The Hobbit Trading Cards Coming from Cryptozoic

The Hobbit Trading Cards Coming from Cryptozoic

When the new Hobbit film released late last year, a lot of collectors were disappointed that the only trading cards for the film were found at Denny's restaurants. That's about to change. Cryptozoic announced they will make trading cards for the entire Hobbit trilogy over the next couple of years.

The first set of Cryptozoic Hobbit trading cards are slated to come out in early 2014 and will be based onThe Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Sets for the upcoming films,The Hobbit: The Desolation of SmaugandThe Hobbit: There and Back Again won't be released until after the movies are out in theaters. This should help ensure the sets cover all of the story and not be limited to pre-release images and partial storylines.

Topps handled the first Lord of the Rings trilogy with several hugely popular sets. These included a pair of releases for each film, an all-encompassing Chrome set, Lord of the Rings Evolution and a pair of art-based Lord of the Rings Masterpieces sets. Autographs, memorabilia cards and sketch cards all played a major role in these sets.

Cryptozoic has already produced a board game based on The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

2014 Cryptozoic The Hobbit Box Image

ebaysmalllogo Image
3711047256534040 1 Image
LOTR Masterpieces Sketch Card - DAVIDE FABBRI - Sauron
3711047270784040 1 Image
LOTR Masterpieces Sketch Card - JESSICA HICKMAN - Nazgul
3711047399074040 1 Image
LOTR Masterpieces 2 Sketch Card - JASON SOBOL - Aragorn and Arwen
2813891500564040 1 Image
LOTR Masterpieces Sketch Card - DALLA VECCHIA - Dead Soldier
3711047438434040 1 Image
LOTR Masterpieces 2 Sketch Card - TAKI SOMA - Gollum
2813891539374040 1 Image
LOTR Masterpieces 2 Sketch Card - MIKE SEGAWA - Witch King
3711047509294040 1 Image
LOTR Masterpieces Sketch Card - ROBERT TERANISHI - Orc
2813891546464040 1 Image
LOTR Evolution Sketch Card - BRIAN ROOD - Galadriel
3804526916724040 1 Image
2615342919064040 1 Image
The Hobbit an Unexpected Journey- Sketch card by Bob Stevlic- DWALIN- 1 1
1814709089254040 1 Image
Cryptozoic Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Gollum Sketch Card by Mikey Babinski
1613715392784040 1 Image
Sketch card by Kayanan Bilbo with Sting - lord of the rings - LOTR - Hobbit
2214992542394040 1 Image
2014 Cryptozoic Hobbit Unexpected Journey LOTR Sketch Card - Studio Mia
3809549866774040 1 Image
Manu Bennett 2014 Cryptozoic The Hobbit AZOG Autograph #A16 + Bonus
3908899266094040 1 Image
Gollum 2014 Cryptozoic The Hobbit Sketch Artist Dan Gorman Auto #1 1 + Bonus
3908899278644040 1 Image
James Nesbitt 2014 Cryptozoic The Hobbit Bofur the Dwarf Autograph + Bonus
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  1. So when will The Hobbit Trading card set come out?

  2. Jessica ยป Cryptozoic is hoping for late this year or very early next, but nothing is official yet.

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