Top 10 Blake Griffin Rookie Cards

Top 10 Blake Griffin Rookie Cards

Blake Griffin is an advertiser's dream. He combines a freakish athletic ability with a charismatic personality and tops that off by playing in a huge market as a member of the Los Angeles Clippers. Although his high-flying act immediately caught the attention of fans, Griffin developed a reputation as a one-trick pony. However, after several years in the league, his game is evolving and Blake Griffin rookie cards are once again primed for a big boost.

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The Clippers have long toiled in the NBA doghouse, but they are no longer just the "other" team in Los Angeles, as Griffin, Chris Paul and Doc Rivers have the team pushing for an NBA title. The team will need a dominant postseason from Blake Griffin in order to stake their claim as the best of the NBA. If he can take the team and his game to the next level, Blake Griffin cards will approach an elite group in the collecting world.

With nearly 30 total rookie cards, Blake Griffin collectors have plenty of options. The list below features ten of the best Blake Griffin cards, going from the low-end all the way to the ultra premium price range. View a complete checklist for all Blake Griffin rookie cards here.

Top 10 Blake Griffin Rookie Cards

10. 2009-10 Upper Deck Blake Griffin RC #226 SP

If you are looking for a nice and inexpensive rookie for Blake Griffin, look no further than his base card in 2009-10 Upper Deck. The card captures the moment just before one of his trademark dunks. Some collectors may not care for the college image, but the value is slightly boosted by tougher short print odds. The First Edition card looks very similar but is number 177.

2009 10 Upper Deck Blake Griffin RC 226 SP 213x300 Image

9. 2009-10 SP Game Used Blake Griffin RC #103 #/399

It may not convey the high-end nature of the product, but this numbered rookie card from SP Game Used is one of the top base Blake Griffin rookie cards available.  A print run of 399 keeps it relatively rare, but not so much that it is impossible to find.

2009 10 SP Game Used Blake Griffin RC 103 399 212x300 Image

8. 2009-10 Topps Chrome Blake Griffin RC #96 #/999

Looking at the card, it is does not jump out as a licensed card, but despite the airbrushed jersey, this is a very popular Blake Griffin rookie card. Issued as inserts in the base 2009-10 Topps product, each Chrome card is numbered to 999.  Refractor (#/500) and Gold Refractor (#/50) parallels command the highest values.

2009 10 Topps Chrome Blake Griffin RC 96 999 213x300 Image

7. 2009-10 Panini Court Kings Blake Griffin RC #101 Autograph #/649

With the highest print run of any autographed Blake Griffin rookie card, Panini Court Kings also offers a unique art-like look. The sticker is not ideal, but is relatively subtle, and the card is among the most inexpensive signed rookie cards for Blake Griffin.

2009 10 Panini Court Kings Blake Griffin RC 101 Autograph 649 213x300 Image

6. 2009-10 Panini Absolute Memorabilia Blake Griffin RC #172 Autographed Jersey/Ball #/499

Despite including a sticker autograph, Absolute Memorabilia also features a trio of relics. Aesthetically, the card feels cluttered, but this has not deterred collectors.

2009 10 Panini Absolute Memorabilia Blake Griffin RC 172 Autographed JerseyBall 213x300 Image

5. 2009-10 Panini Classics Blake Griffin RC #161 Autograph #/499

The first of  several on-card signatures, Classics achieves, well, a classic result, with a simple layout and solid design. This Blake Griffin rookie card also brings collectors one of the most dynamic action images.

2009 10 Panini Classics Blake Griffin RC 161 Autograph 499 212x300 Image

4. 2009-10 Panini Playoff Contenders Blake Griffin RC #101 Autograph SP

The horizontal layout of Blake Griffin's Contenders rookie card immediately helps separate it from the group. The oversized on-card autograph gives it a nice boost and although the card is not numbered, it was revealed to be a short print, limited to 649 or less.

2009 10 Panini Playoff Contenders Blake Griffin RC 101 Autograph SP Image

3. 2009-10 Panini Crown Royale Blake Griffin RC #108 Autograph #/399

While it is certainly not the most valuable Blake Griffin rookie card, his Crown Royale rookie might be the most eye-catching. Gold foil, die-cut crown and a checkered background all come together with an on-card signature to make this bold card.

2009 10 Panini Crown Royale Blake Griffin RC 108 Autograph 399 212x300 Image

2. 2009-10 UD Exquisite Collection Blake Griffin RC #43 #/225

As a Panini exclusive, Blake Griffin could not sign his Exquisite Collection rookie cards. Despite this, his rare rookie still produces big sales and is the clear number two choice for Blake Griffin collectors.

2009 10 UD Exquisite Collection Blake Griffin RC 43 225 212x300 Image

1. 2009-10 Panini Playoff National Treasures Blake Griffin RC #201 Autographed Patch #/99

Few brands can even come close to touching the values of National Treasures. During his ROY season in 2010-11, Griffin's National Treasures cards went crazy. If Blake Griffin can turn his regular season success into postseason glory, the sky is the limit.

2009 10 Panini Playoff National Treasures Blake Griffin RC 201 Autographed Patch 99 Image

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2013 Panini Black Friday #14 Blake Griffin BGS 9.0 Mint
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Panini 2013-14 Prizm Gold Prizms #112 Clippers Blake Griffin 09 10
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Blake Griffin 2012 NBA Hoops Black Friday Proof #3 5
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