Top 10 Kevin Durant Rookie Cards

Top 10 Kevin Durant Rookie Cards

Kevin Durant is one of the hobby's most popular players. Even still, he is poised to take his rookie card values to new heights. Ever since his early days in Seattle, Kevin Durant rookie cards have been heavily collected. The face of both the Seattle SuperSonics and Oklahoma City Thunder, Durant saw several losing seasons as he gained experience and a viable team was built around him. Now that he is surrounded by All-Star talent, like Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant and the Thunder are ready to compete with the other top teams for the NBA Championship. While LeBron James is the current king of the NBA, an OKC title run led by Kevin Durant would push him closer to the top.

Kevin Durant is currently one of several top NBA players that are exclusive to Panini. But during his rookie season, this was not the case. Therefore, there are many Kevin Durant rookie cards across several brands and price ranges for collectors to pursue.

The following ten Kevin Durant rookie cards include some of the best options available. Regardless of budget or preference, collectors should be able to find several Kevin Durant rookie cards that would fit nicely in their collections.

Top Kevin Durant Rookie Cards

10. 2007-08 Upper Deck Kevin Durant RC #234

This Kevin Durant rookie card from Upper Deck is a popular low-end option for collectors. Featuring a draft day image of Kevin Durant, the appealing layout is hurt by the cluttered text at the bottom of the card. Several of the high-profile players, including Kevin Durant, were included in the base product as short prints. This relative rarity helps keep the values a shade higher.

2007 08 Upper Deck Kevin Durant RC 210x300 Image

9. 2007-08 Finest Kevin Durant RC #71

When it comes to Finest basketball, there is rarely anything subtle about design. This tradition continues with 2007-08 Finest Basketball. If the bright red prominently featured in the base card does not suit your tastes, several Refractor parallels are available. These include base Refractors (1:5 packs), Silver (#/319) Blue (#/199), Green (#/149), Black (#/75), Gold (#/25) and X-Fractors (#/15).

2007 08 Finest Kevin Durant RC 210x300 Image

8. 2007-08 Bowman Chrome Kevin Durant RC #111 #/2999

Despite a higher print run, Kevin Durant's Bowman Chrome rookie remains a solid option for collectors. The Chrome name always carries credibility in the hobby and collectors seem to enjoy shiny items. I could personally do without  the draft board image that is used as the background for the card. Bowman Chrome also features several parallels that remain popular. These include Refractors (#/299), Black Refractors (#/199), Gold Refractors (#/99), X-Fractors (#/50).

2007 08 Bowman Chrome Kevin Durant Image

7. 2007-08 Topps Chrome Kevin Durant RC #131

Like Finest and Bowman Chrome, Topps Chrome is another mid-end product with strong parallel options. Featuring the simplest design on the list, Kevin Durant's Topps Chrome rookie includes a large action photo and a foil border. Parallels include Refractors (#/1499), Orange Refractors (#/199), White Refractors (#/99), and X-Fractors (#/50).

2007 08 Topps Chrome Kevin Durant RC 213x300 Image

6. 2007-08 SPx Kevin Durant RC #101 Autographed Jersey #/299

There is a lot happening on this card. Heavy foil and dark images combine to form a Kevin Durant rookie card that you either love or hate. A small X-shaped jersey piece adds a little extra but the sticker autograph is a disappointing addition. It also appears that he signed the sticker using a regular Sharpie, which just does not look as good on such a small canvas.

2007 08 SPx Kevin Durant RC 260x185 Image

5. 2007-08 Chronology Kevin Durant RC #215 Autograph #/99

Serial numbered to 99, Chronology features a full action image inside of a black frame border. This great looking card is further enhanced by an on-card silver ink autograph. Several signed Kevin Durant cards populate the checklist, including #104 (#/25), #135 (#/99), and #159 (#/99), but #215 is generally considered his official rookie.

2007 08 Chronology Kevin Durant RC 215 Autograph  212x300 Image

4. 2007-08 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Kevin Durant RC #115 Autograph #/150

2007-08 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection is another good value option for collectors who are looking for a low-numbered card with an on-card autograph. Gold (#/50) and Foil (#/10) parallels give collectors something else to chase.

2007 08 Ultimate Collection Kevin Durant RC 260x185 Image

3. 2007-08 SP Authentic Kevin Durant RC #152 Autographed Patch #/299

The SP Authentic Kevin Durant rookie card is arguably the best value on the list. With an on-card autograph, jersey piece and appealing design, the card has everything collectors want in a rookie card. A print run of 299 copies helps keep values from running wild.

2007 08 SP Authentic Kevin Durant Image

2. 2007-08 UD Black Kevin Durant RC #106 Autographed Jersey #/99

Based on sheer jersey size, UD Black is the top option. The large jersey swatch uses die-cut numbers to spell out 2007. UD Black takes it a step further by using gold ink for the on-card autograph. These rare Kevin Durant rookie cards are limited to only 99 copies.

2007 08 UD Black Kevin Durant Image

1. 2007-08 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection Kevin Durant RC #94 Autographed Jersey #/99

Last, but certainly not least, the 2007-08 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection Kevin Durant rookie card is the top option for many collectors. The brand recognition combined with an on-card autograph, patch piece and low print run leave all other Kevin Durant rookie cards fighting for second place.

2007 08 Exquisite Kevin Durant RC 260x183 Image

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Kevin Durant GRADED ROOKIE! Gem Mint 10! 2007 08 Topps insert #2 White Border -1
1815623803664040 1 Image
1210739890354040 1 Image
2007-2008 SP Rookie Edition KEVIN DURANT 1996-97 Variation Rookie Card #106
1210739908774040 1 Image
2007-2008 SP Authentic KEVIN DURANT Authentic Profiles #AP-13
1210739919734040 1 Image
2007-2008 Topps KEVIN DURANT Rookie Card #112
2616283968824040 1 Image
Pristine 10 KEVIN DURANT 2007-08 SI for KIDS #147 GEM Graded TEXAS NCAA ROOKIE
1514461889474040 1 Image
2007 Sp Rookie Threads Triple Kevin Durant Rookie , Jeff Green, Julian Wright.
2313397649794040 1 Image
2007-08 Fleer Hot Prospects KEVIN DURANT #286 399 RC AUTO 2-COLOR PATCH
3013537170364040 1 Image
2007 Topps letterman kevin durant refractor 50 99 AWESOME
3909506727674040 1 Image
Kevin Durant 2007-08 Fleer Basketball Card #212 Rookie TJ1
3909162001714040 1 Image
07-08 Fleer Glossy Kevin Durant rc rookie #212 *38649
2814467279354040 1 Image
2007 08 Upper Deck Black Rookie Auto Autograph 4x Relic Kevin Durant 76 99 RARE
3610835638804040 1 Image
2007-08 Upper Deck Star Rookies Kevin Durant Rookie Thunder Electric Court
2616270131244040 1 Image
Kevin Durant 2007-08 Fleer Hot Prospects Rookie Insert #NN-1 OKC Thunder
1214626296994040 1 Image
Kevin Durant 2007 Topps Finest Rookie
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