Complete Visual History of Topps Baseball Card Backs

Complete Visual History of Topps Baseball Card Backs

The card back is an often overlooked, even ignored, part of the hobby. While everyone appreciates a pretty picture and an aesthetically pleasing front, card backs often carry the bulk of the information. And for Topps Baseball card backs, there's always been plenty to digest. Stats have long been a mainstay, alongside a rotating mix of cartoons, player bios and other surprises. Some years have had additional photos on the back, some have stadiums and some are extremely drab.

But even the most boring Topps Baseball card backs have been the connection between the collector and the player's on-field achievements. Photos show a brief moment. Stats capture an entire season and more.

Here's a look at every Topps Baseball card back design from 1951 to 2011.

Topps Baseball Card Backs Through the Years

Wow your friends with these Topps Baseball card back stats and trivia:

  • Horizontal Design: 53
  • Vertical Design: 9 (includes both 1951 Red and Blue backs)
  • Years with Player Photographs: 16
  • Years with Comics/Cartoons: 25
  • Topps used full career stats for the first time in 1957.
  • 1967 and 1968 are the only years where vertical designs were used in consecutive years.
  • Although a popular feature on card fronts, facsimile signatures have only been used on Topps Baseball card backs twice (1953 and 1974).
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3312545936124040 1 Image
Topps 2007 MLB Hobby Box Series 2 Sealed
3710819694654040 1 Image
2013 Topps Update Series Jumbo Baseball Factory Sealed Hobby Box
2002541467124040 1 Image
2003 Topps T205 T 205 Series 1 baseball Hobby box
3903508654724040 1 Image
3908780973584040 1 Image
2012 Topps Baseball Series I Hobby 2 Box Lot
3208189186184040 1 Image
1114016915064040 1 Image
2004 Topps Baseball Factory Sealed Complete 732 Card Series 1&2 Hobby Box Set
1213800210724040 1 Image
2010 Topps Baseball Factory Sealed Complete 661 Card Series 1&2 Hobby Box Set
1114016966544040 1 Image
2005 Topps Baseball Factory Sealed Complete 733 Card Series 1&2 Hobby Box Set
1213800274204040 1 Image
2011 Topps Baseball Factory Sealed Complete 660 Card Series 1&2 Hobby Box Set
2906254523544040 1 Image
2001 Topps Archives Series 1 Baseball Hobby Box
1213800396014040 1 Image
1998 Topps Baseball Factory Sealed Complete 503 Card Series 1&2 Hobby Box Set
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