Top 5 Michael Jordan Baseball Cards

Top 5 Michael Jordan Baseball Cards

Michael Jordan cards are a regular topic in collecting circles. And rightly so. He transcends the hobby. This conversation normally revolves around his legendary basketball career, but another interesting aspect deals with Michael Jordan baseball cards. While he saw limited success during his short minor league stint with the Chicago White Sox organization, Michael Jordan cards will always be a strong draw. In most instances, anything associated with him will normally be a popular collectible. Michael Jordan baseball cards are no different.

The sports and collecting world released a collective gasp when news broke that Michael Jordan would be retiring from basketball to pursue a career in professional baseball. Jordan was coming off of his third straight NBA Championship and there was no reason to believe that he would not lead the Chicago Bulls to four in a row and possibly more. Prompted by the tragic death of his farther and and dogged with persistent rumors regarding his gambling, Jordan took a break from the hardcourt to make a go at the game his father loved.

He joined the Chicago White Sox for spring training in 1994 but spent most of his pro career as a member of the double-A Birmingham Barons. In the end, Jordan was away from basketball for less than two years. While his relatively unsuccessful baseball career could be viewed as the intermission for his illustrious career, Michael Jordan showed he was prepared to face any challenge and both sports benefited from the experience.

Michael Jordan baseball cards will never approach the value or following of his basketball cards, but they give collectors a different avenue to take for collecting. Also, Michael Jordan baseball cards provide collectors with an opportunity to own a true Michael Jordan rookie card for a very reasonable price and a fun way to diversify their collections.

Top Michael Jordan Baseball Cards

1991 Upper Deck Michael Jordan #SP1

Although this was several years before Michael Jordan shocked the world by leaving basketball for baseball, this card provided a nice chase for collectors. While it should not be considered a rookie, this card gave everyone a glimpse into the future, despite how absurd it seemed at the time.

1991 Upper Deck Michael Jordan 213x300 Image

1994 Collector's Choice Michael Jordan RC #661

Many people would argue against the inclusion of a Collector's Choice card in almost any top card list, but it is here for several reasons. First, it's a Michael Jordan rookie card that can be found in the dollar bin. Second, it features a nice image of Michael Jordan that ties his two sports together. Lastly, it shows a goofier side of a player known for his incredible intensity and competitiveness. Parallels feature gold and silver facsimile signatures.

1994 Collectors Choice Michael Jordan 209x300 Image

1994 SP Holoview FX Michael Jordan #16

This popular Michael Jordan baseball card falls about 1:190 packs. The action shot shows Michael Jordan chasing down a baseball while patrolling the outfield. A rare red die-cut parallel commands strong values based on the odds of 1:2,850 packs. Both versions feature a 3D hologram technology on the front.

1994 SP Holoview Michael Jordan 216x300 Image

1994 Upper Deck Michael Jordan RC #19

Another Michael Jordan baseball card that features an outfield action shot, the 1994 Upper Deck rookie card showcases a slightly more intense Jordan tracking an outfield hit. This card can be had for just a few dollars and even high graded versions won't set you back much. There is also an Electric Diamond parallel, which is fairly easy to find.

1994 Upper Deck Michael Jordan 213x300 Image

1995 SP Top Prospects Autographs Michael Jordan SP #14

Easily the rarest baseball card on the list, this autographed card features a smiling Michael Jordan likely warming up before a game. This on-card autograph holds the distinction of being the very first pack-pulled certified Michael Jordan signature. Although on-card autos averaged 1 per box in 1995 SP Top Prospects, this die-cut short print card has a stated print run of just 23 copies. A BGS 9.5 version sold in October, 2011 for more than $14,000.

1995 SP Top Prospects Autograph Michael Jordan 209x300 Image

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Michael Air Jordan Custom Baseball Rookie Art Card Chicago White Sox
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1990 Baseball Card Monthly SCD 51 Michael Jordan Rare MINT Short Print Baseball
1614874923054040 1 Image
uncut sheet 1990 Star baseball Basketball card Error Michael Jordan Ken Griffey
2517215663434040 1 Image
1514795509074040 1 Image
1994 Upper Deck Michael Jordan #19 Baseball Card
2313959524564040 1 Image
Michael Jordan Baseball Cards SALE LOT OF 9 w silver No Dups Ship Anywhere
3013932054924040 1 Image
1994 Upper Deck MICHAEL JORDAN American Epic Ken Burns Baseball Insert Card
1815878789354040 1 Image
1994 Upper Deck Michael Jordan #19 Baseball Card
3611184411654040 1 Image
1994 Upper Deck Diamond Collection Michael Jordan Baseball Rookie
3810527249314040 1 Image
1991 Upper Deck Michael Jordan Baseball Insert White Sox
1715464541204040 1 Image
2008591099154040 1 Image
3215858163024040 1 Image
2517253461414040 1 Image
1991 Upper Deck Michael Jordan Baseball Card #SP1
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  1. I have a Michael Jordan tribute set / upper deck / embossed metal collector cards / the tin it came in has a pic of him in a barens #45 shirt / the first card has a pic of him and says Jordan starting out / then Jordan fielding / Jordan base running / Jordon hitting / Jordan west to Arizona . any ideas what they would be worth or what to do with them. thank you

  2. I have got a Michael Jordan White Sox card looks like it’s from 1990I don’t know who made it but I can’t find it anywhere on the site. does that mean that it’s priceless or is it worthless. is there was someway to send a picture of it it’s in mint condition says White Sox across the top White lettering on black border. Michael Jordan black lettering on the yellow border on the bottom. He is red shirt white lettering says Red Sox swinging the bat has blue under armor on. Cf White lettering can corner white circle around

  3. Steve tassin ยป Sounds like an unlicensed card. The only MJ baseball card from that point was the 1991 Upper Deck.

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