Unique Charles Barkley Sports Memorabilia Hits Auction Block for Charity

Unique Charles Barkley Sports Memorabilia Hits Auction Block for Charity

Charles Barkley, known for his all-star and hall-of-fame basketball career, is as equally infamous for his terrible golf game and even worse swing.

While participating in the Regions Tradition Pro-AM at Shoal Creek in Birmingham, AL (which is near his hometown of Leeds), Barkley was paired up with golf pro Fuzzy Zoeller. As he sized up the first hole of the tournament, "Chuck" took his usual stance in the tee box and prepared to hack at the golf ball in front of him. Instead of the typical song and dance where he lurches over and stops and starts several times while in mid-swing, the ball eventually shooting out in some unplanned direction, the head of his driver actually came off during the swing and flew into the fairway. On top of this unlikely occurrence, the driver head ended up going farther than his ball.

Zoeller couldn't help but poke fun of the former NBA superstar. He picked up the driver head in the fairway and asked Barkley, "Are you playing a black Nike?

A video captured of the whole debacle hit number one on ESPN's weekly "Not Top Ten" list. Barkley was good-natured about the whole experience, and decided to sign the driver head and allow it to be auctioned to benefit the victims of the recent tornado disaster in Alabama.

The driver head is currently for sale on ebay and the bidding is already up to $1,674. The auction is scheduled to close on May 13th. For more information check out the auction listing Image.

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Charles Barkley #51 Unique NBA Match Card
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1988-89 Fleer CHARLES BARKLEY NBA All Star Team Autographed Basketball Card
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1994-95 Embossed #74 Charles Barkley
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1994-95 SkyBox Premium #176 Charles Barkley PO
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1994-95 SkyBox Premium #302 Charles Barkley SSL
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1994-95 SkyBox Premium #128 Charles Barkley
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1994-95 Hoops #238 Charles Barkley AS

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