Tips for Collecting Autographs During Spring Training

Tips for Collecting Autographs During Spring Training

Spring Training is a prime time for fans and collectors to obtain autographs from MLB and MiLB players. During spring training players are much more approachable and well rested, making them much more likely to sign autographs.

Here are some tips for making the most out your Spring Training Autograph Hunting Experience:

Tips For Getting Signatures:

  1. Know the players that you are approaching. A little background knowledge can go a long way to making your search for signatures a successful one.
  2. Always be polite and respectful.
  3. Have a good quality ink pen and/or Sharpie on you at all times.
  4. Have one or more extra pens and/or Sharpies on you at all times, in the event that your primary writing utensil gives out on you unexpectedly.
  5. Never be rude or pushy when confronting players..
  6. Get there early when the gates open (usually 10 - 11AM).

springtrainingautos 260x173 ImageWhat to bring with you to get signed:

  1. Baseball Cards - the most popular item to have autographed + the easiest to carry around in large to moderate quantities.
  2. Baseballs
  3. Photos - preferably 8x10 photos or smaller
  4. Bats
  5. Baseball Hats
  6. Jerseys - the most expensive option of them all
ebaysmalllogo Image

3508290331124040 1 Image
Mal Mallette Autographed Signed NL Baseball Brooklyn Dodgers PSA DNA #U58688
3508290331174040 1 Image
Jack Bolling Autographed Signed NL Baseball Brooklyn Dodgers PSA DNA #U58683
3809820935104040 1 Image
Lot of 25 Signed Baseball Cards - Smeared Faded Damaged - Majors Minors - C
3312770439364040 1 Image
Vintage Old Baseball Display Photo HOF Auto Signed Ny Yankees Lou Gehrig
3215002121424040 1 Image
2715873043014040 1 Image
2011 Bowman Chrome Dee Gordon Rc Auto Autograph Rookie Card DODGERS
1912947878174040 1 Image
Joanne Ogden AAGPBL Women Professional Baseball League Signed Image Card K5694
2310121597754040 1 Image
Nomar Garciaparra Autographed Signed MLB Baseball PSA DNA #U58622

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