Get These 5 Thomas Vanek Rookie Cards Now!

Get These 5 Thomas Vanek Rookie Cards Now!

Although he's been one of the offensive keys for the Buffalo Sabres for years, Thomas Vanek has largely escaped the hobby spotlight. But with a torrid start to the shortened 2012-13 NHL season, that's changing fast. Collectors are finally starting to catch on to the left winger's scoring touch and prices are on an upward trajectory. That said, Thomas Vanek rookie cards aren't soaring just yet. So now might be a good time to jump in.

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Vanek kicked off 2012-13 by notching eight goals and 11 assists in his first eight games. It's still early, but the Austrian also has a history of putting the puck in the back of the net. He already has four 30-goal seasons, two of which he passed the 40-goal mark. Vanek's best season so far was 2006-07 where he had 43 goals, 84 points and a league leading plus-minus of +47.

Thomas Vanek rookie cards are found in 2005-06 products. He's the latest to emerge from a loaded rookie card class that is headlined by two of hockey's biggest names, Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin. As a result, the unopened wax that remains is, for the most part, on the pricey side. That said, singles are also widely available as so much of it has been ripped. With Vanek still somewhat of a dark horse alongside established superstars, this can mean bargains can still be found.

The combination of a proven record and the fact that his first cards are in some very popular sets should minimize the little risk that Thomas Vanek rookie cards currently carry.

Top 5 Thomas Vanek Rookie Cards

5. 2005-06 SPx Thomas Vanek RC #177 Autographed Jersey #/1499

One of just three Thomas Vanek rookie cards to come with both an autograph and jersey swatch, 2005-06 SPx remains somewhat available because of its print run. The R-shaped window of the swatch takes up a lot of the card's real estate, somewhat overpowering the photo. For completists, the jersey swatch can be found in several different colors.

2005 06 SPx Thomas Vanek RC 260x182 Image

4. 2005-06 Upper Deck Thomas Vanek RC #457

Upper Deck Young Guns -- not much else needs to be said. Readily available but highly coveted, these are the most collected rookie cards in hockey. This may not be the most valuable Thomas Vanek rookie, but prices are strong considering its driven largely by brand loyalty.

2005 06 Upper Deck Thomas Vanek RC 215x300 Image

3. 2005-06 SP Authentic Thomas Vanek RC #139 Autograph #/999

Another benefactor of a strong hobby following is the 2005-06 SP Authentic Thomas Vanek. Although it's numbered to 999, the card still commands strongest prices compared to other autographs from the winger. The fact that it's signed on-card is also a plus.

2005 06 SP Authentic Thomas Vanek RC 213x300 Image

2. 2005-06 Upper Deck Ice Thomas Vanek RC #102 #/99

The big selling point of the 2005-06 Upper Deck Ice Thomas Vanek is the print run. Limited to just 99 copies, it's his rarest rookie card. It's also notable for its acetate card stock, which gives a unique look and feel when paired alongside other cards. Because it's so tough to find, prices are somewhat comparable to The Cup, despite not having an autograph.

2005 06 Upper Deck Ice Thomas Vanek RC 213x300 Image

1. 2005-06 Upper Deck The Cup Thomas Vanek RC #175 Autographed Patch #/199

2005-06 Upper Deck The Cup was a landmark release that continues to resonate today. While the Crosby and Ovechkin rookies continue to garner most of the attention, they're so expensive that most collectors can't even consider them. While not a cheap card by any means, the 2005-06 Upper Deck The Cup Thomas Vanek rookie card is still a bargain when compared to his pricey peers.

2005 06 Upper Deck The Cup Thomas Vanek RC 214x300 Image

ebaysmalllogo Image
1513882609004040 1 Image
05 06 Upperdeck The Cup Thomas Vanek 4clr patch BGS 9 Raw Grade
1605901252244040 1 Image
2005-06 Upper Deck Thomas Vanek CC-4 rookie class card
3803408720874040 1 Image
2005-06 Upper Deck Thomas Vanek CC-4 rookie class cards
1409143289124040 1 Image
05-06 The Cup Thomas Vanek Auto Sick (4 clr) Jersey Patch Rookie Card RC 196 199
3607577316744040 1 Image
2005-06 Upper Deck #457 Thomas Vanek YG RC Sabres B65028
3607577323384040 1 Image
2005-06 Upper Deck Power Play #144 Thomas Vanek RC Sabres B65036
3705433722734040 1 Image
★★(6) 2005-06 UD MVP THOMAS VANEK RC Lot Buffalo Sabres
1612153949914040 1 Image
05-06 UD ROOKIE Update RC AUTO Thomas Vanek IGINLA 499
1713477528924040 1 Image
2005-06 Upper Deck MVP Hockey Card #422 Thomas Vanek RC Buffalo Sabres
3606115978414040 1 Image
05-06 UD Ultimate Thomas Vanek Auto Signatures Upper Deck
3311212217154040 1 Image
THOMAS VANEK 2005-06 Upper Deck Stars In The Making #SM5 Sabres Rookie 05-06
2006426399204040 1 Image
4007625740674040 1 Image
2715857689264040 1 Image
3907894423794040 1 Image
2005 06 Young Guns Rookie Card #457 Thomas Vanek FREE SHIPPING
2516271048054040 1 Image
2005 06 Upper Deck Thomas Vanek Auto Rookie Ultimate Signatures
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