Top 10 Emmitt Smith Cards of All-Time

Top 10 Emmitt Smith Cards of All-Time

When it comes to NFL running backs, Emmitt Smith is obviously one of the best. Few can match his durability and production and even less players have enjoyed his team success with the Dallas Cowboys. Many years removed from his playing days, Emmitt Smith cards and autographs still hold a special place for collectors.

The NFL’s all-time rushing leader had the misfortune of making his cardboard debut in the early-90’s, but that does not mean that valuable cards don’t exist from throughout his career. The following list looks at ten of the top Emmitt Smith cards available today.

For a complete guide to his rookie cards, view our Emmitt Smith profile.

Top 10 Emmitt Smith Cards

1990 Score Supplemental Emmitt Smith RC #101T

It should come as no surprise that 1990 Score Supplement kicks off the list. As the top Emmitt Smith rookie card, it maintains solid values despite the higher production runs of this period.

1991 Pro Set Platinum Emmitt Smith Platinum #/650

Pro Set is not normally associated with high values, but they achieved that with a relatively rare Platinum insert. These Emmitt Smith cards are hand numbered to 650 and are actually made with 1.28 grams of real platinum. Although they were found in Series 2 boxes, don't expect to pull them as they were inserted as redemptions cards that have long expired.

1991 Wild Card Stripes Emmitt Smith #46

1991 Wild Card was monumental for the hobby with their introduction of popular parallels. The Stripe parallel cards featured various denominations from five to 1,000, and could be redeemed for the number of base cards referenced. The higher the number, the rarer the card, which makes for an interesting option for Emmitt Smith collectors to try and track down all six versions, plus the base.

1991 Star Pics Autographs Emmitt Smith

Although the Brett Favre first-year card might get more recognition in 1991 Star Pics, this autographed card from Emmitt Smith was the first signed option available to collectors. The card design itself did not look great at release, and time has not helped that, but the back holds the true significance with an on-card Emmitt Smith signature. Also, the release is plagued by counterfeit issues, so unless you are very knowledgeable on Smith's signature, stick with versions that are authenticated by a reputable company.

1997 Pinnacle Inscriptions Autographs #/220

Pinnacle was known for their innovative designs and the on-card Inscriptions autographs are a great example of that. Hand-numbered to 220, these cards still surface from time to time.

1999 Donruss Elite Passing the Torch Autographs Emmitt Smith #/1,500

Although they are numbered to 1,500, only the first 100  cards are signed. Emmitt Smith has two different autographed cards, including a dual signed card with Fred Taylor and a card signed only by him. The card shown below is from the dual signed card.

1999 SP Signature Edition Emmitt Smith #ES

SP Signature Edition brought collectors an autograph in each pack and this on-card autograph from Emmitt Smith remains very valuable. The rare Gold parallel is shown below. The subtle gold foil is the only noticeable difference and both versions command strong prices.

2000 Quantum Leaf All-Millennium Team Autographs Emmitt Smith #ES #/100

A die-cut design and eye-catching look are enough to make a card special, but the on-card autograph and limited print run makes this a top Emmitt Smith card.

2009 Exquisite Collection Autobiography Emmitt Smith #AB-ES Autographed Jersey #/25

While Exquisite Collection started in basketball, it also made its way to other main sports. The premium product includes plenty of football options, but the Autobiography booklet card stands out with the triple jersey relics and on-card signature.

2012 Topps Five Star Quotable Signatures Emmitt Smith #FSQS-ES #/10

Five Star is another premium football product and in case you somehow forgot Smith's NFL relevance, the card features an inscription that reads," Rushing Champion." This Quotable Signatures card is limited to only ten cards.

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2003 Emmitt Smith Jersey Patch of Honor #ED

1995 Zenith Z1 Emmitt Smith PSA 10 Gem Mint Cowboys

2000 SP Authentic 22 Emmitt Smith PSA 9 Mint Cowboys

1994 Momentum Tandems Reunion Emmitt Smith and Jeff George

1996 Select Artists Proof Emmitt Smith #187

1993 UD Pro Bowl #PB15 Emmitt Smith PSA 10 *SRC

1996 Zenith Z-Team Promo #4 Emmitt Smith PSA 10

2000 Collectors Edge Masters HoloSilver #51 Emmitt Smith PSA 10

1998 Leaf RC's & Stars Touchdown Club #3 Emmitt Smith PSA 10
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