T222 Fatima Baseball Cards

T222 Fatima Baseball Cards

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T222 Fatima cards stand out among type sets of T-series tobacco cards because they're different. They're larger at 2 ½ inches by 4 ½ inches - taller than today's standard card - and are made of glossy photos on thin paper stock. Available through Fatima (a Turkish blend from the Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company), the cards were issued in 1913.

The fronts resemble a regular photograph, with a picture and a border. The player's name, team and league appear in a small white box near the bottom. On the back is an advertisement for Fatima, with a notation that the card was part of a series of 100 baseball players, athletes and photoplay stars. It appears all of those weren't issued, as there are 52 players but only four athletes and four actors (the photoplay stars) that have been found. However, it's possible that other examples can still be uncovered.

The cards feature players from 13 of the 16 major league teams, with a mix of stars and lesser players. An early card of Grover Cleveland Alexander appears, along with a handful of other Hall of Fame players.

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1914 T222 FATIMA GEORGE CHALMERS - Philadelphia Nationals SGC 30 (2)
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1914 FATIMA T222 george burns NMBV = $1,440 trimmed
2515944052124040 1 Image
1914 T222 Fatima Wally Schang PSA 4 Athletics
4000401040614040 1 Image
1914 T222 Fatima Cigarettes Ray Keating SP SGC 30+
1108429530844040 1 Image
1914 T222 Fatima Stuffy McInnis A's SGC 30 2
2709377328574040 1 Image
1914 T222 Fatima Cigarettes HUB PERDUE SGC 40
1213592592734040 1 Image
1914 T222 Fatima Tobacco Rube Marquard New York SGC Graded

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