Trading Card Sell Sheets of Yesteryear

Trading Card Sell Sheets of Yesteryear

For those unfamiliar with a "sales sheet" or "sell sheet", it a promotional flyer sent to dealers to generate excitement for an upcoming trading card product release.

Below are a series of sell sheets from years that aren't this year. Some feature sports, others feature movie/TV shows and the rest feature themes only the brother-in-law of the guy who created the product would somewhat consider ripping a box and/or case of.

The majority of these are "premium trading cards", so be prepared to see premium salesmanship as well, which means you'll need to resist the urge to rip in order to get through the article without spending several thousand dollars. The good news is that Cardboard Connection's favorite recovering rip-aholic Cornelius returns with the investment opportunity of a generation.SELLSHEETSofYESTERYEAR1 Image


*On a personal note, I did rip a half box of "Barbwire" cards in late middle school.

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3213126421494040 1 Image
1991 Baseball Bonanza! Topps Fleer Donruss Score Bowman UDeck Wax Boxes+ MORE!
1912694690154040 1 Image
Lot (5) Baseball Boxes - 1992 Score Pinnacle Series 1 & 2 and 1989 Donruss
1813989019464040 1 Image
Score 1991 Major League Baseball Cards 36 Count 15 Card Trivia Pack Brand New 1
1713181655134040 1 Image
Score 1991 Major League Baseball Cards 36 Count 15 Card Trivia Pack Brand New 2
2911992238904040 1 Image
1991 - Donruss Baseball - Series 1 - Factory Sealed Wax Box
1312542066624040 1 Image
NEW Donruss 1990 & 1991 Baseball Cards (36 packs in one box)
3312701676674040 1 Image
Four 1991 Donruss Baseball Sealed Wax Boxes-Two Each of Series 1 and 2-144 Packs
2813940052234040 1 Image
1991 BOWMAN WAX BOX 1990 DONRUSS BOX with extras 36 packs

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Brett is a former contributor to The Cardboard Connection.

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  1. Nice! I was worried when Cornelius canceled the Beber break.

  2. @Steve Hau: Yeah, he ended ripping the entire case of Beber blasters the night before the break

  3. Update: Cornelius has officially ripped the American Idol Season 6 Case. He’s claiming the case was damaged and therefore had to rip it, he also claims to have a second case on the way. I’ll keep you posted per usual Steve.

  4. Oh Pamela looked so great in her Barbwire outfit. Nothing to be ashamed of by ripping that.

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