one of the worlds fastest guitar player, a free climb champion, the youngest guy to climb the seven summitts, an author and 3 of my minis were the komodo dragon, mount everest and hera.
    i collect because i love baseball. i wouldnt be happy if i pulled a memorabilia card only to find out it was from a pogo jumper. product needs celebrities that people care about or to drop the shtick

  8. I broke a box of 2010 Allen and Ginter over the weekend at Dick and Jane’s Sportscards in Jacksonville, FL. I pulled the Albert Pujols Framed Auto in Blue Ink. Best pull of my life. I have a couple of questions about the card that you might be able to answer. First, what is the production run of this card? I heard it was 10. Also, Beckett does not list the value bc of scarcity. What would be your estimate of the value of the card in NM-MT condition? Thanks!

  9. Bought my 1st A&G Hobby box last week. I got a superb hit….. Albert Pujols auto in blue ink. Being from Missouri, huge STL Cardinals fan, I couldnt have gotten a better hit. Also got a RIP card of Corey Hart. Undecided whether to sell it or rip it. But overall, the misc. cards of other sports, countrys, autos, minis, I love this product.

  10. @Michael: that’s hardest choice to make in all of cards, whether to rip a rip card. I pulled one this past year and after 3 days of going back and forth decided to rip it and I ended up wishing I hadn’t.

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