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Stadium Club

The Stadium Club brand, when first introduced by Topps in 1991, radically improved upon the existing design and production process of trading cards. Using patented imaging technology from the Kodak Company, the photography used on the cards resulted in vivid, crisp player photos. The traditional borders were replaced with full bleed images running the length and width of the card, creating stunning pieces that resembled actual photographs rather than traditional trading cards. The new brand was well received by collectors and was recognized as one of the first ultra premium products in the market.

The Rise and Fall of a Classic

The Stadium Club brand had a continuous run from its original release through 2003 when it was retired by the Topps Company. During that period of time the brand saw action across multiple sports and became a staple in the hobby. To the delight of collectors the brand’s hiatus was short lived and saw a brief return in 2008 in baseball, football and basketball. Since that time, elements of the brand have been used in other products, most notably the popular Beam Team insert.

The Stadium Club name carries a tremendous amount of brand equity and nostalgia for collectors of the 1990’s. Topps is sure to revive the brand at some point in the future as its popularity amongst collectors is simply to much to ignore.

Stadium Club Card Sets

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