Topps, Total Immersion Expand 3D Live to Football Cards

Topps, Total Immersion Expand 3D Live to Football Cards

Thanks to the magic of augmented reality technology, Topps and Total Immersion have had visitors to ToppsTown playing games with virtual baseball players all summer long. Now the two companies are allowing collectors to interact with NFL football players in much the same way.

Special code cards unlock the new game at ToppsTown ( Anyone with a webcam and an internet connection can use the codes to make it appear the pictured player comes to life and moves around in 3D.

Unlike the baseball version of 3D Live, which had several different games that could be played, the football edition is restricted to a passing game played with some of the NFL's top quarterbacks, including Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Ben Roethlisberger. The football game is a little more involved than the baseball games, as users attempt to complete passes to receivers and score touchdowns while avoiding virtual defenders.

"Marrying football with augmented reality was a natural after the game-changing success of Topps 3D Live baseball cards," Total Immersion CEO Bruno Uzzan said in a press release. "These cards put fans in the huddle with their favorite NFL quarterback, and demonstrate yet again how augmented reality gets the consumer in the game like nothing else. That's the kind of engagement that AR delivers consistently."

One code card is included in each pack of 2009 Topps Football cards, which are available now in stores everywhere.

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