Buying Trading Card Sleeves for Thick Cards

Buying Trading Card Sleeves for Thick Cards

VintageSLEEVES Image When it comes to the preservation of card condition, one of the greatest tool at a collector's disposal is the everyday sleeve. The top loader and magnet case are crucial when it comes to long term storage, but when ripping a box or on the run, the penny sleeve is the simplest and cheapest way to immediately preserve card condition.

Ideally, the goal is to only sleeve a card once, as "over-sleeving" can lead to needless corner and edge fatigue. This means it's important to have the right sleeve for the right card on hand when ripping a pack, box or case.

Sleeving regular sized cards (20-50 point thickness) is easy, it's finding the ideal sleeve for the modern memorabilia card that often presents a mystery....... that is until now - Hands down the best sleeves for relic cards are Ultra-Pro's Vintage Card Sleeves, which are over-sized, thick and provide premium protection for 90% of cards larger than a standard card.

What separates Ultra Pro's Vintage Sleeves from the no-name brand sleeves geared toward housing hits is that Ultra Pro's are thick and were created to keep the most delicate of over-sized vintage cards in tip top shape. In fact, they work so well that many times I don't even feel the need to use an additional top loader.

Ultra Pro Vintage Sleeves usually cost around $1.00 for a 50-pack, which makes it an extremely useful and cost effective way to preserve every thick card in your collection.

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Ultra Pro SFSLV Vintage Card Sleeves
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100 Ultra Pro Vintage Toploaders with Free Sleeves Free Shipping Top Loaders
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Ultra Pro Card Soft Sleeves Vintage 50 Pack Brand New
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100 ULTRA PRO TALL SOFT VINTAGE CARD Sleeves NEW 1 Pack Widevision Gameday 81194
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(50) Ultra Pro Vintage Size Card Sleeves For Older Topps and Bowman No PVC
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(50) Ultra Pro Vintage Card Sleeves Acid Free No PVC Great For 1952-1956 Topps

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