Vintage Topps Hank Aaron Baseball Cards Showcase

Vintage Topps Hank Aaron Baseball Cards Showcase

Hank Aaron is one of baseball's most cherished icons. Although the record books say he's second on the all-time home run list, many still put him at the top, at least in their hearts. Vintage Topps Hank Aaron cards are one of the easiest ways to recreate the slugger's career. And outside of extremely high-grade copies and his 1954 Topps rookie card, building a full run isn't all that expensive.

A total of 59 Topps Hank Aaron cards were produced during his days as a player. At the same time, Aaron appeared on various inserts, premiums and oddball cards as well. However, it's the base Topps Hank Aaron cards that hold a special place in most vintage collections. While the number of vintage cards may seem like a lot, that's nothing when you include his modern cards that have come out primarily in the last 20 years. The number of total Hank Aaron cards now runs into the thousands. Now tracking down those vintage cards doesn't seem so daunting. That number drops significantly for those who focus strictly on Aaron's main player cards and leave out the subsets cards like League Leaders and All-Stars.

Below you can check out all the Topps Hank Aaron cards released between 1954 and 1973. We've limited it to just his main issue cards and left out the inserts, premiums and similar international issues like Venezuelan and O-Pee-Chee.

Topps Hank Aaron Cards: 1954-1973

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1954 Topps Hank Aaron RC #128

1954 Topps Hank Aaron RC

1955 Topps #47

1956 Topps #31

Vintage Hank Aaron cards - 1956 Topps Hank Aaron

1957 Topps #20

1958 Topps #30

1958 Topps #351 Braves' Fence Busters with Del Crandall, Eddie Mathews, Joe Adcock

1958 Topps #418 World Series Batting Foes with Mickey Mantle

1958 Topps #488 All-Star

1959 Topps #380

1959 Topps #212 Fence Busters with Eddie Mathews

1959 Topps #467 Baseball Thrills

1959 Topps #561 All-Star

1960 Topps #300

1960 Topps #566 All-Star

1961 Topps #415

1961 Topps #43 NL Home Run Leaders with Ernie Banks, Eddie Mathews, Ken Boyer

1961 Topps #484 MVP

1961 Topps #577 All-Star

1962 Topps Hank Aaron #320

1962 Topps #394 All-Star

1963 Topps #390

1963 Topps #1 NL Batting Leaders with Tommy Davis, Frank Robinson, Stan Musial, Bill White

1963 Topps #3 NL Home Run Leaders with Willie Mays, Frank Robinson, Ernie Banks, Orlando Cepeda

1963 Topps #242 Power Plus with Ernie Banks

1964 Topps #300

1964 Topps #7 NL Batting Leaders with Tommy Davis, Roberto Clemente, Dick Groat

1964 Topps #9 NL Home Run Leaders with Willie McCovey, Willie Mays, Orlando Cepeda

1964 Topps #11 NL RBI Leaders with Ken Boyer, Bill White

1964 Topps #423 Tops in the NL with Willie Mays

1965 Topps #170

1965 Topps #2 NL Batting Leaders with Roberto Clemente, Rico Carty

1966 Topps #500

1966 Topps #215 NL Batting Leaders with Roberto Clemente, Willie Mays

1967 Topps #250

1967 Topps #242 NL RBI Leaders with Roberto Clemente, Richie Allen

1967 Topps #244 NL Home Run Leaders with Richie Allen, Willie Mays

1968 Topps #110

1968 Topps #3 NL RBI Leaders with Orlando Cepeda, Roberto Clemente

1968 Topps #5 NL Home Run Leaders with Jim Wynn, Ron Santo, Willie McCovey

1968 Topps #370 All-Star

1969 Topps #100

1970 Topps #500

1970 Topps #65 NL Home Run Leaders with Willie McCovey, Lee May

1970 Topps #462 All-Star

1971 Topps #400

1972 Topps #299

1972 Topps #87 NL RBI Leaders with Joe Torre, Willie Stargell

1972 Topps #89 NL Home Run Leaders with Willie Stargell, Lee May

1972 Topps #300 In Action

1973 Topps #100

1973 Topps #1 All-Time Home Run Leaders with Babe Ruth, Willie Mays

1973 Topps #473 All-Time Total Base Leader

1974 Topps #1 New All-Time Home Run King

1974 Topps #2-6 Hank Aaron Special

1974 Topps #332 All-Star First Basemen with Dick Allen

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Near-Mint++ (oc) 1960 Hank Aaron Topps Baseball Card #300

1954 Topps HANK AARON RC #128 PSA 6 EXMT **stunning card for your set** D22

1968 Topps #3 NL RBI Leaders - Hank Aaron Orlando C EX MT G20787

1989 Topps Wrong Back #650 Kirby Puckett (Hank Aaron Back) Minnesota Twins 2e1

2015 Topps Triple Threads Amber #19 Hank Aaron 125 Atlanta Braves Card 4o3

1959 Topps #212 HANK AARON EDDIE MATHEWS PSA 9! CENTERED! Very Sharp! free ship

1965 Topps #2 HANK AARON CLEMENTE Ldrs PSA 9! CENTERED! two HOFers
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  2. This list is missing Hank Aaron’s one Bowman card (1955 Bowman #179), as well as his last 5 Topps cards: 1975 Topps #1 (Aaron sets homer mark), 1975 Topps #195 (1957 MVPs), 1975 Topps #660, 1976 Topps #1 (Most lifetime RBI), and 1976 Topps #550.

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