Ultra Pro Viewing Tray Guide

Ultra Pro Viewing Tray Guide



With the influx of high-end boxes, collectors may not always have the best home setup to open and protect these valuable cards before they can secure them in magnetic cases or toploaders. Collectors are faced with precarious shifting piles of cards, as well as mischievous children, pets, dust, dirt and liquids, among other things, and cards tend to be most vulnerable to these dangerous variables when they are first pulled. Ultra Pro may have solved that dilemma with their new Ultra Pro Viewing Tray.

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Intended to enhance the collecting experience while opening high-end and mid-level boxes, the rectangle tray is large enough to accommodate most card sizes, including booklets, and offers a safe and convenient container to temporarily house cards during a break. The interior of the tray is lined with a soft, velvet-like material to minimize the potential for scratches and protect the cards. The walls of the sturdy pressboard tray are raised so that it can be safely transported without the chance that cards could slide out.

In the most simple terms, the tray offers a clean and safe surface to rest your cards as you are actively opening packs. There is nothing worse than when you pull a nice card and then you have no place to put it down. Then, when the break is complete, you can easily move the cards to another location for proper storage.

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Some may wonder why the tray is almost entirely black. The black coloring is used to help better highlight the details of the cards held within. An Ultra Pro logo is set into the middle portion of the holding area and features silver foil to properly accent transparent cards like acetate or glass inserts.

Ultra Pro Viewing Tray side 260x221 ImageThe tray also features a kick stand, centered in the back of the tray, which allows collectors to display their hits like a photo frame. This can allow for a better angle for photographs and help prevent overhead glare.

The approximate measurements are as follows:

13-7/8" (Length) x  6-1/2" (Width) x 1-1/4" (Height)

13-1/4" (Length) x  5-7/8" (Width) x 1" (Height)

Due to the height of the tray, boxes with a large quantity of base cards would not be ideal. This product works best with the newer trend of products that feature only hits or limited base and insert cards.

The Ultra Pro Viewing Tray is not currently available at retail, but based on consumer interest, it could become part of the Ultra Pro lineup in the future. Pricing would be decided at that point. The limited promotional run will be available to dealers and box breakers through Ultra Pro distributors. View our complete guide to Ultra Pro supplies here.

The idea for the Viewing Tray came from Ultra Pro's visit to Japan. While visiting high-end shops run by their local distributor, Mint, Ultra Pro executives noticed that there was a unique setup for collectors to open their cards. In addition to a fully-stocked bar, customers can utilize custom trays provided by the shop as they open their boxes. For a glimpse at this concept, check out this short video of a shop in Tokyo. The card bar and trays can be seen at around the 0:50 mark.

What do you think about this product? Is it something you would use in your own personal box breaks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Japan is always at the cutting edge of products, what many fail to understand is the fact that these items come at an extravagant price point. If card shops prices in the USA mirrored Japan’s prices, then these shops will have to go into bankruptcy, as most players/collectors will not be able to keep pace as far as cost is concerned.

    With that being said, what an amazing presentation these card shops do in order to continue and have their clientele become repeat customers. Something shops here should focus on which is thinking out of the box with minimal cost.


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