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Topps Chrome

The Topps Chrome brand was a premium themed product that has been utilized across multiple sports and incorporates a cutting edge metallic-like card stock in the design process. The brand itself evolved as a result of the success the company had with the release of their Finest brand that utilized a similar card stock in 1993. Created as an upscale, parallel version to the company’s base brand of products, the Chrome name was first used in the mid-1990’s.

Condition Issues

Eagerly accepted by collectors, Topps Chrome took on a life of its own, literally. While collectors appreciated the higher-end offering, the cards themselves were prone to pronounced bending, creating condition issues even for cards that were properly stored. Over time Topps worked on refining the printing technology of the Chrome brand and today the cards are much less susceptible to this design flaw than in years past.


As the hobby evolved and saw the practice of including player autographs randomly inserted within products, the Chrome brand took another leap in popularity when this feature was incorporated into the product configuration. Today, on-card rookie autographs from Chrome branded products carry tremendous value on the secondary market when compared to those same autographs from non-Chrome products. The annual tradition has grown so popular in football, in particular, that soon upon release of Topps Chrome Football, unopened box prices quickly escalate as a result of simple supply and demand principles.


Unique to the metallic card stock used in Chrome, was the ability to utilize coloring effects on the cards which allowed for parallel versions of the base cards themselves to be printed with reflective properties. These cards are called refractors. The ability to print cards in a manner that created self-produced scarcity, provided collectors with another chase element to compliment traditional inserts included in trading cards. As a result some of the more limited cards such as Superfractors can command thousands of dollars on the secondary market.

Topps Chrome Card Sets

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