T227 Series of Champions Baseball Cards

T227 Series of Champions Baseball Cards

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The T227 set was made up of 25 athletes from several different sports and only four players represented baseball. However, those four players are all Hall of Famers so they're in demand among collectors.

The cards are larger than standard tobacco cards from the era, and slightly smaller than modern-era cards. They show an artist-rendered lithograph of a player in an action pose with a generic but still nicely-done background. The player's name appears in the upper right corner and a thin white border surrounds the card. The backs feature a fairly lengthy write-up of the player's career, with a cigarette ad at the bottom. Most cards feature an Honest Long Cut ad, but some have a scarcer Miner's Extra ad.

The four players are Ty Cobb, Home Run Baker, Rube Marquard and Chief Bender. All four were early inductees into the Baseball Hall of Fame, which keeps values fairly high. The biographies explain each player's statistics from the 1911 season, which allows collectors to identify it as a 1912 issue.

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1912 T227 Series Of Champions Boxing Jack Johnson Pugilist Honest Cut PSA 1 Poor

Ty Cobb 1912 T227 Series of Champions #3 BVG 1.5

1912 T227 Series of Champions Ty Cobb "Honest Long Cut" SGC 10 = 1

1912 T227 Series of Champions Ty Cobb PSA 1

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  1. T227 set is beautiful…… to include
    Ty Cobb???

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