T209 Contentnea Series 2 Baseball Cards

T209 Contentnea Series 2 Baseball Cards

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Sometimes referred as Series 2 in order to differentiate it from another set of Contentnea cards that was issued in 1910, the two sets are quite different. Where the first series was a color issue of 16 cards, the other (called photo series) is made up of black-and-white photos. Both series feature players from three minor leagues: the Virginia League, Carolina Association and Eastern Carolina League.

Cards in this series are slightly larger than the ones in the first series, measuring 1 5/8 inches by 2 ¾ inches. It is generally believed that this series was released later in 1910 than the first series, after it was determined to be far too expensive to continue with lithographs. However, many of the players from the first series would have cards in the photo series, so it's doubtful it was meant to be an extension of that set.
Card fronts feature a black-and-white photo (some with head-and shoulders shots, others with full-length poses) surrounded by a white border. A white box within the picture contains the player's name and team city. Backs feature a basic advertisement for Contentnea cigarettes and mention the three leagues by name.

There has been some dispute about the actual number of cards in the set. Some guides say 221 and others 224. There are a couple of cards on the checklist that have not yet been determined to exist, so they've been in something of a hold status. Among these is Crockett, whose card in Series 1 is one of the easier cards to find. In any case, the set is tough to put together and examples are sometimes much more expensive than the price guides indicate due to competition among those trying to piece together a set.

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