Top 10 Dwyane Wade Autograph Cards

Top 10 Dwyane Wade Autograph Cards

Outside of the truly elite players like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, few current basketball collectibles garner as much interest as Dwyane Wade autograph cards. Wade has long been a collector favorite based on his abilities, personality and winning ways. Injuries and diminished production had many questioning if his best days were behind him, but Wade has come back with a vengeance and the Miami Heat looked primed for another NBA Championship.

Dwyane Wade autograph cards used to be a very common occurrence in the hobby. Wade's rookie year, 2003-04, features one of the largest basketball autograph card totals for any season and hundreds more autographs have been released since then. Based on his strong following, Topps signed Wade to a multi-year exclusive deal in 2005.  After the 2009-10 season, Topps lost their NBA license. Since Topps still retained their exclusive with Wade, no new autographs were produced for several years. Panini currently holds the sole NBA license among card companies and fans have long been clamoring for new Dwyane Wade autograph cards. This all changed in 2013, when it was announced that Dwyane Wade autograph cards would be appearing in Panini products.

The following ten cards represent some of the best Dwyane Wade autograph cards. While several of the cards are definitely high-end, the purpose of this list is to offer Dwayne Wade autograph card collectors of all budgets the best options for adding to their collection.

Top Dwyane Wade Autograph Cards

2012-13 Elite Turn of the Century Autographs Dwyane Wade #3 #/49

This card is the very first of the Dwyane Wade autograph cards from Panini. Although it features a sticker autograph, the die-cut card is numbered to just 49 and has been selling for over $160.

2012 13 Elite Turn of the Century Autographs Dwyane Wade 211x300 Image

2009-10 Bowman 48 Autographs Dwyane Wade #48ADW

On the other side of the spectrum, this card is one of the very last offerings from Topps. Dominated by a blue background, Dwyane Wade's 2009-10 Bowman 48 autograph card is one of the most plentiful and low-cost options for collectors. Ungraded copies regularly sell for less than $40.

2009 10 Bowman 48 Autographs Dwyane Wade 212x300 Image

2008-09 Topps Signature Autographs Dwyane Wade #TSADWA #/649

Another low-cost option for collectors, Topps Signature was a product that boasted eight autographs per box and one autograph per pack. Numbered to 649, this commonly found card is the cheapest certified Dwyane Wade autograph card available.

2008 09 Topps Signature Autographs Dwyane Wade 212x300 Image

2008-09 Finest Redemption Autographs Dwyane Wade #DW

At first glance, this seems like a rather unremarkable autograph card. However, collectors from this time period will know that 2008-09 Finest Basketball was a product that never actually existed. The last full release of Finest basketball came in 2007-08. This card was a special customer service replacement redemption that came directly from Topps. While the print run is unknown, it could be very high as the result of a possible sticker dump by Topps. Regardless, this unique card can normally be found for under $40.

2008 09 Finest Redemption Autographs Dwyane Wade Image

2003-04 Bowman Chrome Dwyane Wade RC #/250

Just like his base Bowman rookie card, Dwyane Wade's 2003-04 Bowman Chrome rookie is not going to win any design awards. However, an on-card signature, as well as a low print run and several refactor parallels, keep it popular with collectors.

2003 04 Bowman Chrome Dwyane Wade Image

2003-04 Finest Dwyane Wade RC #158 #/999

Easily one of the loudest Dwyane Wade autograph cards in existence, 2003-04 Finest features a very colorful card. Despite another sticker autograph and a higher print run, these cards and their refractor parallels remain popular with collectors.

2003 04 Finest Dwyane Wade Autograph RC 207x300 Image

2003-04 SP Authentic Dwyane Wade RC #152 #/500

While the bronze pyramid background does overshadow the rest of the design, this card receives strong interest based on the on-card autograph and mid-level print run. A "Limited" parallel, numbered #/50, also generates a lot of interest.

2003 04 SP Authentic Autograph RC Dwyane Wade 212x300 Image

2003-04 Topps Rookie Photo Shoot Autographs Dwyane Wade RC #TADW2

Dwyane Wade's 2003-04 Topps Rookie Photo Shoot autograph card has become highly sought after over the years. While the card it not a true rookie, the simple design, on-card autograph and rarity keep its value squarely in the four figure range. With a stated print run of only 56, these cards do not pop up often.

2003 04 Topps Rookie Photo Shoot Dwyane Wade Image

2003-04 Ultimate Collection Dwyane Wade RC #131 #/250

Ultimate Collection nailed the rookie card autograph design in 2003-04. Understated elegance makes this one of the best looking cards on the list, while low numbering and an on-card autograph further enhance this awesome Dwyane Wade autograph card.

2003 04 Ultimate Collection Dwyane Wade Image

2003-04 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection Dwyane Wade  RC #74 Autographed Patch #/99

Like almost any rookie from this iconic product, Dwyane Wade's 2003-04 Exquisite rookie card will always be the top option for collectors who can stomach the cost. The combination of a very limited print run, on-card autograph, jersey piece, and the Exquisite name, sets this card apart from all the other Dwyane Wade autograph cards.

2003 04 Upper Deck Exquisite Dwyane Wade 216x300 Image

ebaysmalllogo Image
2214993038714040 1 Image
Kobe Bryant Dwyane Wade Legends Rookie Impressions BGS 10 Auto 10
2515715673924040 1 Image
Dwyane Wade Authentic Autograph Buzzer Beaters Limited Print # 299 Ungraded
3214643684014040 1 Image
Dwyane Wade 06 Topps 3 Color AUTO PATCH SSP #1 5 1 1 SUPER RARE! ONLY 1 ON EBAY
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Dwyane Wade Lot Over 225+ Cards. Auto's, Rookies, BGS 9.5, & More!
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07 08 Topps Trademark Moves Dwyane Wade Red Auto Autograph # 10 Heat
2615381067974040 1 Image
Dwyane Wade Chris Paul Derrick Rose Autograph Topps Signature 2009 2 9 Very Rare
1410780641694040 1 Image
2006-07 Topps Final Score JSY AUTO #DW Dwyane Wade 163 199 Heat B64668
1413506528174040 1 Image
Dwyane Wade 2003-04 UD Legends On Card Rookie RC Autograph Auto Miami Heat
1114138285944040 1 Image
1312474569404040 1 Image
1613725229294040 1 Image
Dwyane Wade 2012-13 Panini Momentum Auto # 04 35
2515724618144040 1 Image
2003-04 SP Authentic SP Signatures #DYA Dwyane Wade BGS 9.5 Autograph 10
2813906667324040 1 Image
1908503178264040 1 Image
2003 Dwyane Wade Lamar Odom SP Authentic Dual Auto RC PSA 10 Rookie BIN STEAL!
2811603895594040 1 Image
2003 DWYANE WADE UD SP Authentic Signature RC Autograph "06Flash Final MVP" Auto
3208641068874040 1 Image
2003-04 Fleer Ultra DWYANE WADE Auto RC Rookie #d 250
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