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The Certified brand has been used by several trading card manufacturers through the years. Dating back to the mid to late 1990’s when it was first used by the Score and Pinnacle companies. Originally designed as a higher-end offering to compete with Topps Finest, the Certified set started using the concept of colored parallels to the base cards to create additional chase elements for collectors. Since that time, the merger and acquisition aspect of the sports card industry has seen the Certified brand and the aforementioned companies that used it, consolidated under the names Leaf, Donruss Playoff and most currently, Panini America.

A Lasting Legacy

Under Donruss Playoff, the Leaf Certified brand became synonymous with specific trading card elements namely; short printed, mirror foil board, game used, parallels. When the Leaf trademark was acquired by a rival trading card manufacturer in 2010, Panini America simply started referring to the product line as Certified.

A Multi-Sport Product

The Certified name has been used in every major sport and has also had the moniker of Totally added to it in certain sports, reminiscent of the parallel brand under the Pinnacle banner used in 1997. Recent releases of the product have included, 2012-13 Totally Certified Basketball, 2012-13 Certified Hockey and 2012 Totally Certified Football.

Certified Card Sets

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