Buying Trading Card Sleeves for Thick Cards

Buying Trading Card Sleeves for Thick Cards

When it comes to the preservation of card condition, one of the greatest tool at a collector's disposal is the everyday sleeve. The top loader and magnet case are crucial when it comes to long term storage, but when ripping a box or on the run, the penny sleeve is the simplest and cheapest way to immediately preserve card condition.

Ideally, the goal is to only sleeve a card once, as "over-sleeving" can lead to needless corner and edge fatigue. This means it's important to have the right sleeve for the right card on hand when ripping a pack, box or case.

Sleeving regular sized cards (20-50 point thickness) is easy, it's finding the ideal sleeve for the modern memorabilia card that often presents a mystery....... that is until now - Hands down the best sleeves for relic cards are Ultra-Pro's Vintage Card Sleeves, which are over-sized, thick and provide premium protection for 90% of cards larger than a standard card.

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What separates Ultra Pro's Vintage Sleeves from the no-name brand sleeves geared toward housing hits is that Ultra Pro's are thick and were created to keep the most delicate of over-sized vintage cards in tip top shape. In fact, they work so well that many times I don't even feel the need to use an additional top loader.

Ultra Pro Vintage Sleeves usually cost around $1.00 for a 50-pack, which makes it an extremely useful and cost effective way to preserve every thick card in your collection.

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