The Epic Story of Brett Favre's Streak Told Through Football Cards

The Epic Story of Brett Favre’s Streak Told Through Football Cards

Favre Streak Sidelines PIC ImageLast night Brett Favre didn't take the field for the first time since 1992. After playing through pain, injury and the elements for 297 consecutive games, the 41 year old gunslinger finally met an injury he couldn't beat. During last night's game, Favre stood on the sidelines in silence, occasionally smiling, possibly reflecting on a career that may finally be over.

During Favre's epic journey, he played a total of 253 straight games for the Green Bay Packers, 16 straight for the New York Jets and 28 consecutive for the Minnesota Vikings. If you factor Playoff games into the equation, the steak adds up to a total a grand total of 321 consecutive starts.

With his latest shoulder injury, the epic story of the Silver Fox may have finally come to a close. There are currently rumors floating around that Favre may be placed on the Injured Reserve later in the week.

Love him or hate, Favre was a football player's football player. The swashbuckling gunslinger told a story that will never be told again. A master of drama and a football addict to his core, Brett Favre will be missed if this is indeed the end for number four. Below is the story of Favre's streak as told through football cards, starting in 1992 and ending in 2010, with each year featuring four cards.

1992 Streak Image

1993 Streak Image

1994 Streak Image

1995 Streak Image

1996 Streak Image

1997 Streak Image

1998 Streak Image

1999 Streak Image

2000 Streak Image

2001 Streak Image

2002 Streak Image

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2004 Streak Image

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2009 Streak Image

2010 Streak Image

Below are a few of Brett Favre's best football cards. An interesting trend that has developed with Brett Favre cards is that he "unofficially" has a pair of Packers rookie cards (1992 Stadium Club, 1992 Topps Gold), a Jets rookie card (2008 Absolute Memorabilia #101B) and a pair of Minnesota Vikings rookie cards (2009 Upper Deck 112B & 112C).

Of course none of them are official rookie cards, but each card perfectly captures the beginning of a new chapter in Favre's career. As a Vikings fan, my favorite is the 2009 Upper Deck #112B because it captures Favre's first moments as a member of the Minnesota Viking on cardboard.  Favre's true rookie cards are from 1991, when he was member of the Atlanta Falcons.

ebaysmalllogo Image
3008548637274040 1 Image
2001 UD Upper Deck Top Tier Favre Ferguson Two of a Kind GUJ (F-0005)
3810251372654040 1 Image
2313617002974040 1 Image
brett favre falcons jersey
3906886177674040 1 Image
AUTHENTIC Reebok On field Green Bay Packers Brett Favre Green Jersey size 54
2515408135874040 1 Image
1715062655334040 1 Image
Brett Favre official jersey Vikings Packers sewn on numbers new condition
1913768011374040 1 Image
Brett Favre #4 New York Jets NFL Reebok RBK On Field White Jersey Mens Large
2616286320664040 1 Image
2001 Ovation-Brett Favre dual jersey-Packers-BV 50.00
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  1. wow what some awesome cards. Wish I owned them all. One of my all time favorite players. I’m gonna miss seeing #4 on the field.

  2. It’s amazing how the style of cards has changed so much over the years. My favorites are the hunting card in 93, the cheesehead in 96, and the superman in 97… you think anybody in todays NFL would EVER let those cards happen???

  3. @MP: I get the strangest sense that your a Stephon Marbury collector. They really gotta start making more wierd cards, they are far too serious these days. That same set with the Favre hunting card also has an autographed card of Mike Ditka getting out of a swimming pool and Sonny Jurgensen smoking a cigar.

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