T202 Hassan Triple Folders Baseball Cards

T202 Hassan Triple Folders Baseball Cards

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In 1911, the American Tobacco Company inserted a set of cards featuring two players sharing one card in a design collectors now classify T201. The next year, the company took the concept a step further and placed three parts on a card that could be folded together and placed them in packages of Hassan cigarettes. The cards also borrowed from the design of another set, the gold-bordered T205 cards from the same brand in 1911.

There are three parts to each card front. There is a black-and-white game-action photo in the middle, with player cards attached on each side. The design of those end cards borrows from the T205, except without a team logo and borders are white. There are separate designs for American and National League players. American Leaguers are accompanied by generic baseball equipment, while National Leaguers are given a borderless fade around the edges of their pictures. Card backs are matched to the front, with biographies for the players and text describing the action of the center panel photo. All three parts have a Hassan advertisement at the bottom.

The cards have folds, which allow the players to be folded over the center picture as a type of booklet. Some of the players on the end panels are also in the center photo, but that isn't always the case. There are 76 different action photos, but some can be found with different end panels attached. For that reason, there are 132 total cards in the set. Ty Cobb appears in many cards, which make them quite desirable to collectors.

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1912 T202 Hassan - Hal Chase Too Late - McIntyre McConnell - SGC 30 GOOD 2
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1912 T202 Hassan - Scoring from Second - Rube Oldring Bris Lord - SGC 30 GOOD 2
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1912 T202 Hassan - Ford Putting Over Splitter Sweeney Ford Yankees SGC 30 GOOD 2
1913303693574040 1 Image
1912 Hassan T202 Frank Chance Beats Out a Hit Mcintire Chicago Cubs
1913303693654040 1 Image
1912 T202 Hassan Triple Folder Stovall Austin "Stahl Safe"
1913303693684040 1 Image
1912 T202 Hassan Sweeney Gets Stahl

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