T209 Contentnea Series 1 Baseball Cards

T209 Contentnea Series 1 Baseball Cards

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The use of Series in reference to the two Contentnea sets is something of a misnomer, since the two sets look nothing alike. In any case, the backs of these cards state that they are part of a first series so the name has stuck among hobbyists. Named after a small creek that runs through North Carolina's tobacco country, Contentnea was one of many brands of cigarettes that made up the American Tobacco company trust. The cards in this 16-card set are all from that area as well, featuring players from the Virginia League, Carolina Association and Eastern Carolina League.

Each card in the set has a color lithograph of a player surrounded by a white border. The player's last name and the city of his team appear below the picture in blue ink. Backs feature a Contentnea advertisement, with a notice at the top saying it is part of a first series featuring players from the three leagues mentioned earlier.

With only 16 cards, many collectors assume it would be fairly simple to locate each card and piece a set together. However, they soon realize that there are a few cards that are very difficult to locate. Sisson, Martin, Lane, Booles and Pope will require some help from other collectors to locate. On the other hand, Crockett and Walsh are easily found in comparison and might lure would-be collectors into a false sense of assurance that the other 14 will be available as well.

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