Upper Deck Exquisite Basketball: Top 50 Hottest Singles

Upper Deck Exquisite Basketball: Top 50 Hottest Singles

When it debuted in 2003-04, Upper Deck Exquisite was the benchmark by which high-end sports cards were set. While the ante has been upped in recent years, the brand still commands a lot of respect within the hobby. Upper Deck continues to use it to showcase a steady flow of big-name signatures, innovative designs that show a lot of creativity. with the recent additions to the brand, 2012-13 Upper Deck Exquisite Basketball and 2013-14 Upper Deck Exquisite Basketball continues with that tradition focusing largely on past stars with a sprinkling of young players.

Much of the Upper Deck Exquisite Basketball's buzz surrounds the plethora of great high end basketball rookie cards and the constant evolution of great autograph insert sets. Another very intriguing addition to the brand in the last several years has been the inclusion of autographed game used shoe relics, multi-panel 16-signature cards and much more. But the exclusive LeBron James and Michael Jordan autographs tend to still be the most popular, with high profile rookie cards also making waves.

Like a lot of Upper Deck's recent hoops products, Michael Jordan autographs are surprisingly plentiful. Of course, this is all relative given the set's limited production run and hefty price tag. He is featured throughout the set, often with higher print runs than a lot of other players. However this does little to curb the value of his cards because of the extremely hot world wide appeal for Michael Jordan cards.

Below is a real-time look at the most watched single-card auctions currently listed on eBay. It updates automatically so be sure to check back if you're tracking certain cards or you just want to see what's surfacing.

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